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  • Greek mythology stories were passed down by the ancient Greeks to explain the origins of their world, their society and their culture. Greek mythology also provided a narrative of the lives of people, Greek gods and Greek heroes and was an important part of their religious beliefs.

    After creating profiles of the gods of Mount Olympus, Years 7HA, 7HC and 7HH researched Greek mythology stories and created comic strips demonstrating their understanding of these ancient myths.  Stories about the origins of Medusa’s snake hair, Cyclops, Pandora’s Box, the story of Persephone, King Midas and his golden touch and Cronus eating his children, were recreated in comic form. Using their creativity and “Storyboard that” (www.storyboardthat.com), an online program, students were able to create their own characters, themes and backgrounds. Below, are some impressive comics made by the following students: Ayman Chaabouh (The Death of Cronus), Sulaim Zameel (The curse of Medusa), Justin Kunjumon (King Midas), Zane Hammad (The curse of Medusa), Shaasitharaan Maheswaran (Athena’s curse).

  • Year 7 had their year assembly on 17th October 2018. 

    The school principal, Mr Elgood addressed the assembly and discussed the importance of being at the right place at the right time and doing the right thing. He also praised the Year 7s for taking pride in wearing correct school uniform.

    The relieving deputy principal, Mrs Shadwick discussed the importance of “Respect” from the school SLR (Safety, Respect, Learning) matrix.

    Mr Elgood handed out the Silver awards to the following students:

    Daniel CHOE
    Mohamed Anmar SHUKRY
    Kadhiravan SATHISH KUMAR
    Keerthan KOPPELA
    Hridayesh NARVEKAR
    Krishiv MANISH
    Jaden LUU
    Dante DUDGEON

    Thanks to Tejvir AULAKH for running the assembly so efficiently.
    Congratulations boys, Keep up the good work!

  • Faculty: Science - Year 7 - Assessment Notice

    Due Date: First lesson in week 3 (B), Term 4, 2018

    Syllabus Component: Classification, Habitats, Mixtures

    Weighting: 30% 

    Duration: 50 minutes

    Task Description:There are 3 parts to this task

    • Part A: Multiple choice questions (15 marks)
    • Part B: Short response questions (10 marks)
    • Part C: Long response questions (20 marks)
  • 7HIE had an engaging and enjoyable lesson with Mr Beal and Mrs Symonds demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of Ancient Egyptian pyramids using Minecraft. Students were required to use the information learnt in class to design and label an Ancient Egyptian pyramid and its internal chambers and passageways. Students used their knowledge, creativity and Minecraft to bring to life the burial chambers and treasures of the great Pharaohs.

    Students not only had to use prior learning about pyramids, but also skills  in the use of various technologies as they were to present their designs in PowerPoint and upload their finished product onto Moodle for marking.

  • In groups of 4, students from classes 7HA, 7HC and 7HH, presented and performed the mummification process in front of their peers. Each group had 1 narrator who explained the steps of mummification, 2 embalmers who performed the process and a body of a ‘deceased’ person. Each group needed to organise and bring: ‘internal organs’, Canopic jars, a hook, and scrolls from the Book of the Dead. All students illustrated a good understanding of the mummification process and were able to present an historically accurate representation of ancient Egyptian burial practices. Below, is an article written by 3 students about this activity. The mummification process is based on Greek historian, Herodotus’ account. 

    The Mummification Process -Written By Aarav, Shaasi & Jaden, 7HA

    Three year 7 classes did a unique and exciting mummification task, where they mummified their peer’s body. All classes had fun doing the mummification process and put in lot of effort.

  • On Tuesday 14 August, the Year 7s participated in the World of Maths incursion. This incursion provided a special opportunity for students to engage in Mathematics in unique and fun ways. There were various puzzles for the small groups to solve, leading to lots of loud and excited discussions.
    The students all enjoyed the puzzles and it became difficult to move the students away from the puzzles once their time was up. After every session, there were always students commenting that they wanted more time to solve them all. A few students even wanted to stay behind at recess to finish the puzzles!
    A very special thanks to Peter Wilson from the World of Maths for running this wonderful incursion for our school again this year.

  • The Year 7 and 8 Parent and Teacher interviews are on Tuesday 3 July 2018 from 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm.

    Student reports will be available from the School Office from 3:30 pm.

    Teacher appointments can be made via Moodle. Please click on the image for instructions on how to use the booking system. 

    Please encourage your son to log onto Moodle and book teacher appointments.

    Only booked appointments will be available to parents on the 3 July 2018.

    The School’s Korean and Middle Eastern liaison officers will be available to assist parents during this time.

    If you are unable to attend, student reports may be collected from the School Office only with written parental permission, from Wednesday 4 July 2018.

    Meeting Rooms for the day are as follows:

  • The Annual John Symond All Boys Public Speaking Competition created a stir in the school hall on Tuesday, 20th March when some 22 nervous and eager speakers took to the podium. The first session consisted of students from years 10 to 12 speakers kept the junior and the first timers spellbound. The most popular topics were Salt and Pepper and Born to Run.

    Eric Duong’s take on the plight of the Indigenous Australia kept us spellbound. His litany of the atrocities against Aborigines and his forceful presentation left a mark with each and every person in the hall. There was pin drop silence before the audience burst into a tumultuous applause. Fawad Faheem, Usman Shariet and Niranjan Raghunath, all spoke eloquently. It was very difficult to pick out winners.

  • The Year 7 Meet the Teacher afternoon will be held on Tuesday 6 March 2018, from 4:00pm till 6:30pm.

    This is a great opportunity for Year 7 parents to meet the Year 7 teachers and gain a better understanding of our School and subject expectations.

    Each key learning area will hold an individual stall under the Fig Tree in the school playground and staff will be available to meet and greet parents. Please note that this is not a formal parent and teacher afternoon and staff will not be reporting on individual student progress.

    Parents are also invited to attend a special presentation at 5:30 pm in the School Hall. Mr Kennedy, Mrs Shadwick, Ms Singh, Mr Burke and Ms Chapman will address Year 7 parents. The focus will be on our Bushy Boy behaviours and the Year 7 transition programs in 2018.

    All Year 7 Parents, carers and students are welcome to attend.

    If you have any further enquiries, please contact myself or Mrs Matina Shadwick (Relieving Deputy Principal) on 9764 3611.

  • Homebush Boys High School "Challenge & Growth" Adventure Camp. Introduction to Outdoor Education Orientation Camp Year 7 - 2018. The following camp has been organized as part of your child curriculum and your permission is required. Ever care will be taken of the group by the supervising teachers and camp staff. However, your child has some responsibilities and obligations associated with the came, and we assume that your permission also involves an undertaking by your child to act responsibly. 

    Please click on the image for the full information letter, checklist and medical forms. 

    Venue: Fitzroy Falls Conference & Adventure Center

    Date: 14th - 16th February 2018
    Departure: 6:30am - School Hall 14th February 2018. 
    Return: 5:00pm - School Hall 16th February 2018.



    Aim: Through the processes of Experiential Learning and using the Outdoors as a catalyst we aim to promote personal growth and group development through the use of carefully controlled, challenging experiences. The program is designed to develop a growing sense of competence in dealing with the natural environment with a strong emphasis on safety. The program is challenging, combining physical and developmental activities with the overall aim of enhancing the student's self-reliance, increasing their confidence in their own abilities and assisting them in learning to cooperate and work with others through controlled experiences

  • During Term 1 year 7 students will be involved in the Peer Support Program. Each week groups of students will meet with 2 Peer Leaders and work through a range of activities that focus on building connections and addressing a range of behaviours including the prevention of bullying. Meeting in small groups allows meaningful connections to form, assisting students with the transition to secondary school.

    Over a period of 9 weeks, students will acknowledge their strengths and learn skills to build resilience, identify how to develop, maintain and repair friendships, develop understanding of a range of behaviours including bullying and learn strategies in order to respond appropriately in a variety of situations.

  • A reminder that Year 7, 2018 Orientation Day will be held on Tuesday 5 December from 9.30am, finishing approximately at 12.30pm.

    Students and parents are required to attend the school at this time. We look forward to seeing you all here on Tuesday.

    Please contact Mrs Whelan in the front office (Ph: 97643611) if you have any questions about the day.

  • In early 2017 parents/carers of Year 7 students were asked to provide consent for their children to receive three doses of HPV vaccine in the NSW School Vaccination Program.

    Most* Year 7 students who have received two doses of HPV vaccine are considered to be fully vaccinated and do not require a further dose.

    This change is based on recent international studies that show for children aged 9 to 14 years of age, two doses of HPV vaccine provide the same protection as three doses, as long as the second dose is given at least six months after the first dose. Based on this evidence, the World Health Organization (WHO) now recommends a two-dose HPV schedule, and this has already been adopted in comparable countries (i.e. the UK, Canada, the United States and New Zealand) and is now being adopted in Australia.

  • Last term 7A completed a wonderful, enriching unit of work written by Ms Yong and delivered by Ms Bonis on “Heroes”. The objective was to expand understanding of the concept of heroes and apply this to real life contexts. The unit explored what it means to be a hero through the film medium, with close analysis of the film Zootopia. Students analysed the filmic features, but also went beyond this examining a range of heroes through history and in our everyday lives. This culminated in the appreciation of how we can all advocate for change in our worlds.

  • Mr. Joe Teh from the Sydney Jets Badminton Academy is offering free Badminton training to Homebush Boys High School Students in Year 7 and Year 8. He coaches players from beginners up to national level who are playing in the international arena. 

    When: Friday, Week 2, Term 2, 2017 onwards

    Where: School New Gymnasium, Homebush Boys High School

    Time:Every Friday (School Term), 3:15pm - 4:30pm

    Students are to be in P.E. uniform and indoor sporting shoes (compulsory)

    Permission notescan be collected from and returned to Mr. Ha (Maths Dept.) or Mr .Ramana (AV room)

  • I am pleased to inform you that all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are now enrolled in a literacy on-line program. It is a wonderful year-long course which students will be encouraged to work through predominantly as homework. For students in Years 8 and 9 this involvement in a continuation of last year’s program.

    The program, WordFlyers (www.wordflyers.com.au), is a product developed by Blake Education, the same company that has developed the popular Reading Eggs in primary school. Each student will be working at his own pace and each student will start at his own ability level.

  • Each year NSW Health offers the vaccines recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council for adolescents as part of the school vaccination program.
    In 2017 the following vaccines will be offered to Year 7 students:
    • dTpa vaccine (Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis (whooping cough)) as a single dose
    • varicella vaccine (chickenpox) as a single dose; and
    • human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in a 3-dose schedule at 0, 2 and 6 months (students who commence HPV vaccination in Year 7 but do not complete the course may be offered catch-up doses at school in Year 8)
  • The camp at Fitzroy Falls was an amazing experience for not only the new Year 7 students but also for the staff. This was the first time the school camped at this site and the students were fortunate to have new tents when camping out at night. They enjoyed the wonderful activities that were on offer including abseiling, archery, camping out and damper making, mountain bike riding, archery, the giant swing, the Koori experience just to name a few.

     The Year 12 leaders were very mature and outstanding in their efforts to support students and staff throughout the camp experience. A big thank you to all the students.
    I would like to thank the fantastic staff who attended and completed most, if not all, the activities with the students. Firstly thanks to Sharon Cuneen for organising the camp, John Kennedy, Jon Sculthorpe, Lara Hasham, Thomas Lee, Emily Yong, Kate Crosby, Nina Sing, Tham Sivasothy, Yasmine Manzalji, Michelle Countinho, Michael O’Connell and Michael Talarico. We all had a tiring but fulfilling camp experience.

    All the photos from the Year 7 Camp have been uploaded onto the School's Facebook Page

  • Year 7 meet the teacher afternoon for parents/carers and students.

    Homebush Boys High School is hosting our annual Year 7 meet the teacher afternoon. This is an excellent opportunity for parents/carers to meet Year 7 teachers from every subject area and an opportunity to meet the Year 7 Advisor Ms Cuneen.

    Our aim is to provide an informal meet and greet session for all students, parents and Year 7 teachers, in a friendly environment where there is an opportunity to interact and provide educational information.

    When: Tuesday 28th February 2017

    Where: Around the Fig Tree Area

    Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm

    For more information please contact Mrs Paleothodoros Deputy Principal on 9764 3611 (Ext 103).


  • Homebush Boys High School "Challenge & Growth" Adventure Camp. Introduction to Outdoor Education Orientation Camp Year 7 - 2017

    Please click on the image for the full information letter.

    Venue: Fitzroy Falls Conference & Adventure Center

    Numer of Students: based on 170 Students & 20 Prefects

    Date: 15th - 17th Feb 2017

    Aim: Through the processes of Experiential Learning and using the Outdoors as a catalyst we aim to promote personal growth and group development  through the use of carefully controlled, challenging experiences. The  program is designed to develop a growing sense of competence in dealing  with the natural environment with a strong emphasis on safety. The program is challenging, combining physical and developmental activities  with the overall aim of enhancing the student's self-reliance, increasing their confidence in their own abilities and assisting them in learning to cooperate and work with others through controlled experiences.

    Using the outdoors creates a great learning environment with this in perspective we deliver our programs based on the following priorities;-

    •  SAFETY being aware of one’s own safety and the safety of other members in the group.
    • To offer an ENJOYABLE experience, to feel really good about "oneself" and being with "others" in the group.
    • NEW EXPERIENCES, which in turn lead in to Learning Experiences
    • TRANSFERRING the experience, APPLYING to everyday life