07 April 2016 Amy and Maria   | P & C News | Community  
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Maria and I would like to thank you all for your kind baking, buying and donations of money towards the last Citizenship Ceremony Supper!
It was a wonderful night again and we as Homebush Boys were able to put together some wonderful catering of cakes, biscuits, sandwiches, baklava, cupcakes, caramel slices, lamingtons and loads more!
Thank you for your tremendous support and for helping to supply the “banquet table” for our new Aussies. It was especially marvellous to see so many year 7 parents donating so many wonderful foods too.
Thank you one and all. Your help in this area has helped us raise some good money for the school!

Thank you to our prefect helpers who were wonderful (Kevin, Dhrumil and Puneeth) and a special thank you to Kathy S for giving me a hand last night.
Thank you too to the office staff at school for collecting, storing and not giving into temptation at the amazing array of finger foods. :)

Please note that our next Ceremony Supper will be Thursday 9th June.