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History is a living, breathing and evolving subject. History is a dialogue between past and present, as historians interpret past events with the perspectives and biases of the present. The historian shapes a narrative, which in future years can be further developed, as historical sources are re-analysed, with the new insights, and new biases, of the future. The history faculty at Homebush Boys High School believes that each student is a historian who has to create an understanding of the past based on a consideration of historical sources. In this sense history is hands-on and the tools of the trade are old photos, newspapers, films, artefacts, stories, artworks, books, documents and websites. It is definitely not a subject about memorising dates and the names of battles, kings and prime ministers. The study of history provides the intellectual skills to enable students to critically analyse and interpret evidence in order to construct reasoned explanations and informed arguments. History also enables students to understand, deconstruct and evaluate differing interpretations of the past. The cognitive skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis underpin the study of history and equip students with the ability to understand the political, cultural and social events and issues that have shaped the world around them.The history staff at Homebush Boys are highly qualified and experienced teachers, with a deep love for the subject, a commitment to student welfare and a wide knowledge of World and Australian history. History Teachers at Homebush Boys High School


  • L. Budanovic (Head of Faculty)
  • P. Morales
  • L. Napoli
  • L. Symonds


Subjects Currently Taught


Year of Study  Subject
7 Introduction to History and Ancient History
8 Medieval and Contact and Colonisation History
9 - 10 Mandatory Australian History
11 - 12 Ancient History
11 - 12 Modern History
12 Extension History