01 December 2017 Kellie Whelan | News | Year 07  

A reminder that Year 7, 2018 Orientation Day will be held on Tuesday 5 December from 9.30am, finishing approximately at 12.30pm.

Students and parents are required to attend the school at this time. We look forward to seeing you all here on Tuesday.

Please contact Mrs Whelan in the front office (Ph: 97643611) if you have any questions about the day.

01 December 2017 Bridget Crozier | News | Year 07  

In early 2017 parents/carers of Year 7 students were asked to provide consent for their children to receive three doses of HPV vaccine in the NSW School Vaccination Program.

Most* Year 7 students who have received two doses of HPV vaccine are considered to be fully vaccinated and do not require a further dose.

This change is based on recent international studies that show for children aged 9 to 14 years of age, two doses of HPV vaccine provide the same protection as three doses, as long as the second dose is given at least six months after the first dose. Based on this evidence, the World Health Organization (WHO) now recommends a two-dose HPV schedule, and this has already been adopted in comparable countries (i.e. the UK, Canada, the United States and New Zealand) and is now being adopted in Australia.

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27 November 2017 John G Kennedy | News | Year 12  

On Friday afternoon Mr Albertson and I attended the Annual John Lincoln Young Australian Youth Awards Ceremony at Government House. At this very prestigious event Ibrahim Taha was presented with his award by Governor Hurley in the presence of Mrs Hurley. Ibrahim’s family were in attendance for this special occasion where on 26 students from the state were selected for this honour. Congratulations Ibrahim and thank you Mr Albertson for your nomination of Ibrahim.

22 November 2017 Kirsty Glasby | News | Whole School  

Please click on the image to enjoy the latest edition of our Bush Bulletin.


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20 November 2017 John G Kennedy | News | Community  

Homebush Boys High School P & C - AGM

What: General Meeting & Annual General Meeting

When: 21st November, 7pm

Where: Staff Common Room, Homebush Boys High School


  • Nominations for 2018 Exec & Subcommittees


To find out more information and thes positions please go to P & C Federation page - FAQs or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All Welcome! 

17 November 2017 Emily Yong | News | Year 10  

Ms Yong and Mr Sculthorpe took a group of Duke of Ed students on a hike to the Royal National Park, The Coast Track during Week 1 Term 4 2016. Ms Yong hiked with the Bronze Group made up of year 9 and 10 students: Anshul Trivedi, Timothy Choong, Michael Lopes, Charlie McLean, Joshua Mansfield and Peter Gock. While Mr Sculthorpe hiked with the Silver Group which consisted of Year 11 students: Joshua Anderson, Christopher Kadamani, Scott Miller, Fawad Faheem, Alfred Zhang, Shamik Patel and Charles Prentice.

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15 November 2017 John G Kennedy | News | Whole School  

Dear Students, Staff, and Parents/Caregivers of Homebush Boys High School,

Recently the Minister for Education, Mr Rob Stokes announced a new School Leadership Strategy. The strategy aims to increase the department’s support for school leaders so they can focus on leading, teaching and learning in their schools.

A new position, Director Educational Leadership has been created (previously Directors Public Schools NSW) to help strengthen induction for new principals and to provide better support for principals.
I wish to announce today that I have been successful at gaining one of these positions through a comparative assessment process and I will take up my appointment from the start of Term 2 2018.

It is with mixed emotions that I take up this position. I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to lead Homebush Boys High School. It is a vibrant community of young men, dedicated staff and supportive parents and carers.

I will continue in my role until the end of Term 1 2018.

The process to fill my position will be announced shortly and I will endeavour to keep you informed of this process.
I would like to thank you all for the opportunity to lead and work with one of the most engaging communities of my career.


Yours in Education

John G Kennedy


13 November 2017 Rabi and Peter | News | Year 11  

On Wednesday the 25th of October, a selection of Homebush Boys High School students had the privilege to go to the University of NSW to attend the High School Information Day for Engineering.

The coordinators of the prestigious event and university students gave us a very warm welcome as we entered the grounds. The organisers briefly discussed the major role of Engineering in our society and how it plays a major role in our daily lives whilst outlining the schedule for the day. As students, we were informed about the splendid campus of UNSW and its numerous engineering facilities and labs. After the terrific introduction, we were sent off to our first Engineering workshops of the day which gave us insights to specific fields of Engineering.

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10 November 2017 Eric D | News | Community  


Who knew a six letter word, so tiny, so insignificant, could change a life so much.

From a single word, tears fall. From a single word, a world crumbles.

From a single word, you are parentless, partnerless, sisterless, brotherless… lifeless.

Cancer is so much bigger than itself.

It grows and grows, grows beyond the physical, emotionally affecting partners, children, families, societies.

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08 November 2017 Fawad Faheem | News | Year 12  

On the 30th of October, we had the unique and valuable opportunity to attend the National Young Leaders Day at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. Surrounded by around 1600 eager and ambitious leaders, we learned from 4 influential Australian speakers. They each gave their input about various aspects of leadership, and spoke about what being a leader means to them. There was also a very special appearance from a local youtube superstar, Karim Serhan.

The first speaker, Gladys Berejiklian, emphasised the importance of being proud of where you came from, as she marvelled at how multicultural Sydney was. She taught us that being a leader involves being passionate about what you believe in, as well as being compassionate towards others. A key quote that really resonated with us was "focus on your goals, don't worry/waste time thinking about the opinions of others."

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