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Access to Year 12 for Career Education is limited because of their commitment to their HSC curriculum. However, the school is aware that Year 12 students should have access to a wide range of information concerning their career future. As a result it has established a message distribution system careeralerts to get this information to them. This system has been developed over a number of years and also contains “Links” to websites useful to students in their career planning.

It is therefore essential that all Year 12 students register with careeralerts.

UAC has produced a  number of publications to assist students. Questions regarding the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank are answered and information on Access Schemes and Equity Scholarships are among the articles. Students can access these publications by clicking here.

Information for Year 12 Students from UAC including a powerpoint on "Steps to applying through UAC" can be accessed here.

I f you have been disadvantaged over the last two years of schooling you may apply  for the Educational Access Scheme. To see if you meet the requirements click on the 2012 Educational Access Scheme Information Booklet  To download an application form click here

Year 12 undertake an information session, participate in the Inner West Tertiary and Career Expo, attend assemblies related to Career Education (e.g. Applying to University), can meet with the Career Adviser and have access to resources in the Careers Room at recess, lunch or during their study periods, fill in a career options survey, have access to Guest Speakers at lunch and can attend university and TAFE sponsored days.

At the beginning of the year all Year 12 students undertake an information session during one of their English lessons. During this session students are given a“Year 12 Career Resources – Information Booklet”. This booklet is broken up into sections:

· Lists Resources that students can access to help them in their Career Planning and how they can access them. Most of the resources can be accessed through careersalerts. The FAQs books can be borrowed from the Library and copies in the Careers Room can be used as a reference during their study periods.

· Decision Making –again essential that students have an Action Plan in place so that they are prepared when they finish their HSC. “Back-up” plans are essential and this section not only helps in their decision making process but also provides them with a checklist.

· Information on the HSC, UAIs and the UAC Application Process. As well students are encouraged to look at alternative entry and university ’bonus and flexible entry’ schemes’. ACCESS applications, advice on scholarships and HECS and FEE-HELP are also in this section.

· Cadetships and traineeships are explained here. Entry into some TAFE courses can require early applications and some require portfolios so the advice here is to look at all avenues. Private Providers do not require a UAI and some of their courses give credit to some university courses. A list of questions is provided to help students choose the correct institution

· This section provides students with tips to help them study –7 Steps To Study Success – and a simple Time Management Plan.

· A revision on “Job Getting Skills” looks at developing resumes, how to prepare for an interview etc.

· A worksheet “Planning My Transition From School To Work” allows students to choose the best pathway for them following their HSC with possible alternative pathways

At the end of his session students are given a demonstration of some of the uses of careeralerts.