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  • Faculty: Modern History - Year 12 - Assessment Notice

    Due Date: Week 6, Term 1, Friday 8th March, 2019 (12MHA & 12MHB period 5 in room 68B, 12MHC period 3 in room 25)

    Syllabus Component: National Study - Germany

    Weighting: 25% 

    Length: 45 Minutes 

    Task Description: 

    1. The task is an extended, exposition response in the style of a National Studies – Option E: Japan 1904-1937 OR National Studies – Option F: Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1941 HSC question.
    2. 12MHA and 12MHB must complete the question on Option E: Japan 1904-1937. 12MHC must complete the question on Option F: Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1941.
    3. The question is NOT being given out in advance.
    4. There is NO choice of question provided.
  • The senior curriculum involves a degree of flexibility due to the introduction of before and after school classes and study lessons. It is vital that the school ensures the safety and wellbeing of all students so these procedures must be followed to enable the school to track the attendance of all Year 11 and 12 students.

    Our Safety, Learning and Respect matrix states clearly "Be at the right place at the right time".

    1. All students must carry their timetable and student identification card, and produce them for any staff member on request.
    2. Students must arrive promptly in the room indicated on their timetables, every lesson.
    3. Students must remain on school premises between timetabled lessons, including at recess or lunch. Students must NOT leave the school to go to Flemington or Homebush or visit their parked car.
    4. Dear Year 12 Students 2018,

      On Friday 14/12/18, we are going to hold an ATAR day event for your achievement. You are invited to come along to enjoy sausage sizzle with your teachers and peers from 10.30 am under the arches.

      R.S.V.P -  Mrs Blunden by Thursday 13/12/18.

      Look forward to seeing you all.

    5. On Tuesday 30th October, Mr Lee took School Captain, Charles McLean, Vice-Captain, Michael Lopes and Year 12 student Muhammad Malik to the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Darling Harbour for the International Metropolis Conference 2018. The conference is the only annual international event dedicated to migration, diversity and integration. At the conference, panel members Bassam Maaliki, Year 10 HBHS, Mehak Bokhari, School Captain BGHS and Ansar Hussain, School Captain Holroyd HS discussed their own school’s and individual campaign’s in regards to multiculturalism and racism in the school community after being announced by ex-Bushy Boy Ibrahim Taha. After discussing the topics, the floor was opened to the floor to discuss as a group and ask questions to the panel members.

    6. As many senior students prepare to leave school at the end of this year and embark on further education or a new career, a whole batch of students are preparing to join the ranks of the senior students next year.

      As students approach the senior years, they are expected to start taking more responsibility for their own learning. For many students part of this is a realisation that they need to do their schoolwork for their own sake, to keep options open for their own future – so they start to work for themselves, not just because their teacher or parent says they have to. Other students come to realise that in order to cope with the increased workload in the senior years, they need to work more efficiently at home and in the classroom, small changes like changing who students sit next to can make a big difference to how much work is completed in class.

      So for students who are commencing their senior studies next year, the final term this year is important in taking stock of your approach to school and your studies. Do you work well in the classroom? Who do you sit next to? What are your listening and research skills like? Do you have systems in place to manage your homework and assignments? Do you know how to study effectively and have you tried different study techniques?

    7. Year 12 sign out day is Wednesday 21st November 2018 - Period 1 to 4 in the School Hall.

      Please bring any books belonging to the school and a donation of any canned food for the Exodus Foundation. In lieu of a can a $2 donation will be accepted.

      School references will be issued from this day once the sign out form is complete and all outstanding fees are settled.

      All Donations go to THE EXODUS FOUNDATION to provide hundreds of nutritious free meals for disadvantaged and homeless Australians every day of the year.

      If you’re not in year 12 but wish to donate please give generously.

    8. There’s perhaps no better way to end the preliminary year than with the Prefect Camp. From the 23-25th of September, the newly elected Prefects of 2018-2019 were able to experience a well-developed leadership camp that was, to put simply, absolutely incredible. Our newly elected prefect body was fortunate enough to experience this incredibly educational and inspiring camp, which by the time we left, had a significant impact on each one of us.

      Photos from the camp can be found on the School's Facebook Photo Section.

      The camp was a great introduction into the task of maintaining a healthy school image and promoting the values of Homebush Boys to the community and beyond. We had accomplished this through a series of team building exercises that had challenged us at both individual and team levels. Throughout the course of the camp, it was prevalent that our prefect body was lacking in some team based areas. Camp coordinator, Ian Bradburn ‘Braddy’, helped us realise and work on our weaknesses while building a ‘Prefect Toolbox’ which had, by the time we completed the camp, displayed the various essential skills that we needed as a prefect body.

    9. After a rigorous and stringent democratic election processes: written applications, interviews, speeches and preferential voting system, Homebush Boys High School has finally found 20 honourable, upstanding, young men to lead the school community as Prefects in 2018-2019.

      On Tuesday 16th October 2018, these fine young men were inducted to lead the student body at Homebush Boy High School. I am confident that these wonderful and upright prefect body will further advance the good reputation of Homebush Boys High School through their positive and proactive actions and initiatives by upholding the team’s motto, “Keep HBHS Great!”

      A big congratulation goes to:

      • School Captain: Charles McLEAN
      • School Vice-Captain: Michael LOPES
      • Senior Prefect: Shahi UDDIN
      • Prefects:
        • Patrick Anderson
        • Tobias Buckley
        • Daniel Galassi
        • Andy Georgiou
        • Peter Gock
        • Sumedha Habakkala Hewage
        • Maaz Iqbal
        • Calvin Iturra
        • Zachary Jones
        • Felix Knight
        • Kajan Kari Kumaralingam
        • Chris Kwon
        • Neeraj Mirashi
        • Oliver Nicholls
        • Jay Park
        • Panayioti (Peter) Vlahos
        • Reilly Winch. 


    10. The HSC can be a stressful time for student and carers alike.

      This workshop focuses on what you, as a parent or carer, can do to support your teenager through the HSC.

      The session will be presented by parenting workers from ReachOut.com, to help you learn how to connect with your teen and assist them through the final year of school. 

      What: HSC Workshop for parents and carers

      When: Tuesday 11th September, 2018 - 6pm-7pm

      Where: Ashfield Service Center, Inner West Council, 260 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield, NSW 2131

      Registerations: Olivia Chung on (02) 97981700 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    11. HBHS’s annual Year 12 CAPA Night is this week, Thursday 6th of September.

      As always, this evening is a celebration of the hard work, dedication, persistence and, above all, creativity of our Students here at Homebush Boys.

      A collection of student Art works will be on display from 5:30pm and a performance showcase will commence at 6:00pm. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the evening.

      What: Year 12 Art Exhibition & Musical Performance

      When: Thursday, 6th Sepetember, 5:30pm

      Where: Homebush Boys High School, Hall

      All Welcome!

    12. Students in years 9-12 at HBHS have the opportunity to study a wide variety of languages not offered here at school, by studying with the state’s leading language educator via distance education with the NSW School of Languages, located at Petersham.

      The school offers 12 languages to students if the language is not offered at HBHS. The courses conform to NESA requirements and therefore can be studied as courses for completion of ROSA and the HSC.

      Languages available include: Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Modern Greek, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Courses are at Beginners, Continuers and Extension levels.

      Student learning is provided at HBHS during the regular school day and is supported through a diverse program of written materials, telephone lessons, online activities, email, face to face study days at the Petersham campus, excursions and even overseas tours.

    13. On Friday, the 15th June, 19 Year 12 Chemistry students had the opportunity to compete in the RACI titration competition at Sydney University. The competition involves titrating or mixing an acid with a base to determine the concentration of the unknown base, then using that value to titrate against an unknown concentration of acetic acid which is found in vinegar to accurately determine its concentration.

      Students work in groups of three and have only one and a half hours to complete the task. This year 108 school and 1341 students competed at different venues around the state.

      One team consisting of Rabie Asim, Faraj Suhaib and Vinh Phan state ranked 38 out of 420, equal with Knox Grammar. Two other teams ranked 85 and 86 out of 420.

      Congratulations to all the students who participated, remaining behind several afternoons building up their titration skills. We look forward to challenging more schools next year.

    14. On Thursday 26 July, Ms Ball’s Year 12 Standard English class attended the National Theatre of Great Britain’s highly acclaimed performance of ‘The Curious incident of a dog in the Night Time’.

      The performance was chosen as it was an interpretation of a novel, written by Mark Haddon, that the students enthusiastically studied  for Module B of their HSC course. The students thought the performance was incredibly well done as it was not only true to the novel but also utilised digital technology to bring the main character, Christopher’s, thoughts and fears to life on stage.

      At the close of the performance patrons who sat near the students told Ms. Ball how impressed they were with the school’s polite and attentive manner culminating in the perfect end to a wonderful excursion.

    15. The school’s PB4L Team has initiated awards that will reward students for effort. We all know about presentation days rightly recognising first place in every subject and each year group have a dux.

      Now every student will be able to be recognised for effort and application each semester. The awards are named after our school colours. A Blue Award recognises a student whose effort and application have been outstanding in every subject. A Maroon Award will be presented to a student whose effort and application are outstanding in all but one subject. The reports for each semester will determine these awards.

      The first formal assemblies were held for the Year 11 and Year 12 cohorts on Tuesday 3 July in the school hall. About half of the students in each cohort were rewarded for their consistent effort and application in semester 1. The students who received awards are listed below. Congratulations to all of them.

      The Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 assemblies will be held early term 2.

      As well, there is no reason why every student, in every grade, can’t receive one of these awards in semester 2!

    16. On Monday the 4th of June, a group of 40 students from years 10, 11 and 12 headed to the Trades Expo at the ICC at Darling Harbour. It was a day of exploring, understanding and observing of the different types of trades in the industry. We were given a chance to explore each trade throughout the day to learn more about the pathways we could pursue to. There were trade displays which ranged from automotive, carpentry, construction, electrician, plumbing, bricklaying, commercial cookery and many more. There were also representatives from TAFE  as they showed us pathways and discussed what they offer.

      The trades were showcased by many businesses which proved to be very insightful and interesting for us. The companies who were displaying their type of trade, also gave us an opportunity to experience hands on tasks.

    17. The Year 11 and 12 Parent and Teacher interviews are on Tuesday 5 June 2018 from 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm.

      Student reports will be available from the School Office from 3:20 pm.

      Teacher appointments can be made via Moodle. Please click on the image for the instructions on how to use the booking system. 

      Please encourage your son to log onto Moodle and book teacher appointments.

      Only booked appointments will be available to parents on the 5 June 2018.

      The School’s Korean and Middle Eastern liaison officers will be available to assist parents during this time.

      If you are unable to attend, student reports may be collected from the School Office only with written parental permission, from Wednesday 6 June 2018.

      Meeting Rooms for the day are as follows:

    18. On Friday afternoon Mr Albertson and I attended the Annual John Lincoln Young Australian Youth Awards Ceremony at Government House. At this very prestigious event Ibrahim Taha was presented with his award by Governor Hurley in the presence of Mrs Hurley. Ibrahim’s family were in attendance for this special occasion where on 26 students from the state were selected for this honour. Congratulations Ibrahim and thank you Mr Albertson for your nomination of Ibrahim.

    19. On the 30th of October, we had the unique and valuable opportunity to attend the National Young Leaders Day at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. Surrounded by around 1600 eager and ambitious leaders, we learned from 4 influential Australian speakers. They each gave their input about various aspects of leadership, and spoke about what being a leader means to them. There was also a very special appearance from a local youtube superstar, Karim Serhan.

      The first speaker, Gladys Berejiklian, emphasised the importance of being proud of where you came from, as she marvelled at how multicultural Sydney was. She taught us that being a leader involves being passionate about what you believe in, as well as being compassionate towards others. A key quote that really resonated with us was "focus on your goals, don't worry/waste time thinking about the opinions of others."

    20. On 21st of September, one of the most significant dates of 2017, joyful tears were shed between distinguished guests and proud family members as they witnessed the mesmerising and amazing scene of a plethora of mature young men finally graduating from their second home, Homebush Boys High School.

      The event incorporated a great variety of tearful and hilarious banter speeches from Yr 12’s adviser Ms Altundag AKA MUM OF CLASS 2017, Principal Mr Kennedy, Deputy Principals Ms Shadwick and Ms Paleothodoros, School Captain Zaki Ousmand, Vice Captain Ibrahim Taha, and Senior Prefect Levi Anderson Foster. 

    21. Congratulations to all the Prefects of 2017-2018. The student leaders have worked hard in their academic, sports, creative activities, outdoor education, responsibility in school and service learning. Furthermore, they have demonstrated excellence in their role of being responsible global citizens in wearing their school uniform with pride and taking responsibility for showing leadership and initiative in various school functions.

      Being a prefect means providing leadership to the student body in the school, assisting teachers with various duties like the canteen and front gate duties, assisting in the organisation and running of various functions and actively participating in the development of school spirit and pride and upholding the traditions and values of Homebush Boys High School.

      Prefects are to set an example at ALL times. They are ROLE MODELS to the rest of the school. Therefore they must uphold the HIGHEST standards at all times – Including uniform, adherence to school rules, effort, attendance, punctuality, attitude, respect, manners, motivation to work, taking initiatives etc.