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  • Work Ready Program & Student Induction

    Tuesday 27/3/18 all Year 11 VET Students
    P1 to P3
    The program is targeting all year 11 Vet students. It is a compulsory program. The students will develop all skills needed in the workplace, as they are having their work experience in different companies and organisations.
    This will enable them to be work ready and thrive whilst they are on their work placement.
    Any student who is absent on that day must report to Mrs Anton or Mr Abbou for a catch-up session.
    You will be familiarised with all of the paperwork essential to complete the VET course/s that you are enrolled in. You will receive a VET Pack which will have all of the necessary documents for you.
  • Academy Access Award

    Every year Western Sydney University offers The Academy Access Award to a future HSC student. The successful recipient for this award is Fawad Faheem. This will entitle him to an early entry, a conditional scholarship to the value of $20,000 and access to the academy, which is a leadership/mentoring program. This is a great accomplishment for our incoming school captain, and on behalf of the school we would like to congratulate him for achieving this milestone and wish him well for his future endeavours.

  • Year 11 - English - Writing Assessment Task

    Faculty: English - Year 11 (Standard & Advanced) - Writing Assessment Task

    Date:Term 1, Week 9, 28th March

    Syllabus Component:Writing (Imaginative writing and reflection)


    Task Description: 

    • Part A
      • Write your own imaginative text inspired by readings and ideas from this unit. 
      • Choose any form to write this task- e.g. short story, poetry, script for a short film or play, graphic novel, essay or speech.
      • The final imaginative text will be a maximum of 800 words (or less for poetry or graphic novel, by negotiation with teacher).
      • Your class teacher will monitor your drafting/writing process in an ongoing manner. You will also be required to submit to your teacher: a proposal (week 4), a plan (week 5) and a final draft (week 7).
      • The teacher will NOT make corrections or grade the piece but pose questions/suggestions to ensure you achieve your best.
    • Part B
      • You are also required to submit a 250 word (maximum) personal reflection on the nature and purpose of your imaginative text. In your reflection, you will need to:
        • Explain how your reading and writing experiences influenced your own imaginative text.
        • Assess and evaluate your choice of appropriate language conventions, stylistic features and form.
        • Reflect on the effectiveness of reaching your intended audience and achieving your purpose.
  • Our Time at The BMIHMS

    Three of us attended the 3 day career day at the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School to see the business side of the Hospitality industry. We were given the opportunity to go to this focus day & learn about how the school is run, the students’ lives & if you were to attend this school, what you would be doing. We were given valuable experiences on the environment of the campus, strict dress codes to get student ready for work, joining in on a revision lecture, we also participated in the various workshops such as events, coffee making, housekeeping, success coach and the tours of various hotel/restaurants.

  • Modern History Canberra Camp 2018

    In Week 9 of Term 4, 24 Modern History students attended the Canberra Camp. The focus of our learning was the detailed analysis of objects and displays at the Australian War Memorial. This added greatly to our understanding of conditions on the Western Front in World War I. We also completed an overview of Conflict in Europe during World War II, which was a great introduction to the HSC topic that will be studied next year.

    The group visited Parliament House on the day of the Same Sex Marriage vote in the House of Representatives and it was great to join in the excitement of many people who had campaigned for so long to achieve this legislative change, as well seeing some celebrities in the visitors’ gallery! We also toured Old Parliament House and learned of the history of this beautiful art deco building.

    I would like to acknowledge the Australian Government’s financial support of this trip via the PACER rebate scheme. The school received funding of $20 per student towards travel expenses.

  • UNSW Engineering

    On Wednesday the 25th of October, a selection of Homebush Boys High School students had the privilege to go to the University of NSW to attend the High School Information Day for Engineering.

    The coordinators of the prestigious event and university students gave us a very warm welcome as we entered the grounds. The organisers briefly discussed the major role of Engineering in our society and how it plays a major role in our daily lives whilst outlining the schedule for the day. As students, we were informed about the splendid campus of UNSW and its numerous engineering facilities and labs. After the terrific introduction, we were sent off to our first Engineering workshops of the day which gave us insights to specific fields of Engineering.

  • Chinese Excursion to Sinofield

    On 11 August 2017, 40 boys from Chinese 8E, 8G and Year 11 Chinese Beginners went on an excursion to Sinofield Chinese Centre, Blue Mountains.

    Sinofield is a non-profit organisation providing professional consultation and project management in school education and culture-oriented programs.

    It was warm and sunny when we left in the morning, however it was windy and cold in the Blue Mountains when we arrived at Sinofield after one and a half hours. However, all our students were very excited.

  • Conor Lehane Has Success Overseas!

    I am part of a male hip hop crew called STEPZ. We have performed together as a crew for the last 4 years. Last month, I travelled to Pasadena USA to compete with my hip hop crew to represent Australia in the World of Dance 2017 competition. Our dance performance placed 4th in the world out of 27 crews. There were 30 countries represented at this competition. It was an incredible moment and one I will never forget.


  • How can parents help during stressful assessment times?

    The valuable information below is from the ELES Study Skills handbook creator Dr Prue Salter. HBHS has subscribed to the handbook in 2017 to deliver ongoing study skills to our students in years 7 – 12. All students in Years 11 and 12 have access to the website. Students should see Ms Budanovic if they have lost their log in details.

    How can parents help during stressful assessment times?

    The second semester often heralds blocks of examinations or assessments for students. Some students cope well with the pressure and stress while others find it overwhelming. Of course, the more prepared students are, the less stress they are likely to experience. Encourage students to start their preparation for examinations and assessments early, in particular their study notes. If your student has examination blocks this semester, these tips will help you provide the support they need.

  • Year 11 VET Students - Work Ready Program

    Work Ready Program Reminder

    Tuesday 14th March 2017 all Year 11 VET students period 2 to period 4.

    The program is targeting all year 11 Vet students. It is a compulsory program. The students will develop all skills needed in the workplace, as they are having their work experience in different companies and organisations. This will enable them to be work ready and thrive whilst they are on their work placement. Any student who is absent on that day must report to Mrs Anton or Mr.Abbou for a catch-up session.

  • Year 11 - Initiatives for 2017

    This year’s Philosophy is ‘Preparing for life beyond school.”

    We wish you and your son a warm welcome to Year 11, 2017.

    My name is Ms June Su in the LOTE Department (languages other than English) the year 11 Adviser and Mrs Rita Zammit, also in LOTE, is the Assistant Adviser. Should you need to discuss any matters relating to your son’s wellbeing please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9764 3611, leave a message with your return phone number if we are in class and we will return your call as soon as possible.

    This year will be an even busier year for your sons in their academic endeavours, their sporting and extra-curricular commitments. Together we will ensure that it will be a fulfilling year and a happy one.

  • Adobe Masterclass

    This term our year 11 multimedia class were invited to attend a masterclass at the Adobe Offices in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Our teacher Ms Dorman and my fellow class-mates were taken on an extensive tour of the stunning Darling Harbour offices which encompassed the entirety of the 27th floor and offered incredible 360 degree views of the city. We were introduced to several of the employees and were shown their exciting work-spaces, which included old-school gaming arcades, soft drink dispensers and mini golf! After the tour we were taken into a high-end conference room called The Nambucca Training Room. Here we were taught the software program Adobe Muse by Brett Kent (Adobe Education Leader) as well as how to make a short video with Adobe Premiere Pro. The workshop was very relaxed and fun as students utilised new information whilst eating an infinite supply of some delicious complimentary muffins! Most importantly we acquired important skills which will aid us in developing dynamic major projects for our upcoming HSC. Overall the experience was informative and fun as students fully embraced their time at the Adobe Offices.

  • HBHS at the MUNA

    On Saturday 21st May, I was selected along with Wilfred Knight and Peter Koungoulos of Year 11 to participate in Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) at NSW Parliament House. It was organised by Rotary. It was an imitation of the real United Nations Assembly. There were 24 teams from different schools, each representing a nation in the world. We had the difficult task of representing the Russian Federation.

    We were given actual UN resolutions to debate and vote on. The resolutions were debated and each team had to formulate their allocated country’s stance on each resolution. There were two major resolutions: Status of Refugees and South China Sea. The general resolutions were about accessibility to water and banning plastic bags.

  • Strathfield Rotary Debate

    On Wednesday 6 April, the Homebush Boys HS Year 11 debating team competed against Santa Sabina for the Maurie Moroney Memorial Shield. This competition has been a tradition between schools in the Strathfield district since 1979. The debate was held at the Strathfield Golf course in the evening. Homebush have held the shield since 2013. Our team was comprised of Divik Nigam (first speaker), Amaan Ansari (second speaker) and Ibrahim Taha (third speaker).

    The topic focused on making Science a compulsory subject for the HSC. In a lively and relevant debate, the Homebush team gained the ascendency early as the affirmative team and presented some compelling arguments. The boys were decisive in taking the challenge to the opposition and more than held their own in all the exchanges.

  • Work Ready Program 2016

    Work Ready Program is on this Thursday 25/02/2016. The program is targeting all year 11 Vet students. It is a compulsory program. The students will develop all skills needed in the workplace, as they are having their work experience in different companies and organisations.
    This will enable them to be work ready and thrive whilst they are on their work placement.
    Any student who is absent on that day must report to Mrs Anton for a catch-up session.

  • Cross KLA Assessment at Homebush Boys

    Maze RunnerAssessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. Well-designed assessment is central to engaging students and this year's speaking assessment tasks did just that. Here are two exemplary speeches delivered this year by Cooper (7A) and Fawad (9A). A cross K.L.A project run by Ms. Ball, Mr Lai and his exceptional year 11 Multimedia class enabled students to utilise their skills to capture the wonderful speeches.

  • Homebush Boys Visits Sydney Adobe Office!

    Our talented Year 11 Multimedia students recently visited the Sydney Adobe Office for a tour of the grand office and a short film workshop using Adobe Creative Cloud tools (Premier Pro & After Effects). All of our students were stoked to tour the office in Darling Harbour, located on the 26th and 27th floor with a 360 degree view of the city! We also had the opportunity to meet and chat with some of the Adobe employees to gain a little more insight into what it was like to work there.

  • Work Experience at TMB

    ​Darren Tan and Diluxan Sukirthan, year 11 business and economic students, have spent the week working at Teachers Mutual Bank Homebush.
    Diluxan has been supporting the marketing department by researching the daily interest rates of other financial institutions.

    Darren is working in risk and compliance.
    He has been working through the companies policies and procedures along with many other tasks.

  • Work Experience at Westmead Hospital

    Westmead work experienceOn the 13th of July, Monday, instead of sleeping in, relishing the final day of the school holidays, Ben Ngyuen, Ashwin Surrendran, Dylan Tran, Nicholas Li and I, Jake Kim, were on the train to Westmead at 7:30am with bleary eyes. Feeling a mixture of worry and anticipation, we walked into Westmead Hospital where we would be “working” for a week, following nurses.

  • UWS Workshop

    Homebush Boys High School’s 2015 Study Skills Program, commenced in the first weeks of school.

    The Study Skills Program assists students with their educational endeavours.

    The Year 11 student program included a study skills session presentation by guest speaker, Associate Professor, Joanne Lind, from the University of Western Sydney. This complemented sessions conducted by Homebush Boys High School personnel.