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Application for Non-Local Enrolment

The permanent learning spaces at the school limit enrolments to approximately 900. For students coming into our school for Year 7 please see our Expression of Interest Form & Information Guide for more details. 

Applicants will be asked to establish Proof of Residency, Visa Status or Australian Citizenship.

Students should attend their local high school. Homebush Boys High School will consider non-local enrolments only where current enrolments are below the enrolment cap.Non-local applications will be considered according to the following criteria:-

  • School performance reflecting Homebush Boys High School values related to:
    • Safety
    • Learning
    • Respect
  • Availability of subjects, combinations of subjects or specific school courses including Mandarin or Korean Languages
  • Compassionate reasons
  • Preference for a single sex boys school
  • Proximity and access to the school
  • Involvement in Symphonia Jubilate
  • Safety and supervision of the student (or sibling) before and after school

All non-local students are enrolled with the parent signing an undertaking that their son/guardian will abide by the schools “Fair Discipline Code, Safety, Learning and Respect Matrix”, including the school uniform policy. If the student cannot meet this requirement he may be required to leave the school. In the case of the transition from Year 6 into Year 7, an enrolment panel chaired by the Principal will determine placements.