19 December 2018 Kevin Elgood | News | Whole School  

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday! 

School Resumes on: 

Tuesday, 29th January, 2019 - Staff Only Day

Wednesday, 30th January, 2019 - Year 7, Year 11, Year 12 & All New Enrolment Students

Thursday, 31st January, 2019 - Year 8, Year 9 & Year 10

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19 December 2018 Emily Yong | News | Whole School  

On Friday 14th Week 9, 7A and Ms Yong collected and raised money for the UNHCR foundation during assembly and lunch outside the canteen. In case you don’t know what the UNHCR foundation is, it is a foundation which raises money for the refugees in need. We promoted the fundraiser by asking students to bring in their lunch from home and to donate the money intended to spend on lunch to the UNHCR.

7A students Shaasi Maheswaran, Ayman Chaabou, Zane Hamad, Aditya Tiwari, Sameen Roka  and Aarav Sharma spoke at assembly, informing the school about the fundraiser and the UNHCR. “Lunch Money for Refugees” cause provides severely malnourished children with type of peanut butter substance that helps gain weight rapidly and safely. Every year around three million children under five die due to causes related to malnourishment. Yet even a severely malnourished child has a 98% chance of survival if they receive support in time.

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17 December 2018 Cheiban Elaro | News | Year 11   Extra-Curricular  

Mrs Lea mentioned the Teachers Federation writing competition and strongly encouraged me to enter. I then ran the idea past my parents and they also encouraged me to enter it. At the time, my mind was not about winning, but it was the idea of participating and doing more external competitions, which I really enjoyed.

Of course, I would be competing against people who are also good writers and since this was an open competition about the theme of "Teachers Make a Difference", I believed that there would’ve been a lot of entries in an essay format. I also knew that many entrants would write poems. Finally, I took up the challenge and wrote this "epic" poem while I was busy with my Trials preparation.

My friends and teachers were inspiring me to write an epic poem. An epic poem has a distinctive form which allowed me to include some of my research into the journey of the history of Teachers Federation. I thought the epic form was suitable to reflect the long struggle of the Federation for better education of children. But I needed the appropriate vocabulary and tone for the epic structure.  I looked into epics such as the Odyssey and Beowulf which provided me with the register for the poem, but the research also made me realise how different my choice of words could be.

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14 December 2018 Georgia Anton | News | Extra-Curricular  

On Friday the 7th December I had the pleasure of escorting a group of fabulous young men to the High Tea that Strathfield Council hosts. This is a token of their appreciation for the boys’ enormous contribution towards the school and broader community. These boys are a small percentage of a group who selflessly give up their time week after week to make an impact. After having tallied their hours today many of these boys average 150 - 200 hours of volunteering per year. What an achievement, as they continue to excel in academic, sporting, community service and any other commitment that they pursue. Once again the boys should be congratulated on this outstanding achievement as they are a credit to their family and school.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Strathfield Council, in particular the Mayor Gulian Vaccari, the Volunteering Coordinators Yvonne, Kati and Alyssa for their ongoing support of our students. Volunteering is synonymous with a wonderful man by the name of Peter Smith who is a major driving force behind the volunteering that takes place at HBHS.

A final mention goes out to Ms Ikimis- Healey and Mrs Gock for being recipients of Citizenship Award!

Well done to all!

Written by Georgia Anton
Career Advisor

12 December 2018 Jinping Blunden | News | Year 12  

Dear Year 12 Students 2018,

On Friday 14/12/18, we are going to hold an ATAR day event for your achievement. You are invited to come along to enjoy sausage sizzle with your teachers and peers from 10.30 am under the arches.

R.S.V.P -  Mrs Blunden by Thursday 13/12/18.

Look forward to seeing you all.

10 December 2018 Emily Yong | News | Whole School  

Homebush Boys High School are inspired by the work of Australia for UNHCR and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in Lunch Money for Refugees. By bringing your lunch from home and donating your lunch money or even a gold coin donation to Australia for UNHCR, you can help provide life-saving nutrition to children in need. In Week 9, Friday 14th December students from 7A will be collecting donations during assembly and at lunch outside the canteen.

The more people that know about Australia for UNHCR, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

​Please help us help them by giving whatever you can at:


06 December 2018 Guy Beal | News | Year 08  

During the term, our Year 8E English class started work on poetry; focusing on poetic language and the study of key poets. We were then asked to write our own poems, using techniques we had learned. In the beginning, when we started writing our own poems, there were only a handful of good ones. However, as time went on and with the help of Miss Mirkova, we finally managed to improve. So, Miss decided to put the best poems in an Anthology, in fact, the very one before you. We all set off and after a lot of hard work, we finally managed to get all the poems completed. I would like to thank Mr. Beal, who helped publish this anthology – as a book and electronically. As well, Anagyrios Kallos and William Knight helped me to type up the poems and edit them for publication. I would also like to thank Nadeem Shaifullah, who came up with the images used in the anthology. We hope that everybody who reads this book will appreciate our effort. Enjoy

By Eli Mansfield, Year 8

05 December 2018 Matina Shadwick | News | Whole School  

Homebush Boys High School Presentation Day 2018 at the Marie Bashir School Auditorium.

The school day will begin with roll call at 8:50am and normal period 1 lessons ending at 9:48 am. Students will then be given a 40 minute early recess break before being supervised as they walk to the venue (approximately 15 minute walk and a distance of 1.2km) in year groups.

Parents and carers are welcome to attend the ceremony and designated seats will be available for you.

When: Tuesday 11th December 2018

Venue: Marie Bashir Auditorium, 159 Albert Rd Strathfield

Time: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Special Note: At the end of the ceremony, students will be dismissed from the venue. Minimal supervision will be available at school and students wishing to walk back to school will be supervised by staff.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact Mrs Matina Shadwick (Relieving Deputy Principal) on 9764 3611.




04 December 2018 Edan Caramancion | News | Year 07  

Greek mythology stories were passed down by the ancient Greeks to explain the origins of their world, their society and their culture. Greek mythology also provided a narrative of the lives of people, Greek gods and Greek heroes and was an important part of their religious beliefs.

After creating profiles of the gods of Mount Olympus, Years 7HA, 7HC and 7HH researched Greek mythology stories and created comic strips demonstrating their understanding of these ancient myths.  Stories about the origins of Medusa’s snake hair, Cyclops, Pandora’s Box, the story of Persephone, King Midas and his golden touch and Cronus eating his children, were recreated in comic form. Using their creativity and “Storyboard that” (www.storyboardthat.com), an online program, students were able to create their own characters, themes and backgrounds. Below, are some impressive comics made by the following students: Ayman Chaabouh (The Death of Cronus), Sulaim Zameel (The curse of Medusa), Justin Kunjumon (King Midas), Zane Hammad (The curse of Medusa), Shaasitharaan Maheswaran (Athena’s curse).

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30 November 2018 Kellie Whelan | News | Whole School   Community  

All prospective parents of students in Year 7 - 2019 are invited to our Year 7 Orientation Day.

When: Tuesday 4th December, 2018

Time: 9.30am to approximately 12.30pm

Where: Homebush Boys High School Hall

Information regarding this day will be posted out to Year 7 2019 families at the end of this month.

Any questions in regards to the day, please call the school and speak to our Enrolment Officer, Mrs Kellie Whelan (Ph: 9764 3611).