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  • Message to Year 8

    I am delighted to be offered the position of Year 8 adviser. It is a great privilege to be able to guide these students throughout the remainder of their high school journey at Homebush Boys, years which will undoubtedly be some of the best and most memorable of their lives. We will work together, students, teachers and parents, to help transform these boys into outstanding citizens of the community, and build up important values of integrity, respect, responsibility and care.

    I look forward to working with our students this year and in the upcoming years and wish them every success with their studies.

    I invite parents and carers to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions.


    Abderrahim Abbou

    Year 8 Adviser 2015


  • Exciting Development in Literacy

    The English Faculty is pleased to announce that we have initiated the participation of all Year 7, 8 and 9 students in an outstanding on-line literacy program called WordFlyers (www.wordflyers.com.au). This program incorporates reading, writing, spelling and grammar skills that cater for each student’s needs. As well there is a component that is linked to the NAPLAN literacy exams for years 7 and 9. It is an excellent way to reinforce what is being taught, and the skills being developed, in the classroom.

  • Year 8 Korean Students visit UNSW

    Year 8 Korean students went on an excursion on Thursday 10th September. 2014. The excursion was held at The University of New South Wales and students attended the ‘Korean Immersion Day “program and activities provided by the Korean Cultural Office (KCO) of NSW.

    Together with Ms Yu and Ms Fang Chen (Pre-service teacher September/ October 2014) we made our way by bus to the UNSW early in the morning and arrived by 10.00 am, following heavy traffic and lengthy delays on Parramatta Rd. Together with students from Punchbowl Boys, Marsden and Burwood Girls High School, we looked forward to a day of learning and socialising (with the girls!).

  • Year 8 Report - Term 2

    Congratulations to all year 8 who progressed well through term 2, welcome to the new enrollments. I commend you on the high standard of uniform you have maintained throughout the winter season and recommend the school scarves and beanies that are now available for purchase for providing extra warmth.

    Year 8 – Community involvement - New Beginnings Program
    Thursday 12th June - Friday 13th June

    This was a two day program that aimed at building leadership skills of students and increase community engagement.

  • Year 8 Report - Term 1

    Our students have started 2014 with enthusiasm and dedication.

    They have been involved in many interesting programs already including Public Speaking, the National day against bullying campaign, Study Skills, Band Camp, and are continuing their indoor soccer fundraiser.

    There are many exciting opportunities coming up in 2014 which we have planned. We look forward to the peer mentoring opportunities that the YWCA and DEC have offered, to develop strong leadership roles within the year.

  • Investigation of Korean Cuisine

    Year 8 students recently undertook a project to investigate different Korean Cuisine. 

    The topic was The Most Delicious Food and the project involved the students creating a script and performing a role play. 

    Here you can see some of their excellent productions.

    YouTube Channel: Korean Cuisine - Playlist