27 August 2020 Effie Bonis   | English | Year 09  
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Faculty: English - Year 9 - Assessment Notice

Due Date: Monday 4th September, T3 2020

Weighting: 30%

Time: 50 minutes (10 minutes planning time & 40 minutes writing time)

Task Description:

Students will write an essay based on the novel studied in class.

  • The essay will be written during class time.
  • Aspects of the novel which may be analysed include ideas and characters.
  • The essay response should be structured correctly (This includes: an introduction, a main body and a conclusion)
  • Analysis MUST be supported by specific details of events and characters from the novel and this includes quotations.
  • Students will be given a planning sheet (a coloured sheet of paper with the essay question on it to help them plan their response). During the planning time they may refer to class notes. (NO LAPTOPS ALLOWED).
  • At the conclusion of the planning time, students can only refer to their coloured planning sheet. All other material MUST be promptly packed away into school bags. That is, only the plan and essay paper are allowed for the 40 minutes writing time.