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  • NSW School of Languages offers enrolment in the following languages:

    • Chinese
    • French
    • German
    • Indonesian
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Latin
    • Modern Greek
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Spanish

    NSW School of Languages caters for students in Years 9 to 12 who attend a NSW or ACT Government or non-Government school which does not offer one of the above languages. Any students in Years 8 or 10 wishing to enrol to study a language not offered at Homebush Boys High should see Ms Symonds in the History Staffroom for an enrolment application.
    Application closing date: 13th November 2019.

  • On the 23rd July 2019, a group of Year 9 and 10 students had the opportunity to visit the Sydney Startup Hub near Wynyard Station to attend a STEM course. The Startup Hub was filled with innovative people who were trying to start their own business with the help of professional business owners. These young owners had to find a niche market to launch their experimental ideas. The Startup Hub is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere and can occupy up to 2500 people.

    At the Sydney Startup Hub, we were given a lecture on starting up a business, career or job. The lecturers there were very thoughtful in educating us on what to do when we leave school or university. Following that, we were taken on a tour of the Sydney Startup Hub. At the hub, there we visited a coworking space called Fishburners. It is a non-for-profit organisation that is committed to creating startups in Australia which are got to do with technology. This is done through creativity, connection and collection to support. A generous university student gave us a tour of the Fishburners facility, explaining everything in detail and in a willingness to upskill young people. Following the fishburners, we visited the studio and cafe. At the studio, we got to visit a green screen and were told how it worked, we then visited a music production studio, one of the rooms were eerily quiet due to the acoustic studiofoam, and in the other room, all the sounds were heightened and made louder so that during production, all the singing and instruments are heard so that every aspect of the song is perfect. The studio also had its fair share of creators and new business owners.

  • Throughout the last couple of weeks we have had the pleasure of having Macquarie University Representatives present to our Year 10 students. They have inspired our students to look at post school options, regarding courses that they can pursue, scholarships to apply for and other schemes that will assist them achieve their career goals.

    Furthermore, MQU have not only been generous in their time but have been very accommodating in the sort of services that they have provided such as 1:1 consultations and are willing to work with our school to customize programs to suit our student's needs.

    On behalf of the school we’d like to thank the Student Recruitment Manager, Tristan Tulloch who was instrumental in making this happen. Also all of the student ambassadors who made multiple visits to our school and were exceptional in the support that they provided.

  • Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

    School resumes on:

    • Monday 22nd July - Staff Development Day (No Students)
    • Tuesday 23rd July - First Day Back Term 3


    The Year 9 and 10 Parent and Teacher interviews are on Thursday 25th July 2019 from 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm. Please click on read more to view the location of each faculty.

    Student reports will be available online through the Parent Portal from Tuesday 23rd July 2019.

    Teacher appointments can be made via Moodle. Please click on the image for instructions on how to use the booking system. 

    Please encourage your son to log onto Moodle and book teacher appointments.

    Only booked appointments will be available to parents on the 25th July 2019.

    Interpreter assistance will be provided on the night. Please email Emily Yong on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require an interpreter.

    If you have any further enquiries, please contact the school on 9764 3611.

  • There will be a Year 10 information evening regarding the subject selection process for students entering Year 11 in 2020.

    The evening will cover the process for transition of students into Year 11 and the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements. The explicit information provided will be about the subject selection process at Homebush Boys High School and NESA requirements. There will also be representatives from each faculty with information specific to particular courses offered in 2020. At the end of the NESA presentation, there will be an opportunity for questioning and meeting faculty representatives to further clarify any issues that may arise.

    Where: Homebush Boys High School Hall
    When:Monday 1st July 2019
    Time:Registration 6:00 - 6:30 pm (Presentations 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm)

    A subject information booklet will also be distributed on the night during registration, outlining the courses on offer to assist students in making informed decisions.

    This Subject Selection Evening is for students and parents. Students will participate in a one day workshop on Thursday 27th June 2019, to receive more detailed information about the courses being offered for Year 11 2020. Students and parents may opt in to be interviewed by a curriculum adviser before the subject choices are finalised and must return the slip below by Friday 21 June to Mr Achmad in the DP Office. Interviews will begin Term 2 Week 10.  

    If you have any enquiries in regards to this evening, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Achmad on 9764 3611.


  • To protect against outbreaks of infection, NSW Ministry of Health works with education authorities to offer the vaccines recommended for adolescents by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

    Information on the School Vaccination Program is available in 29 languages other than English and can be found at:

    Translated sample consent forms are included as a guide, however only original consent forms provided by the Public Health Unit should be used.

  • Business Day

    On a cold morning of the 21st May, a group of Year 10 students attended the business day at UNSW (Kensington campus) to experience what it was like to do business at university. There were many different schools attending from all over Sydney. We were greeted by a group of student ambassadors who directed us to the registration table. Soon after, we received a bag filled with UNSW merchandise (a journal, pen, water bottle, card holder that sticks to your phone and also can be used as a stand). After that we were directed into a lecture hall where the presentations began. Firstly, the Professor gave us a presentation about the introduction of what business was and the various courses involved. There were a couple of students who shared their experience with us about doing their degree at UNSW and why they chose UNSW.

    They presented us with a summary of different courses and the requirements for each course. We then split up into our allocated groups (based on the various fields of business we chose online) to attend our first workshop. The first workshop I did was about marketing. We split up into groups - consisting of I (Justin Lam), Merton Cheng, Michael Wang and Sudharshan Sundaramurthy - and we had to create a poster on a new invention that would convince the community to drink water and we had to present to the other group members. After that we had the opportunity to purchase lunch from the food court, must I say, the food their wasn’t half bad. Afterwards we were instructed to head back into the lecture hall and we had the chance to have a Q&A session with the panel (Current and past students) using online program called Slido. They presented us with very well and informative answers. We then headed to our final workshop, economics, and the professor gave us an introduction on economics, the theory behind it.

  • On October 29th, 11 students attended the Sydney Story Factory in Parramatta (A. Hossaini, L. Goyal, N. Michael, D. Heng, V. Vinayagamoorthy, Y. Thayaparan, L. Yunus, D. Krisnapalan, G. Deepa Kumar, D. Q Mai and B. Maaliki). This writing workshop provided the opportunity for students to engage in writing poetry and explain what it means to be human. Each student worked with a volunteer and created several poems which were read aloud and recorded to accompany a video of each students’ face. Each of their poems have also been compiled into a booklet for each student to keep. The poems and video were honest and creative, making me very proud as a teacher at Homebush Boys High School. Thanks again to the Sydney Story Factory for making this possible. Below are some of their reflections of the day.
    By Ms Yong

    Last year’s November was me scooping ice-cream straight out of a two-litre box and watching ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ non-stop. How pathetic was that?

    But this year started with a good note when our Sydney Story Excursion began. The newly erected centre in Parramatta beamed Tokyo-neon coolness. And because I was a hormonally instable 16-years-old kid, I was intrigued. Mr Short, our workshop’s facilitator welcomed us in. Not only so, the room was warmed with the help of a team of devoted volunteers (please remember me, Mr John in the green shirt that films professionally).

  • As many senior students prepare to leave school at the end of this year and embark on further education or a new career, a whole batch of students are preparing to join the ranks of the senior students next year.

    As students approach the senior years, they are expected to start taking more responsibility for their own learning. For many students part of this is a realisation that they need to do their schoolwork for their own sake, to keep options open for their own future – so they start to work for themselves, not just because their teacher or parent says they have to. Other students come to realise that in order to cope with the increased workload in the senior years, they need to work more efficiently at home and in the classroom, small changes like changing who students sit next to can make a big difference to how much work is completed in class.

    So for students who are commencing their senior studies next year, the final term this year is important in taking stock of your approach to school and your studies. Do you work well in the classroom? Who do you sit next to? What are your listening and research skills like? Do you have systems in place to manage your homework and assignments? Do you know how to study effectively and have you tried different study techniques?

  • On the last day of Term 3, the year 11 Advanced English cohort, accompanied by their teachers (Ms Yong, Ms Bonis and Ms Ball) watched a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the Pop Up Globe in the Entertainment Quarter. Our tickets were as ‘groundlings’, which are standing tickets in the pit below stage. While this meant standing over 2 hours we were definitely closer to the action. Performances at the Pop Up Globe are still running until December 1 and I thoroughly suggest you go experience the world of Shakespeare (https://popupglobe.com.au). The following pieces are reflections by the students of their educational, enjoyable and at times uncomfortable experiences.
    By Ms Yong


  • From Monday 22nd of October to Friday 26th, twenty Year Ten students volunteered their time and energy to support over 6,000 NSW school aged children who attended the 2018 Invictus Games as part of the Education Project.

    The Invictus Games are an international adaptive sports event for wounded, injured and ill active duty and veteran service personnel. This year saw over 500 competitors from 18 nations descend upon the Homebush precinct.

    The aim of the Education Project was to highlight the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding of and respect for those who serve their country. The visiting school groups were able to hear from motivational speakers, participate in sports and activities and of course view the competitors in various sports.

    During the daily programs the boys escorted groups to venues throughout Sydney Olympic Park. They also assisted the school groups as they participated in sports such as wheelchair basketball and seated volleyball. The boys were on hand to collect and distribute games passes, tickets and lunches and to assist with additional needs when required. They teamed with twenty volunteers from Strathfield Girls and began their day at 7:15 am. The official volunteer duties concluded at 2pm when visiting school groups completed their final activity.

  • The year 10 Boys did their spot on cooking challenge round in their food technology practicals with only two ingredients, " Bread & Eggs". The boys did their planning within 10 minutes and produced one dish. This task enabled students to manage their time and available resources in order to produce and display a food product. Students also focused on their planning, Hygiene and safe cooking methods. The task created interest among students and involved each and every student to participate and work cooperatively.

  • What is Moodle?
    Moodle is an online platform for the setting and completing of work by students, in their own time. At HBHS, this program has been set up to provide literacy and numeracy support for students, and is complemented by after-school Homework Help classes on two afternoons (Monday and Tuesday), for one hour after school, in the library. Year 8 students have been logged in to Moodle at school.  To access this support, they will need a computer/laptop connected to the internet at home; or, they can use library computers during Homework Help. A teacher will be present at Homework Help, to provide assistance and to record student attendance. In addition, all students have been given Moodle log-on instructions.

    What it is not
    Moodle literacy and numeracy support does not replace instruction in the classroom, and is in addition to normal homework. Students are advised to pay close attention to what they are taught in class, and to seek help from their classroom teachers, as needed. Work placed on Moodle is designed to give extra practice in literacy/numeracy skills which should already have been covered in class at some point, and which are vital for credentialing, further education and life beyond school.

  • Students now need to achieve minimum literacy and numeracy standards in order to gain a Higher School Certificate. The standards are in reading, writing and numeracy, and the first chance students have to show them will be in Year 10. From Year 10, students will have two chances each year to sit for on-line tests in reading, writing and numeracy. The tests will be done at school, under supervision. Once students have achieved the minimum standard in a particular area, they don’t have to take that test again.

    Students who don’t achieve the minimum standards will still be allowed to move to Year 11 and 12, and can still sit for their HSC. But, at the end of Year 12, they will receive a Record of Achievement, not the Higher School Certificate. Even though Year 9 NAPLAN can no longer be used to gain minimum standards, it is still a very good guide. And the standard is still about Band 7 or 8 in each of reading, writing and numeracy. Even before the minimum standards were introduced, this school had a strong focus on literacy and numeracy – and this is now being strengthened. The full program is summarised on the school website.

  • Students in years 9-12 at HBHS have the opportunity to study a wide variety of languages not offered here at school, by studying with the state’s leading language educator via distance education with the NSW School of Languages, located at Petersham.

    The school offers 12 languages to students if the language is not offered at HBHS. The courses conform to NESA requirements and therefore can be studied as courses for completion of ROSA and the HSC.

    Languages available include: Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Modern Greek, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Courses are at Beginners, Continuers and Extension levels.

    Student learning is provided at HBHS during the regular school day and is supported through a diverse program of written materials, telephone lessons, online activities, email, face to face study days at the Petersham campus, excursions and even overseas tours.

  • There will be an information evening regarding the subject selection process for the students going from year 8 into year 9 and students going from year 10 into year 11 in 2019.

    The evening will cover the process undergone for the transition of the students and the NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) requirements. The information given will be more about the subject selection process, rather than about specific subjects.

    Year 9 Subject Selection Details
    Where: Homebush Boys High School hall
    When: Tuesday 31 of July, 2018
    Time: Registration 4:30-5:00pm, Presentations 5:00-6:00pm

    Year 11 Subject Selection Details
    Where: Homebush Boys High School hall
    When: Tuesday 31 of July, 2018
    Time: Registration 6:00-6:30pm, Presentations 6:30-8:00pm

    A subject information booklet will also be handed out on the night to help in this decision.



  • The Year 9 and 10 Parent and Teacher interviews are on Thursday 26 July 2018 from 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm.

    Student reports will be available from the School Office from 3:30 pm.

    Teacher appointments can be made via Moodle. Please click on the image for instructions on how to use the booking system. 

    Please encourage your son to log onto Moodle and book teacher appointments.

    Only booked appointments will be available to parents on the 26 July 2018.

    The School’s Korean and Middle Eastern liaison officers will be available to assist parents during this time.

    If you are unable to attend, student reports may be collected from the School Office only with written parental permission, from Friday 27 July 2018.

    Meeting Rooms for the day are as follows:

  • On Friday the 15th of June, around 15 Year 10 students from Homebush Boys High School attended a “Discover Engineering Workshop" in Parramatta Marist High School. It was a good experience for the boys to learn about the different engineering courses that universities had to offer and what some of our students may be dealing with when it comes to choosing engineering as a career.

    The students competed in many activities with other schools,improving their teamwork and communication skills. Not only that, the boys had a fantastic time and a majority of them are certain that engineering will be their chosen career.

    The Year 10 boys’ most memorable activity in the workshop was creating a handicap leg stick tested on one of our students, “Rishabh Somani.” This activity really got the boys engaged and worked well as a team, and most importantly, as Bushy Boys.

    We’re very appreciative of this opportunity and we’d like to thank Mrs Anton for making this happen.

    By Harry Charania, Year 10

  • On Monday the 4th of June, a group of 40 students from years 10, 11 and 12 headed to the Trades Expo at the ICC at Darling Harbour. It was a day of exploring, understanding and observing of the different types of trades in the industry. We were given a chance to explore each trade throughout the day to learn more about the pathways we could pursue to. There were trade displays which ranged from automotive, carpentry, construction, electrician, plumbing, bricklaying, commercial cookery and many more. There were also representatives from TAFE  as they showed us pathways and discussed what they offer.

    The trades were showcased by many businesses which proved to be very insightful and interesting for us. The companies who were displaying their type of trade, also gave us an opportunity to experience hands on tasks.

  • In the last weeks of term 4 the Yr10 Visual Arts class embarked on a very ambitious mural project that looked at various artists that were an inspiration during the course of the last two years in both the art making and art studying of the subject.

    The students explored artists and specific artworks of interest throughout history from a range of different genres, cultures, ideas, techniques that included both male and female artists from traditional and contemporary periods of art history.