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We recognise that a student’s ability to:

  • read, and understand what he reads;

  • write clearly and effectively; and

  • use numbers accurately and confidently

will determine his school results, career choices and life opportunities. In all subjects, teaching programs will incorporate these skills.

As well, the school is currently considering a number of programs to specifically and explicitly support literacy and numeracy. As these are commenced, parents will be advised of details.

Homework Help after-school tutoring

For several afternoons per week, after-school literacy and numeracy tutoring will be available in the school Library, with access to computers and online facilities.
The sessions will run for at least an hour after school, with a qualified teacher.

On-line literacy/numeracy tutoring program

Mainly for Year 8 and 9, this is a program of additional literacy and numeracy skills exercises, which can be accessed by students via computer in their homes or in the school Library.
A school administrator will post new work each week, which must be completed and returned by students.
All work will be graded, returned to students, and answers posted to the previous week’s exercises.
These skill exercises will provide great preparation for the Year 9 NAPLAN tests, and for HSC minimum-standards tests.

Literacy/numeracy tracking program

A central tracking system will keep track of all data coming in from literacy and numeracy programs, and seek to ensure that no student “falls through the cracks”.
As it comes in, the data will be monitored and responded to, to ensure timely intervention in the case of problems or difficulties experienced by students.
School tracking will also include students who have already attempted the NAPLAN or minimum-standards tests, but have not yet achieved proficiency.

Performance at the top end

To perform at the highest levels, students need to combine writing skills with skills of analysis, interpretation and evaluation.
So, at senior levels especially, all students and staff will be trained in ALARM – a package which improves access to the highest bands of HSC achievement.
Our students are thus equipped to achieve their absolute personal best at the most important stage of all.

School communication, publications and internal assessment

The school will produce a literacy/numeracy Handbook for distribution to Year 8 students.
This handbook will contain summaries, hints, advice and examples to assist students to fine-tune their literacy/numeracy skills, and to prepare for assessment.
Internal assessment will also be conducted in the period prior to the NAPLAN tests, to prepare students for authentic test conditions, and to gauge their readiness.
Parents will be kept informed about programs at the school, and their son’s progress, via public meetings, letters and text messages.

All our programs are based on:

  • training of staff and students;

  • high-quality teaching resources, which deliver on essential literacy, numeracy and thinking skills;

  • gathering and analysing critical information about progress, giving support where it is needed, and keeping parents informed;

  • high expectations of parent support and involvement, and students taking responsibility for their own learning.


There is no greater priority than this.


For further information about our programs
Call the school Ph: 9764-3611, and ask to speak to Mr Bawden (Literacy/Numeracy Support Person, Mon/Tues).