01 August 2014 Tim Jurd | News | Whole School  

Homebush Boys students joined Federal Opposition deputy leader Ms Tanya Plibersek at the fundraising film "I am a girl" at the Chauvel Cinema. Funds from the film went to Unicef to help achieve a solution to the plight of the 200 girls kidnapped from the Northern Nigerian school by Boco Haram rebels. The Homebush Boys are pictured with Ms Plibersek and girls from Burwood Girls High. 

01 August 2014 Tim Jurd | News |
I am pleased to share this brief little video with you, featuring Homebush Boys High ex-student Prof Stephen Leeder AO.
Here also is a video produced for the launch of the alumni project, many wonderful products of public schools. they were gathered for the Education Week / alumni projects:
Public schools produce excellent citizens.
24 June 2014 Ramana Kirubagaran | News | Whole School  

Homebush Boy's High School invites you for: CAPA Night

  • What: 2014 Creative Arts & Performing Arts Night
  • When: 5:30pm - 7:30pm Thursday 26th June 2014
  • Where: School Hall, Homebush Boys High School


04 June 2014 Tim Jurd | News | Community  

Rotary DreamCricket Clinic

Homebush was invited to take part in a DreamCricket International Clinic designed to provide the opportunity for between 30 and 60 children in years 3 to 6 to take part in specially developed activities. Children with intellectual, physical, social, sight and hearing impaired disabilities that prevent them from taking part in normal sporting activities are encouraged to take part in this DreamCricket Clinic. The activities have been specifically designed and approved by a Exercise Physiologist to suit the students’ abilities.

DreamCricketwas invited to present their program at the Rotary International Convention at Homebush on Sunday June 1, 2014, between 11.30am and 2.00pm. This was a great opportunity to display to the world what these children can do given the opportunity, while “building  confidence and self-esteem through movement and participation”.

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23 May 2014 Kim Attwood | News | Whole School  

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20 May 2014 Suzi Milovanovic | News | Whole School  

Students at Homebush Boys High School wear their school uniform with pride.  The school’s Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, Ms Milovanovic, and SRC Coordinator, Mrs Kumaralingam, have this year, introduced two new pieces of clothing as part of the school uniform.  Added to the already polished school uniform is a school scarf and beanie.  This has ensured that student wellbeing needs are being further met for the upcoming winter season.  The beanie will cost $5 and the scarf will cost $10.  If you wish to purchase both the scarf and beanie as a set, it will cost $12.  The new scarf and beanie is now part of the school uniform.  No other scarf or beanie, of any design or colour, is to be worn.  The new scarf and beanie are available for purchase from the front office.   

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07 May 2014 Scott Belgre | News | Sports  

The school is holding its annual athletics carnival this Friday the 9th of May 2014.  The venue is the Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre, Homebush, a world class facility.  Vaughan are the defending House Champions and will be looking to beat fierce rival Hayes for the Homebush Boys Athletics Title

All students are expected to attend, either as spectators or participants. Admission to the carnival has been paid out of the voluntary school fees. Students will be marked present before entering the Athletics Centre based on Houses. Students are encouraged to wear clothing in their house colours and each student doing so will be awarded a bonus point towards the carnival results. Rolls will be marked at 8.30am, just outside the main entrance.

All parents are welcome and will be provided with a program on arrival into the carnival.

06 May 2014 Suzi Milovanovic | News | Whole School  

Homebush Boys High School has established solid community partnerships with universities and supports teacher education programs/professional placements for practicum teachers from over 18 universities.  The school last year hosted over 45 teacher practicum placements and continues to do so this year.  It is essential that such placements are offered.  Practicum teachers are required to attend placements at their allocated school consisting of specified days of lesson observations and actual teaching requirements. 

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02 May 2014 Ramana Kirubagaran | News | Whole School  

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25 April 2014 Tim Jurd | News |

Student leaders supported local commemoration events marking the 99th year since Australia landed troops at ANZAC cove at Gallipoli in Turkey in 1915. In the pictures below Prefects Matthew Gu, Deren Mehmet (Snr Prefect), Bassel Rana (V Capt), Cr John Faker (Mayor of Burwood), Vidhushan Paheerathan (Captain), William Nguyen and Ms Effie Bonis (Prefects Coordinator) are shown at the Burwood ceremony.




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