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13 June 2014 Kim Houhlias | P & C News | Community  

Homebush Boys High School P & C Presents: Ms. Georgia Anton (Careers Advisor)

Staff common room, 17th June 2014, 7pm

  • Overview of career education - years 9 -12
  • Work experience
  • Subject choice selection
  • Pango? How this helps our sons “ace high school and beyond”
  • Careers alert and online demonstration
  • Work/TAFE/University/scholarships/overseas options &more

All welcome!
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12 June 2014 Fiona Murray | P & C News | Community  

On a cool and overcast day, organised by the P & C, a group of Homebush Boys High parents and sons manned the Lidcombe Bunning’s BBQ tent and worked on rustling up good old Aussie tucker in the form of a sausage and onion roll to raise money for the school. Enticed by the sweet smell of a snag on the barbie, the P & C raised over $680 for the school. $20 of it was in the form of a donation in lieu of food just for a ride to nearby Olympic Park. Thanks Year 7 dad Keith Nichols who gladly taxied our mystery ‘hitchhiker’ away. We aim to please on the P & C and every penny counts! Thanks to those parents who donated drinks for the stall and thanks to our fundraising ladies who added another $150 into the cash box. Winners of the raffle were Lucy Ward, Damien, William May and Cheryl Miller.

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10 June 2014 Fiona Murray | P & C News | Community  

The recent Strathfield Citizenship held on the 22nd May marked a first for Australia, having our local mayor of Strathfield, Daniel Bott swearing in as a Citizen his American wife Adria and at the same time we welcomed another group of happy citizens from all around the globe to our community.

The ceremony was officiated by Strathfield Council General Manager David Backhouse who welcomed the official party, including Mr Craig Laundy, MP, Federal Member for Reid, Mr Charles Casuscelli RFD, MP, State Member for Strathfield, Acting Inspector Robert Monaghan, Flemington Local Area Command, Auburn Police and Dr David Tang, President, Flemington Chamber of Commerce and Strathfield ‘Citizen of the Year 2014’. Mr Backhouse also gave thanks to Trinity Grammar Preparatory School for their musical interlude and to Homebush Boys P & C and their Year 12 students for catering the event. Prefects Pierre Tiah and Thomas Sritharan assisted tonight. Thanks boys!

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10 April 2014 Gas Carrozza | P & C News | Whole School  

Homebush Boys' High School P & C

Presents... Mr. Gas Carrozza (Head Teacher, Mathematics)

Maths Matters

School Hall, 20th May, 7pm

  • How Classes are structured
  • Overview of the years 7 - 12 curriculum
  • Challenges for students
  • Maths anxiety
  • Maths coaching
  • Parental strategies
  • Useful web sites
  • Compulsory for NSW HSC?

All welcome!

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24 March 2014 Kathy Totidis | P & C News | Community  
The Homebush Boys Hign School Parents & Citizen are interested in exploring grant opportunities to assist the school in providing facilities and equipment for the school.
To find out more information or to be involved in assisting with grant applications please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The presentation details links to the types of grants available. Strategies, tips and guidelines enabling organisations to deliver successful grant applications are also included.
Please Cick Here or on the picture to view the Presentation about grants from the “Grants Guy”.
These slides have been reproduced with permission from Whelan, K. (2014).  How to attain the $ in Grant$ [Slides]. Presented in a lecture for Grant writing road show for P&C’s and School Staff at Strathfield Girls High School on 29 January, 2014.
14 March 2014 Fiona Murray | P & C News | Community  

The first ceremony for 2014 kicked off on a fine March evening attended by keen residents eagerly awaiting the moment they can call themselves Australian citizens. It was lovely to see how proud the families were as they celebrate together waving their Australian flags and congratulating each other on becoming citizens of our community.

Homebush Boys was represented by Zubin Jacon, Darren Truong and Sohaib Ansari who did a great job attending to the food preparation and service. Thanks Ms Effie Bonis for coordinating the prefects and thanks parents who did a wonderful job supplying food or money for the event.

06 February 2014 Fiona Murray | P & C News | Community  

The final ceremony for 2013 was held on the 7th November at the Strathfield town Hall and it was hosted by our new incoming 2014 Year 12 Prefects, namely our School Captain Vidushan Paheerathan, Senior Prefect Deren Mehmet and Prefect Austin Heesh.

Thank you boys for doing such a fine job at this formal event. Homebush Boys prides itself on our students and their good behaviour when representing the school especially and we look forward to continuing this example at the following three ceremonies in 2014.

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19 December 2013 Catherine Lea | P & C News | Community  
The P & C has been very busy in 2013. We held our first meeting and our AGM on the 26th March 2013 and our new P & C Executive members were elected. We have held meetings most months since then and enjoyed listening to guests speaking on a variety of topics including Career pathways, Technology at HBHS and Learner Support. These meetings also give parents a chance to be heard about topics and issues that they are interested in. YOU get a say and your say can make changes at our school to the benefit our our students and community.
Mr Jurd and one or both of our Deputy Principals Ms Dwyer and Mr Khurshed are usually in attendance and they welcome your opinions and contributions so come along and see what the P & C does for the school and see what you can do as well.

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28 November 2013 Fiona Murray | P & C News |

The final Citizenship Ceremony was held on 8th November 2012 at the Strathfield Council Town Hall and was attended by the new 2013 Year 12 Prefects Nayan Bhathela, Ibrahim Saker, Leandros Pandoulis and Cameron Murray.

Chatty and exuberant, the boys did a great job assisting in the preparation and presentation of the food for the ceremony which was a very busy affair. The boys were complimented on their good manners and the new citizens complimented our school for their assistance in this event. The Mayor of Strathfield Mr Gulian Vaccari commented that the boys had done a 'great job' as well.

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21 November 2013 Fiona Murray | P & C News | Community  

The first Citizenship Ceremony for the year was held on Thursday 11th April 2013 and attended by 120 new citizens and their families. Guest speaker for the evening was Australian novelist, playwright, author and 'Australian Living Treasure' Mr Thomas Keneally who incidentally was educated just around the corner at St Pats about 65 years ago?

Homebush Boys was represented by three very happy and helpful seniors, namely Prefects Serge Houhlias and Rowan Castro and SRC President Ayman Hill. They prepared and presented an array of mouthwatering dishes supplied by a wonderful volunteer group of parents. Without the support of parents at the school we would not be able to continue this fundraising venture which raises $2000 annually for the P & C to distribute throughout the school. Our thanks to all those parents who supply food or a monetary donation for the purchase of food and a big thank you to Prefect Coordinator Ms Jenelle Horiatopoulos for her continued support organising the student helpers and thank you to Laura Donahue in the school office who collects and safe guards the donations. We couldn't run this event  without these wonderful ladies.

If you would like to volunteer by supplying a plate of finger food or a monetary donation for the purchase of food, please call Laura on phone: 9764 3611 and leave your details.