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Sports at Homebush Boys High School

Sport at Homebush Boys is held every Wednesday afternoon with the students having the option of participating in house or grade sport. The students of Homebush have the privilege of being a part of one of the largest school grade competitions in the Sydney Metropolitan area. The North West Metropolitan Zone includes Homebush Boys High, Epping Boys High, Normanhurst Boys High, Asquith Boys High, Randwick Boys High, North Sydney Boys High and Ashfield Boys High. The level of competition is high and allows a variety of opportunities in sports such as Cricket, Football, Rugby Union, Badminton, Table Tennis, Water Polo, Hockey, Tennis, Oztag and Basketball.

Homebush Boys High School - Full-time Football Program and Part-Time Program

Australian Youth Football Institute (AYFI) and Homebush Boys High School (HBHS) have formed a partnership that is designed to integrate football and High School education.

Our Full-Time Football Program has been designed for players who want to further develop their skills as footballers. As a football academy, we develop their technique, their physical capacities, and their tactical awareness in game situations. We work on the 4 term bases with each term housing specific topics. Our objective is to complete the 4 core skills which are first touch, running with the ball, striking the ball and 1vs1. In the physical aspect, our sports scientists personalised an individual program for each player to improve their strength and conditioning. In the classroom, our aim is to provide them with useful knowledge which they can apply to their sporting career such as Nutrition, Drugs in Sport, Social Media, Psychology in Sport. However, in the Australian Youth Football Institute we believe that besides their skills with the ball they also need to learn values such as discipline, attitude, respect, passion, persistence, self-confidence, and teamwork. These values contribute to their overall improvement not only as players but also their character and ability to lead on the field.

We plan the football program around the players so they don't miss any of their School hours. The curriculum is based on morning sessions where they might train in the pool, in the field or in the lecture. After training, we provide them breakfast managed by our sports scientist staff and we take them to School on the company’s bus. In the afternoon sessions, when they finish School, again the bus will be waiting to bring them to our facilities where we will have a gym session, video analysis, or field session depending on the day.

The Part-Time Program is for those player who are not able to do the Full-Time Program. It has been designed to attend the afternoon sessions from Monday until Thursday.

To ensure that we reach the expectations of the program, we decided to implement an extensive number of professionals. Our Head Coach, Juan Carlos Heras Romero began playing Football at the early age of 7 when he represented professional La Liga Club Sevilla F.C., he is currently playing for St. George FC and was named PLAYER OF THE YEAR last Season. Our assistant Coach, Dan Sheppard who coached Brumbies Hills 2017 Season and now is currently the Technical Director of the Youth Program at Stanmore Hawks. We also provide the players with our sports scientists and physiotherapist, Chris Matsias currently Sport Scientist and Physioterapist at Sydney Olympic FC First Grade. And not only that we provide them with the best facilities in Sydney which we believed that this program could be one of the leader's football program in the country. If you need more information or you are interested to participate in any of the programs call 1300 00 2934.