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Below you will find important dates at Homebush Boys for 2018.

Term 1

  • Monday 29th January - Staff Development Day (No students)
  • Tuesday 30th January - Yr 7, Yr 11, Yr 12 and any new students, First Day Back
  • Wednesday 31st January - All students back at school
  • Tuesday 6th February - Year 7 ID Photograph
  • Friday 9th February - School Swimming Carnival
  • Tuesday 20th February - P & C AGM & Regular Meeting
  • Wednesday 14th February - Friday 16th February - Year 7 Camp
  • Tuesday 20th March - P & C Meeting
  • Thursday 29th March - School Athletics Carnival
  • Friday 30th March - Public Holiday: Good Friday
  • Monday 2nd April - Public Holiday: Easter Monday
  • Friday 13th April - Last day of Term 1

Term 2

  • Monday 30th April - Staff Development Day (No students)
  • Tuesday 1st May - First day back Term 2
  • Tuesday 15th May - P & C Meeting
  • Tuesday 15th May - Friday 25th May - Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN Testing
  • Tuesday 22nd May - School Photograph Day
  • Monday 11th June - Public Holiday: Queens Birthday
  • Tuesday 19th June - P & C Meeting
  • Friday 6th July - Last day of Term 2

Term 3

  • Monday 23rd July - Staff Development Day (No students)
  • Tuesday 24th July - First day back Term 3
  • Monday 6th August - Thursday 24th August - Year 12 Trial HSC Examination
  • Friday 10th August - Tuesday 21st August - Year 11 Preliminary Course Examination
  • Tuesday 21st August - P & C Meeting
  • Tuesday 19th September - P & C Meeting
  • Friday 28th September - Last day of Term 3

Term 4

  • Monday 15th October - First day back Term 4
  • Tuesday 16th October - P & C Meeting
  • Thursday 18th October - Year 12 HSC Examination
  • Tuesday 20th November - P & C Meeting
  • Tuesday 11th December - Presentation Day
  • Thursday 13th December - HSC Results
  • Wednesday 19th December - Last day of Term 4
15 March 2016 Ramana Kirubagaran | School |

For any enquiries regarding the catchment area, please contact the Enrolment Officer in the school office on (02) 97643611

15 March 2016 Ramana Kirubagaran | School |

Application for Non-Local Enrolment

The learning spaces at the school limit enrolments to approximately 1200. Thus an average number in each year of approximately 200 is desirable. For students coming into our school for Year 7 please see our Expression of Interest Form & Information Guide for more details. 

Applicants will be asked to establish Proof of Residency, Visa Status or Australian Citizenship.

Students should attend the school which they can most easily and safely access. Homebush Boys High School will consider non local enrolments only where current enrolments are below the ‘ceiling’ and allowing at least 5% buffer zone for new local enrolments.

Non-local applications will be considered according to the following criteria:-

  • Siblings already enrolled at the school
  • Availability of subjects, combinations of subjects or specific school courses including Mandarin or Korean Languages
  • Safety and supervision of the student (or sibling) before and after school
  • Compassionate reasons
  • Preference for a single sex boy’s school
  • Proximity and access to the school
  • ‘Old boys’ connection
  • Symphonia Jubilate
  • Access to Australian Youth Football Institute (Placement requested by AYFI)

All non-local students are enrolled with the parent signing an undertaking that their son/guardian will abide by the schools “Fair Discipline Code, Safety, Learning and Respect Matrix”, including the school uniform policy. If the student cannot meet this requirement he may be required to leave the school. In the case of the transition from Year 6 into Year 7, an enrolment panel chaired by the Principal will determine placements.

15 March 2016 Ramana Kirubagaran | School |

Applications for Local Enrolments

The learning spaces at the school limit enrollments to approximately 1200. Thus an average number in each year of approximately 200 is desirable. For students coming into our school for Year 7 please see our Expression of Interest Form & Information Guide for more details. 

Applicants will be asked to establish Proof of Residency, Visa Status or Australian Citizenship.

Local students have an entitlement to enrolment at the school on the following conditions:-

  • they MUST reside within the school’s drawing area in the company of their parent/legal guardian. (Please see the School Catchment Map)

The offer of enrolment is subject to verification of your place or residence. Please note it is most important that these documents must be in the name of parent/s or legal guardian only. We do not consider applicants who live in shared accommodation or hold a private lease as satisfying criteria for enrolment in this school.

The documents required are:

  • Own Property-Latest Council Rate Notice OR
  • Rent Property-Lease Agreement from Registered Real Estate Agent with latest rental receipt

To verify above documents we also require two (2) of the following:

  • Electricity, Gas or Telephone Account, Water Rate Notice, Bank Statement in the name of
  • Parent/legal guardian and at the nominated address.

If they enrol after the initial school structure is established then the subject choices, particularly for elective subjects, will be limited to those with a vacancy. Years 9 – 12 would need to accept these limitations before enrolling.

The Principal will under normal circumstances interview each applicant to determine suitability and final placement. In the case of the transition from Year 6 into Year 7, an enrolment panel chaired by the Principal will determine placements.

15 March 2016 Ramana Kirubagaran | School |

The learning spaces at the school limit enrolments to approximately 1200. Thus an average number in each year of approximately 200 is desirable.

Applicants will be asked to establish

Click on links below for information regarding our Enrolment polices:


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The school is located in the inner western suburbs of Sydney in a well established residential area. Operations commenced in 1936 enjoying the advantage of being close to the railway stations of Homebush and Flemington. Currently the school is a community comprehensive school with a reputation for excellence in academic pursuits, a range of sports and many extra curricular activities. The school enrollment comprises over 80% NESB which includes a variety of different cultural and language backgrounds. The school is an active partner in the Homebush Strathfield Learning Community.

18 November 2014 ryan.chadwick | School |

Below is anticipated pricing for various items.

(We will update with finalised pricing shortly)


Item Cost
Socks (football and soccer) $7.70
Ties (junior) $13.20
Ties (senior) $17.60
Hospitality beret $2.20
Industrial Arts apron $6.50
Hospitality apron $8.25
Caps $11.00
Calculator (Sharp) $20.00
Homebush Boys Scarf $10.00
Homebush Boys Beanie $5.00
Homebush Boys Scarf/Beanie package $12.00


Year 7

Item Cost
School Contribution - includes technology materials, school tie, cap, school diary, 2 music concerts, English & History incursions, PD/H/PE workbook – all subject material costs are included with textbooks, Food Technology uniform & Industrial Arts apron and accident insurance. $370
Student Wellbeing Camp $360
Stationary Pack (Available on orientation day) $50


Year 8

Item Cost
School Contribution - includes school diary, Visual Arts & Industrial Arts materials, 2 music concerts, English & History incursions, all subject material, a PD/H/PE workbook, accident insurance. $340


Year 9 & 10

Item Cost
School Contribution $230
Visual Arts - Year 9 $70
Visual Arts - Year 10 $70
Photo Digital Media - Year 9 $70
Photo Digital Media - Year 10 $70
Industrial Technology - Timber - Year 9 $60
Industrial Technology - Timber - Year 10 $70
Industrial Technology - Metal - Year 9 (includes Multimeter, side cutters, pliers, screwdrivers, soldering irons) $50
Industrial Technology - Metal - Year 10 $55
Electronics - Year 9 $80
Electronics - Year 10 $65
Industrial Technology - Graphics - Year 9 $60
Industrial Technology - Graphics - Year 10 $20
Food Technology $60
Information Software $60
Drama $50
Music $60
Language Elective - Year 9 $45
Language Elective - Year 10 $45


Year 11 & 12

Item Cost
School Contribution $230
Visual Arts (plus major work materials) - Year 11 $90
Visual Arts(plus major work materials) - Year 12 $110
Photo Video Digital $70
Industrial Technology (Timber) - Year 11 $80
Industrial Technology (Multi-Media) - Year 11 $40
Industrial Technology (Timer/Multi-Media) - Year 12 (plus major work materials) $40
Engineering Studies $25
Software Design $60
Information Processes $60
Hospitality Operations (plus uniform) - Year 11 $95
Hospitality Operations - Year 12 $95
Construction $60
Music $65
PDHPE - Year 11 $10
English - Year 12 $20
Retail Operations $20
Business Services $20
Language Elective - Year 11 $45
Language Elective - Year 12 $45
Hospitality e-Learning $40


(NB. Eftpos facilities available, no cash withdrawal)

These contributions should be paid for the full year upon enrolment or during the first week of term or by regular instalments on application. There is a reduction of $20.00 per family for families with more than one student at the school. There will be an Administration charge of $20.00 if a fee refund is required.

Prices current at 2 December 2016

06 February 2013 Super User | School |

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Homebush Boys High School website. As you explore its pages, either as a prospective student, a prospective parent or as an interested member of the community, I hope you will gain a sense of what a very special school this is; a place that is a dynamic, progressive and vibrant learning community.

The aim of promoting excellence in a caring and supportive environment underpins the school culture of Homebush Boys High School. This culture is grounded in the concept that all of our students have two basic rights at our school: the right to learn and the right to safety. Our curriculum and welfare procedures have been developed (and are being continually evaluated by the school community) to ensure these rights and the corresponding responsibilities. We also place great value on helping our students to develop those skills necessary for them to become independent life-long learners and to see themselves as part of and contributing to their local community.

Our school is a dynamic learning community committed to providing a rich, safe and enjoyable educational environment. We have a harmonious multicultural population and our parent and community support is outstanding.

We offer a comprehensive and challenging curriculum which caters to the needs and interests of our students. Our team of experienced and dedicated teachers focuses upon quality teaching with a particular emphasis upon strategies to address the needs of extending the learning opportunities for students in a boys' school context.
Since its foundation in 1936, our school has gained a fine reputation for providing quality education for boys,
I am very proud to be leading Homebush Boys High School. Thank you for showing an interest in our school and I look forward to personally welcoming you at some time in the not too distant future.

John G Kennedy
Masters of Educational Leadership (UWS)

04 February 2013 Super User | School |

Our Purpose

Homebush Boys High School is a harmonious and supportive environment in which each student is allowed and encouraged to develop his individual academic, personal, social and physical potential.

We recognize the value of our cultural diversity, which enables students to develop tolerance, awareness and pride as citizens of our community.

We have a talented and committed staff working together to create a caring atmosphere for student well-being. Excellent academic and sporting traditions have been maintained. Outstanding citizens and community leaders have been developed.

Our School

Homebush Boys High School is a progressive secondary school valuing excellence in the classroom, on the sporting field and in all cooperative community endeavors. We recognize the importance of the partnership between parents, teachers and students and see it as the key to producing young men who are both prepared for their vocations and responsible for the welfare of their community environment.

Our Welfare

Our Welfare approach places responsibility on the individual for his own actions. The opportunity exists for boys to fulfil leadership, academic, sporting and community roles. Time is allocated in the curriculum to address the social issues of tolerance, self-esteem and community concerns.

Our Sporting Traditions

The emphasis in the delivery of the sports program is the development of skills and the provision of the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports. The school competes on an interschool basis as a number of the North West Metropolitan Zone of the Combined High Schools Sporting association. Both summer and winter competitions are conducted in four page groupings. In addition, students may select from a variety of non-competitive recreational sports.

These activities are either school base or utilize facilities from the local community. Many students have attained representation at Zone, Regional, State and National level.

Our Academic Achievements

Our students have been consistent over the years in achieving outstanding result in the Higher School Certificate.

In the most recent H.S.C. 25 of our students were placed on the NSW Merit list. Over 71% of our students were offered University placement in a variety of degree areas such as medicine, dentistry, computing, engineering, business, pharmacy, optometry, arts and science.

Our graduates have undertaken studies in TAFE and with private providers, as well as taking up apprenticeships, traineeships and full employment.

Each year our students as individuals and in teams have had outstanding success in a wide range of activities including Debating, Chess, Public Speaking, Mathematics, Science and English Competitions. Titration Competition and Art and Music Camps at Regional, State and National levels.

These successes are consistently recognized by local and state newspapers and the school is proud of the fact that it can financially help students in cultural, artistic and sporting endeavors through the school's Excellence Fund.