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Year 11 do not have any formal career lessons so it is highly recommendedthat all students in Year 11 register with Career Alerts to ensure that they are kept up to date with information on Career Planning. Through Career Alerts students will be informed of Open Days run by Universities and other tertiary education institutions and it is advisable for Year 11 students to attend these days so that they can research as many career pathways as possible.

Year 11 is an important period for students to begin planning for their transition from school to work either through further education or directly into the workforce. To help students assess where they are in this process students undertake the School To Work Survey in Term 1. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes and at the conclusion students are able to obtain a two page print out that will assist them in their Action Planning.

Year 11 students can put into use the job getting skills they learnt in their Year 10 Workshop to undertake Work Experience.  To assist you in developing these skills you can use these resources made available by the  University of Sydney's Career Centre.

Work Placement is available to all students undertaking VET courses in their senior years. For all other students in Year 11 Work Experience is available. Students should look at theGuidelinesregarding the proceduresneeded to participate. The following guides can be downloaded:-

Students Work Placement Record

Parents Guide to Work Placement

Employers Guide to Work Placement

Year 11 are also given the opportunity to attend information days at universities. Examples are the University of New South Wales Engineering Day and the University of Sydney’s “Degree in a Day” program. Students are informed of these programs through careersalerts and since there are limited places students need to respond as quickly as possible to guarantee a place.