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Children between the ages of six (6) and seventeen (17) years are compelled by law to regularly attend school for public instruction.

It is essential that they attend regularly and punctually in order that they may be thoroughly prepared for many of the demands of responsible citizenship.

In the secondary school, students are awarded certificates upon the successful completion of six (6) years of study. However, the award is dependent upon certain conditions, mainly:-

  1. Satisfactory attendance and behaviour at school
  2. The successful completion of a minimum number of approved courses of study.

Where students fail to meet the above requirements, the Principal will not recommend the award of a Certificate.

Student Absences

The Education and Public Instruction Act 1987 requires that any absence must be explained within seven days. Students who are absent from school should bring a note from their parent/carer to their homeroom teacher on the day of their return. This note should be dated, signed by parent/carer and indicate the reason for the absence, as well as the dates of the days absent. If a note is not provided within seven (7) days, the absence remains as unexplained permanently. Note: Proformas are in the School Diary.

All absences are notified by SMS to parent’s mobile using an automated system. Parents may respond by reply SMS explaining the absence. This system may also be used to notify the school of impending absences. It is very important that the school has accurate contact details. 

School Mobile: 0427 016 251

In cases where a student is likely to be absent for several days, it would be helpful if the school was notified by leaving the relevant information with the office staff, by letter or phone.

Illness or Injury

Illness or injury must be reported immediately. At recess or lunch time, report to the teacher on playground duty.
During class times any sick or injured student must report to the class teacher. The teacher will give a note, which is then presented to the Front Office. Parents will be notified in the case of any serious injury or illness by the school. No student is permitted to contact parents or leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal or Deputy Principal.
The school does have group cover for Ambulance services if required. Parents are advised to take private health insurance as ongoing hospital and other medical costs are the responsibility of the students’ carers.

Early Leave Passes

Early leave passes can be obtained from the HT Administration Office. Students must bring in a note from their parent or guardian to request a pass be issued.

  • They must do this before Roll Call and NOT during class time, recess or lunch time.
  • Parents are reminded that non urgent medical and leave for family reasons should not be scheduled during normal school hours.
  • The School Homework Diary contains forms for early leave passes that can be filled out and signed by the parent or guardian.


Please note - Wednesday sport afternoon is still normal class time. Do not make appointments at this time. Students will need to see Mr Belgre before they can come and get a leave pass on this day.

There seems to be an increase in the number of students with early leave passes on Wednesday Sport Day. The Policy for Wednesday afternoon Early Leave passes is as follows

  • Doctor’s appointments will need to have proof (a letter or appointment notice) when you apply for leave. If you do not have one you will not be allowed to go.
  • Leave for family commitmentswill need to be fully explained and parent/guardian phone number provided.
  • If you want to leave because you have a sore leg or feel unwell , etc., you will be asked to go to the sick room  and NOT be given permission to go home.
  • All grade sport players will need their early leave passes signed by Mr Belgre or their Grade sport coaches, before leave will be granted.
  • If teams have a bye or have finished playing for the season, it is the student’s responsibility to see the coaches who will organize other activities such as training or friendly games. They are not allowed to go home during sport time.

These are some of the reasons why students may need to speak to the HTs Administration. When visiting the HT Administration Office, please observe the following courtesies:

  • ID Card is already out of your wallet, ready to hand to Ms Vine or Mrs Shadwick;
  • Students wait quietly at the door until invited to enter the office;
  • Bags are left outside the office (not in the doorway);

Overseas Travel

Students wishing to travel overseas must see Mrs Shadwick and fill out Permission to Travel LEAVE form. A letter from home and a copy of flight details or an itinerary must also be attached to the form. The LEAVE form MUST be submitted to Mrs Shadwick at least two weeks prior to your departure. Students will be given a Certificate of Leave signed by the Principal prior to their departure. Please note that all overseas exemptions are now recorded as LEAVE on the student’s attendance record.

Leaving Procedures

If a student wishes to leave Homebush Boys’ High School or transfer to another school within the State, please carry out the following procedures.

  1. A note from the parent or carer must be brought to the Front Office.  This note should indicate whether you are leaving school to seek employment or transferring to another school.  Your new address should be given.
  2. The office will arrange relevant paperwork if you are transferring to another departmental school within New South Wales and issue you with a transfer certificate.
  3. Return of textbooks, library books, transport, passes etc MUST be attended to at this time.  All books or materials lost or damaged by the student are to be paid for before the school will grant leave/transfer form.