16 December 2019 Phirum Duch | News | Whole School  

The Homebush Boys Prefects of 2019/20 have taken the initiative to create an Instagram page to advertise and promote prefect run events or competitions. This Instagram page will be public allowing students, parents and the members of the community to view activities taking place within the school grounds.

This Instagram page will be monitored constantly to ensure the safety and wellbeing off all students, parents and all who visit the page.

To follow our page, simply search up '@hbhsprefects' into the search bar and press the blue follow button. Or you can scan the Instagram nametag through your Instagram account to follow the account (name tag can be found in the attached picture).

If you have any enquires or questions feel free to talk to any of the prefects and we will be more than happy to help.

13 December 2019 Rashmi Singh | News | Year 08  

What an amazing day at the charming Strathdale Nursing Home!

To spread the Christmas cheer and put a smile on some wonderful elderly faces, a group of year 8 boys visited Strathdale Nursing Home at Strathfield. We boys walked with our Year Adviser, Mrs Singh and gave the residents a heartfelt beautifully written Christmas cards and some confectionery (Candy Canes, Korean Lollies and Chocolates).

We were pleased to see the positive reactions of the residents. They were extremely happy to receive the cards and were really excited to eat the confectionery. As we walked around the premises, we greeted the residents and conveyed our kind wishes on the festive occasion of Christmas. We all made small chat with them and got to know them. All of the residents were extremely grateful to be visited and be wished a Merry Christmas. As we were leaving, one lady gave us a box of chocolates and a little thank you message to thank us all for our visit. It was a very touching moment. We realised that some of the residents were quite surprised to have visitors over as no one ever visits them.

When we left, we realised how just a little card and a lolly could change a frown to a smile and bring so much joy in some lonely hearts. We felt that every deed no matter how small could make a difference. Everybody needs a gift for Christmas, no matter how little.

Year 8s

12 December 2019 Bridget Crozier | News | Whole School  

A person who attends Homebush Boys has been diagnosed with whooping cough (pertussis). I am writing to provide you with information about this illness and ask that you watch for the symptoms, especially over the next three weeks.

Please Click Here for the informational letter.

If you or your child develops symptoms, please go to your local doctor as soon as possible and take this letter with you.

What is Pertussis?
Pertussis is an infection of the throat that often begins like a cold and cough. This can progress to bouts of coughing, and sometimes breathing difficulties and vomiting after coughing. It can be a very serious infection in small children, however older children and adults can also get pertussis and pass it on to others. People with pertussis are infectious for the first 3 weeks of their illness or until they have completed a 5 day course of the recommended antibiotics. The coughing can last between one and three months.

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11 December 2019 Georgia Anton | News | Extra-Curricular  

What a Day! Exciting, exhilarating and very engaging. The day took off with a conference in the creatively designed Hall at the University of Technology Sydney where our students caught the inspiring sparks of a groundbreaking speaker, Dr Joshua Chou, who’s innovative research in STEM has fast-forwarded our present into the future. Next, our students split into groups with students from various schools around Sydney, where we experienced hints of the different fields in STEM.

Shifting gears
The peer leaders and teachers organised a wonderful and engaging activity of building and racing self made cars with all the others. We were split into groups of six to design a car and use critical thinking attributes to solve problems such as air resistance, weight balance and the size of the cars considering many factors. Mechanical engineering is a main part of our lifestyle, cars, factories, machines all built by mechanical engineers. Almost all moving parts in a machine.

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09 December 2019 Phirum Duch | News | Whole School  

The month of December is dedicated to Men’s Mental Health. This prefect initiative is celebrated in collaboration with RUOK Day. According to the Productivity Commission, every 2 out of 3 Australians suffer from mental health issues. As the school students’ leaders, the prefects held a formal assembly under the leadership of Ahmad Alameddine and Bassam Maaliki, where they worked tirelessly with our school counsellor, Ms Katherine Gudgeon and the Prefect Coordinator, Mrs Phirum Duch to raise awareness about mental health and provide strategies that can be used to assist students who suffer from either anxiety or depression to seek help. The main point of the Men’s Mental Health Initiative is that “when you have the flu or you are generally feeling unwell, you don’t question going to the doctors to seek medical advice. Let’s not place a stigma on seeking help from a counsellor or someone who you trust for mental health issues.”

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06 December 2019 Phirum Duch | News | Whole School  

On Friday 15th November, the Prefect Body of 2019-2020 was officially inaugurated into their leadership positions, marking the beginning of a new era. On this auspicious day, prefect executives, family, friends and teachers gathered to congratulate and officially welcomed the future leaders. The nervous energy grew to a climax upon singing of the national anthem, marking the beginning of the pinning ceremony. As each of the men towered over their parents, they braved the impending chance of being stabbed by their parents. Upon signing the names into the "BOOK OF LEADERS" they pondered on the countless leaders which came before them and the effect they had left on the school. The names hidden behind the pages held the legacy of this fine institution, Homebush Boys High School bearing the responsibility of not only upholding but improving the name of the school on each of our set of 21 shoulders. To conclude the ceremony, our School Captain Zain Ousmand made a speech, rousing our spirits and emphasising the importance of brotherhood and believing in oneself.

Written by Anshul Trevedi

05 December 2019 Matina Shadwick | News | Whole School  

Our Presentation Day 2019 will be held on Tuesday 10th December 2019 at the Marie Bashir School Auditorium located at 159 Albert Road Strathfield NSW.


The ceremony will begin at 9:30 am and is anticipated to conclude by 12:00 pm. Award recipients from Years 7-11 in 2019 will receive individual letters with details about the day.

The school day will begin with roll call at 8:50am at the Marie Bashir School.

Attendance is compulsory as on all school days and students must wear full formal school uniform. PDHPE uniform is NOT to be worn.

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03 December 2019 Kevin Elgood | News | Whole School  

The New South Wales Teachers Federation has called upon its members to stop work on Thursday 5 December 2019 commencing at 8.45am in order to hear the latest reports from the Presidential Officers on salary negotiations.

Homebush Boys High School will be open and we are able to provide minimal supervision for students until 11.00am on this day. No classes will be taught during this time. Students attending during this time should report to the main quad where they will be supervised.

Roll call will be held in homerooms at 11.00am with period 3 starting at 11.10am. Bell times will then run as scheduled. Full teaching and learning will occur as per timetabled classes from periods 3 to 5.


02 December 2019 Emily Yong | News | Year 07  

On Friday the 15th 7ENGA participated in an event organised by Ms Yong. A member of Bell Shakespeare called Paul came in to explain to us what ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is about and also drama as a genre. Throughout the duration of the session, he instructed us to complete a variety of activities. The first activity he told us to do was to sit in a circle and one by one tell our names to Paul and one thing we enjoyed. The second activity was a game in which we had to walk around when he said stop, we stopped. When he said to go, we began walking again. To make the activity more challenging Paul added new actions one was to jump one was to clap. He proceeded to add fast and slow. Finally to make the activity more challenging he reversed all the actions so stop was go and go was stop. The second activity was an acting activity in which 7A students formed groups and tried to create objects using only our bodies. One object was a toilet and people scrambled to get the seat, than the person sitting on the seat and etc. The final activity he had us do was he made us act out two sections for ‘A Midsummers Night’s Dream’ and every group tried to make the characters as believable as possible. After performing, Paul would give advice to make it better and the group tried again. Paul taught us the main idea of drama, that actors have to be spontaneous and have to be able to act on the spot with creative ideas. I think the most enjoyable aspect of Paul teaching us was that we got to act and experience drama in a practical way. The style in which Paul taught was very intriguing and engaging which made us focus more on what he was saying.

By Christopher Xie

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29 November 2019 Georgia Anton | News | Extra-Curricular  

On the 19th of November, students from Homebush Boys High School attended the Western Sydney U Day at Parramatta South Campus.

The day started with an introduction of some of the courses offered at Western Sydney University. Followed by, Q and A from many Alumni and current students enjoying their time at the university. The interaction between students asking questions was very insightful for future references.

Workshops to gain understanding into different courses offered was followed by the Q and A. Lakshaya and I made our way to the labs, where we explored the interesting and revolutionary field of Data Science. We were given the opportunity to learn that the application of Data Science is very vast, therefore can be seen in many areas ranging from professional sporting communities to analysing data from astronomers.

Next, we visited the field of business, where we learnt many new things, such as where business concepts could be applied. We dived deeper into the topic of business by looking at the skills that could be used in an office environment. Stereotypes such as business being all about money were also broken. The engaging speech was supported by little gifts from the staff given to the students asking questions.

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