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Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) faculty is committed to the excellence in teaching and learning of a broad curriculum by fostering a caring and supportive environment.  Continuing changes and emerging technologies pose a real challenge to today’s society and to address these dynamic challenges we endeavour to provide opportunities that value practical skills, problem solving, organisational and communicating skills that promote integrity, respect, responsibility and participation.

TAS Teachers at Homebush Boys High School


Subjects Currently Taught


Year of Study  Subject
7 - 8 Technology (mandatory)
9 - 10 Food Technology
9 - 10 Industrial Technology (Timber, Electronics, Metals)
9 - 10 Graphics Technology
11 - 12 VET Hospitality
11 - 12 VET Construction
11 - 12 Engineering Studies
11 - 12 Industrial Technology Timber and Furniture Industries
11 - 12 Industrial Technology Multimedia Industries