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To  celebrate the schools 75th Anniversary the school will be placing all school magazines on this page. This is in response to  a number of "Old Boys" requesting copies of their years of attendance at Homebush Boys High. A professional company has completed the transfer of the magazines into a Pdf format.  As each years magazine is uploaded it will appear in 'Blue" and you will be able to look at or download that year. As these files are rather large we would strongly suggest you download the files first, before viewing them.

Please Note: It is recommended you save the PDF files to your computer before viewing them due to their large sizes. 

If you take advantage of this initiative to download copies you may wish to send a donation to the school so as to assist in the cost of this production and/or to help cover the costs incurred on celebrations for the 75th Anniversary. Cheques should be made out to "Homebush Boys High School" and clearly marked "75th Anniversary Celebrations". Please contact the school office for further details on donations. 



* Magazines for these years were not produced.