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Homebush Boys High School teaches English in years 7 through to 12.  The English Faculty at Homebush Boys is a seminal part of a large and dynamic school. The teachers are both experienced and vibrant, seeking to maximise each student’s literacy skills in-order for each student to reach his potential. There are some 10 teachers, not including ESL, who teach English and, as a team, they work together to constantly review the programs to cater for each student cohorts.  As well, there is experience in teaching all facets of the curriculum including traditional literature, grammar, film, essay writing, drama, mutli-media and ICT.

English Teachers at Homebush Boys High School

  • C. Elaro (Head of Faculty)
  • E. Bonis
  • L. Brien
  • J. Carrasco
  • A. Karas
  • T. Lee
  • D. Mirkova
  • G. Sahay
  • E. Yong


Subjects Currently Taught


Year of Study  Subject
7 - 10 English
9 - 10 Drama
11 - 12 Senior Drama
11 - 12 English Studies
11 - 12 Standard English
11 - 12 Advanced English
11 - 12 Extension 1
11 - 12 Extension 2