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Careers Education at Homebush Boys’ High School is concerned with the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes through a planned program of learning experiences. This program will assist students to make informed decisions about school and post-school education, training and employment options and participation in the community.

The general aim of the Careers Education Program is to provide a meaningful educational experience, catering for individual differences and relevant to the needs and aspirations of the students and community and to develop self-awareness, occupational awareness and decision-making skills of students. It is hoped that students will at the end of their schooling be able to put into practice the skills they have developed - 'life long' career development skills.

The Careers Education Program is not just a program of lessons, but a collection of activities intended to stimulate students to explore and investigate and to make Careers decisions based on sound research and experimentation. The curriculum must be more flexible since changes within the school; the home and the community are likely to have a far more reaching effect in this subject than in others. As such the Careers Program must be adaptable to change and be reviewed continuously. The Careers program will also reflect the importance placed on the Management Plans produced by the nine team structure within the school (Connected Learning, Teacher Quality, Literacy & Numeracy Support, School Environment, Assessment & Reporting, Curriculum, Student Engagement & Retention, Equity and Learning & Support).