| Year 09  
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Year Nine are introduced to the Career Education program via a six period workshop normally in Term 4.

The purpose of the workshop is to get students to understand the skills needed in order to start researching careers suitable to their needs and desires. As such the Workshop Booklet is designed so that students can independently continue their research into careers following the workshop. Prior to the workshop students are given a worksheet to use to interview a person about their career so that they come to the workshop with some background into why people work.

The areas covered in the workshop are:-

  • Discovering Work

Students are asked to write down their definition of work and from answers obtained, develop a classroom definition. Students are then invited to write down a list of careers and again the class comes up with a class list of careers. It becomes evident to students that there is whole range of careers beyond their knowledge of jobs. Students are then made aware that if they are to find the best career for themselves then they will need to undertake research of individual jobs.

  • Why Do People Work?

From their interview worksheet students are able to come up with a list of reasons that people have given for why they work. Students write down what they want from work and a class list is developed. From this list students are invited to prioritise their wants from a career. By comparing their list with fellow students they realise that each person’s “wants” are different and therefore they must take control of their research into careers. By involving their parents in making a list students also realise that there “wants” will change and they will need to evaluate their needs continuously.

  • What Skills/Qualities Do Employers Want From Young People?

Students are given a list of 22 Skills or Qualities taken from the School to Work Program. They are asked to choose 10 from the list that they would want from a potential employee if they were an employer looking for a young person to begin work. They are told that all Skills and Qualities are important and that there are no right or wrong answers. From surveys gained from Employers over a three year period (by students on Work Experience) students are shown the ten most important as collated from employers responses. Students are given two different careers e.g. Accountant, Graphic Designer and are asked to list the skills/qualities for each career. Students work out that different careers need different skills so identifying their skills and linking them to a career is important.

  • What are you good at and/or enjoy doing?

Students are encouraged to record school subjects, leisure activities and skills/qualities that they are good at or enjoy. Often students can find worthwhile careers linked to these areas. They also, by doing these exercises, begin to understand their strengths and skill areas which they need to improve.

  • Basic Job Research

Students are provided with their own CES Job Guide which they can use to research careers. They are able to do basic research as follows:-

1. Name of Job

2. Job Description – what the job is about

3. What personal qualities, physical factors or skills is required e. good vision, patience, able to work in teams, creativity etc.?

4. What level of education is needed to get into the job i.e year 10, 11 or 12?

5. What training if any is required i.e. on the job training, apprenticeship, certificate, diploma or degree?

6. What are the employment prospects? Where would you apply? How difficult is it to get a job? Where can you work in this job?

7. What other jobs are related to this career?

8. Contacts – where can I get further information regarding this career?

  • Career Builder

Students complete their workshop by doing Career Builder, a computer assisted career exploration and guidance tool. Career Builder helps students identify their strengths and preferences and make well considered further study, career and lifestyle decisions. It is an integrated and easy-to-use computer assisted career exploration and planning process that provides students with a detailed and easy-to-follow personal Career Report at the conclusion. The Career Report also gives the students an Action Plan worksheet which allows them to record a step-by-step plan to research and achieve their goals.