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  • Year 11 & 12 - PT Interviews

    After a positive response from parents in 2020, Homebush Boys High School will again be conducting Year 11 & 12 Parent and Teacher Interviews via telephone this year.

    The Telephone Interviews have been scheduled for Tuesday 25 May, 2021 from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

    Your son’s Report will be available by Monday 24 May on the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal can be accessed through the school website. Once you have logged in to the Parent Portal, click on the link that says Year 11 or Year 12 Half Yearly Reports. Further instructions are available on the school’s website.

    Please make your booking with your son via Moodle (through the school website) using login details – “General” – “Parent & Teacher’s Interview” or by using the link below:



  • Year 12 - Business Studies - Assessment Notice

    Faculty: HSIE - Year 12 - Assessment Notice

    Due Date: As per school examination timetable

    Syllabus Outcomes: H3, H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, H10

    Weighting: 25%

    Task Description: Please Click on the Image for more information 

  • Winner Of Hospitality Work Placement Award

    Work Placement is a mandatory component of the Hospitality Kitchen Operations. Whilst Joshua was at his allocated work placement he was very impressive as he showed maturity and enthusiasm beyond his years. So much that he was offered casual employment and nominated for an award.

    As a result Joshua Chong from the HSC 2020 cohort won the award last week for the Hospitality Kitchen Operations category at the MWLP Work Placement Awards. There were many applicants but only one winner.

    Congratulations Joshua!


  • Presentation Day 2020 - Broadcast

    Our annual Presentation Day Assembly had to be held in a different form this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, we held five separate year assemblies between Tuesday 7th December and Thursday 10th December 2020 to celebrate the achievements of students from years 7-11. To enable parents, caregivers, and the community to share in the successes of the students at Homebush Boys High School this year, each year group assembly has been recorded and is available for viewing at the links below.
    Congratulations to all on their academic, sporting and extra-curricular achievements in 2020.
    Presentation Day Video Links - YouTube PlayList
  • Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

    Year 12 graduations are momentous occasions for students, parents, caregivers and the community. As you are aware, due to COVID restrictions to parents attending school events, we cannot have parents on site for our Year 12 Graduation Ceremony. To enable parents, caregivers and the community to share in the Year 12 Homebush Boys High School Graduation we are live streaming the Graduation Ceremony.
    Our Year 12 students will be graduating this Wednesday 14 October 2020. The Ceremony will commence at 10:00 am. We invite all Homebush Boys High School Year 12 families to virtually attend the Graduation ceremony by the live stream link below:

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKAKV08aKi4​

    Parents/Carers can access this link now and it will show a countdown to the date and time of the event. Parents/Carers are advised to login 15 minutes before 10:00 am on Wednesday to ensure that there are no connectivity issues.
    Following graduation, the recording will be available for those parents who can’t watch the graduation live, and for students to view. We will provide more details as soon as this is available after the event.

  • Year 12 Parent Teacher Interview

    In light of the COVID Pandemic restrictions, Homebush Boys High School will be conducting Year 12 Parent and Teacher Interviews via telephone or ZOOM.
    The Telephone/ZOOM Interviews have been scheduled for Tuesday 30 June 2020 from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.
    As of Thursday 11 June 2020, your son’s Report has been available on the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal can be accessed through the school website. To log in, you will be asked to enter your ID code. This is the code that was emailed to your nominated email account last year. Once you have logged in, click on the link that says Year 12 Half Yearly Reports. Further instructions are available on the school’s website.
    Students are required to make subject teacher bookings via Moodle (through the school website) using login details – “General” – “Parent & Teacher’s Interview” or by using the link below:
  • Year 12 Half-Yearly Reports

    Year 12 reports are now available through the Parent Portal. The Portal can be accessed through the school website. To log in, you will be asked to enter your ID code. This is the code that was emailed to your nominated email account last year. Once you have logged in, click on the link that says Year 12 Half Yearly Reports. If you have any problems accessing your child's report please contact the school on (02) 9764 3611.

    Please click on the image to see the full details


  • HSC Timetable Release for 2020 Exams

    The 2020 HSC written exam timetable was released for the 75,000 students sitting the exams this year.

    NESA Chief Executive Officer Paul Martin said the timetable would provide the certainty that students, teachers and parents have been looking for around the HSC.

    “Students have known that the HSC would be going ahead and this timetable provides the certainty many have been seeking about when their exams will take place,” Mr Martin said.

    “This timetable starts five days later giving students some extra time at school after the Autumn holiday period while keeping to the original timeframe for releasing results.

    “I want to reassure parents and students that the exams will be conducted in line with the expert health advice at the time of the exams, which are still five months away.”

  • ANU Digital Careers Expo

    Without a doubt, recent events have resulted in a lot of anxiety, particularly for young Australians.

    We wanted to get in touch as ANU will be exhibiting at Year13’s Digital Careers Expo in order to help youth navigate the transitional period from high school. With the outpouring of questions and concerns from youth, parents and teachers affected by the current situation, Year13 are bringing together schools, industry and associations on a 100% online platform.

    This Digital Careers Expo is up and running now, with the main events being hosted during National Careers Week, May 18-22 – all prior to ANU direct applications closing on 25 May. You can find out more at year13.com.au/expo.

  • UNSW Educators' Newsletter May 2020

    As we roll into the May edition of our Educators’ Monthly newsletter, we have a busy calendar of online events ahead. Our team will also be exhibiting as part of InspirED’s upcoming digital expos, beginning with the HSC & Beyond Virtual Careers Expo from the 27-31 May.

    We’re also introducing two new Media workshops for high schools as part of our interactive UNSWorkshops program, both of which can be delivered fully online or live-streamed to a classroom. Bookings for these workshops as well as our live-streamed UNSW presentations are available via our Careers Advisers Resources website.

  • HSC and Careers & Western Sydney Careers Expo 2020

    careers Expo 2020 logoA message from Tina Tollich the organiser of the Careers Expo.

    In response to requests from many teachers and to assist students and teachers as you navigate a full return to the classroom over the coming weeks I will be leaving the online video seminar program up on our HSC and Careers Expo website and the Western Sydney Careers Expo website until 30 June 2020. As many teachers have advised they will be planning classes around this high quality seminar program this will ensure you and your students can access this valuable information as and when you need it. Many more new videos have been added to the program in the last couple of weeks. Video seminars on each website are similar.

    These new videos include HSC subject seminars presented by NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and information from Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

  • Phoreal's Business Service Work Placement

    As many of you will know work placement is a mandatory component of many VET Courses. Most of our students will have a great experience at a local business, however Phoreal decided to challenge himself and found a resort called Emirates One and Only located in Lithgow. So he'd get up at the break of dawn each day to commute to his chosen destination.


    From there we can see that he did a range of activities from reception, to admin to getting exposure to the whole resort from what may seem like luxurious ventures. He has received glowing reviews whilst doing his Work Placement and we'd like to congratulate him for thinking outside the square, taking the risk and representing himself and the school so well. There could be something there for your Phoreal!


    Well done 

    Mrs Anton

  • Year 12 Advanced English - Interactive Workshop

    The works of Shakespeare were brought to life during the year 12 Advanced English interactive workshop of “The Tempest,” run by Bell Shakespeare. On the 25th of February, the Advanced English cohort gathered in the hall to experience an incursion like no other as we were actively and thoroughly engaged in discussion and debate about the Tempest.

    We partook in activities ranging from reading extracts from the play, assuming the roles of various characters, and closely examining the finer working of the play, such as the morality of characters. The interactive activities were entertaining and educational, teaching us a great deal about the final play of Shakespeare.

  • Years 7, 11 and 12 Embrace a Positive Mindset and Resilience

    Years 7, 11 and 12 participated in their first study skills presentation on Thursday 13/2 and Friday 14/2.

    Setting up for the final years of school with a positive and resilient mindset was the theme for our senior students, with the importance of SMART goal setting and developing a growth mindset towards achieving their fullest potential.

    Years 11 and 12 learned about the importance of how having a growth mindset can create life success. Many students have a fixed mindset because they believe that intelligence is fixed, that each person has a certain amount of intelligence. Students with fixed mindsets often find challenges threatening and see mistakes and disappointing results as upsetting.

    Successful people believe that failure is good. They see failure as a guide, a message about what to improve so that they can achieve their goals. Students with a growth mindset believe that intelligence can be cultivated through effort. They don’t expect to be geniuses, but they do believe that everyone can improve their abilities through learning, confronting challenges and perseverance.


  • Year 12 Clearance Day - 2019

    The Year 12 Clearance Day is on Friday 15 November 2019 from 11:30 am till 3:00 pm in the School Hall.

    Students are asked to return all textbooks and school resources as well as settle all outstanding school and subject specific fees.

    As in previous years, Homebush Boys High School continues to support the Exodus Foundation and students are asked to bring in a can of non-perishable food or a $2 donation as their contribution. Mr Madyski will be collecting all cans as he signs Year 12 students off all sporting fee commitments.

    In the words of a previous sports coordinator, Mr Tedford.....No Can, No Can DO!

    Year 12 References will be available for all students at the end of the clearance process.​

  • The National Young Leaders Conference

    On the 4th of November 2019, the 2019-2020 Prefect Team was privileged to attend the National Young Leader’s Day at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre to a plethora of inspirational and motivational speakers, who shared their successes and defeats through life and the lessons they learned from them.

    The first speaker, John Coutis was a living breathing example of resilience, self-discipline and determination. He spoke about the importance of parents and the paramount role they have in their children’s lives, and how we as the younger generation take what they do for granted. John further iterated the value of experience in shaping our individual and collective human experiences, saying that “Life is about getting out of your comfort zone.” John ended his speech by emphasising the importance of goal setting and the motivation they provide in times of hardship and the forward direction they put us on through our journey of life.

  • HBHS Prefect Camp - 2019

    Twenty amazing incumbent prefects 2019-2020 attended the HBHS Prefect Camp from Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th September 2019. The aim of the camp was to build the leadership capabilities of the student leaders through enhancements of their communication, interpersonal and organisational skills.

    Immediately stepping out of the bus, the boys began their team training whereby they eagerly participated in various mentally and physically challenging team training activities from 4 Corner Traverse, Great Escape, Pipeline, Leap of Faith and Traffic Jam to High Wire Challenge. The objectives of the activities were to build and empower students to be effective leaders by using problem solving and strategic planning skills. By participating in the activities, students learnt about team cooperation and communication with each other to create a cohesive Prefect Team. For example, the 4 Corner Traverse taught students to complete personal and team evaluation. Whereas the Leap of Faith activity encouraged students to make decisions in tough times. In all activities, the boys needed to work together to achieve the desired outcomes within the limited time and resources that were provided to each team. 

  • Year 12 Formal - 2019

    The Year 12 students are invited to attend the Year 12 2019 Formal on Tuesday, 12th November 2019. Please click here for the permission note

    Venue: Le Montage

    Address:38 Frazer Street, Lilyfield, NSW 2040

    Time:5:30pm for 6:00pm start

    Cost:The cost of the event is $125.00 per person and payment is due to the front office by Friday, 6th September, 2019

    The cost includes:

    • 5 hour event
    • Welcome mocktails
    • Executive chefs 3 - course banquet menu
    • Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages
    • Professional DJ with lighting and effects
    • Complementary onsite parking
    • Photo booth

    Students are required to make their own way to and from the venue.

    Students are allowed to bring a guest with them. The name of the guest must be given to Ms. Lakshmipathy or Ms. Cheung by Friday, 6 September, 2019

  • Year 12 Graduation Week Activities - 2019

    As we look towards the end of Term 3, the following key dates and activities have been planned for Year 12.

    2019 Year 12 Graduation Week Activities

    Year 12 students are invited to participate in the following activities during Graduation Week in Week 10. Please click here for the permission note

    Mon - 23 September 2019 - 10:10am
    Paintball (400 Shots & 1/2 Pizza) - $65.00
    Die Hard Paintbal (Turella)

    Tues - 24 September 2019 - 10:30am
    Bowling, Laser Tag & Arcage Games - $24.00
    Kingpin Bowling (N Strathfield)

    Wed - 25 September 2019 - 10:00am
    Picnic (Ball Games & BBQ) - $15.00
    Mcllwaine Park (Rhodes)

    Thurs - 26 September 2019 - 8:50am
    Graduation Day (Year 7-11 will finish school at 1:15pm)
    Homebush Boys High School

  • Western Sydney Careers Expo

    On Friday the 28th June, a number of staff had the pleasure of escorting our Year 12 students to the Western Sydney Career Expo at Olympic Park. The students were really keen to explore, research and investigate the careers that they will pursue in 2020. They did exactly that as they went into seminars, asked a lot of questions to Tertiary Institutions and took away a lot of useful information.

    The overall outcome was that the boys felt a sense of relief, accomplishment and at times overwhelmed as they're about to venture into their next major milestone. With that said the boys represented the school beautifully and we'd like to wish them well with their future pursuits.