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Homebush Boys High School teaches PDHPE in years 7 through to 12.  PDHPE is a multidimensional KLA that aims to develop well-rounded students that hold their own health and the health of their community in high regard. The PDHPE syllabus is underpinned by building students that are connected with the community around them and have resilience in times of crisis. We deliver a curriculum that not only seeks to improve the physical health of our students, but encompasses the social, emotional and spiritual health of teenagers in order to uphold the excellence in boys education of Homebush Boys High School.

There are 5 current teachers.

PDHPE Teachers at Homebush Boys High School

  • K. Fitzsimmons (Head of Faculty)
  • A. Chapman (Head of Welfare)
  • S. Cuneen
  • A. Michael
  • B. Wilson


Subjects Currently Taught

Year of Study  Subject
7 - 10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
9 - 10 Physical Activity and Sports Studies
11 Sports Lifestyle and Recreation
11 Community and Family Studies (CAFS)
11 - 12 Sports Fitness and Recreation (VET)
11 - 12 Stage 6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education