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  • Education Week is an annual celebration of NSW public education and the achievements of local schools and students. This year, Education Week runs from Monday 3 August to Friday 7 August and the theme is 'Learning together'. Our Education Week 2020 theme, 'Learning together', reflects an incredible year for NSW public school students, staff and parents, and the partnerships that have been strengthened in response. This Education Week, we embrace the achievements of our school and the role of all public schools as the cornerstone of our communities.
    At Homebush Boys High School, teachers and students are lifelong learners, collaborating in a positive learning environment to achieve their best. Learning together makes us stronger and when we collaborate, teachers and students can share ideas, learn to think critically and creatively, communicate ideas better and create something bigger and better, knowing they are part of a team. Technology enables learning together anywhere, any time. And this year this has been more important than ever. Our school staff are dedicated professionals who know, value and care for all students. During Education week we continue to celebrate the great learning that occurs everyday in our classrooms as we connect better and learn together to create a world of opportunities for our students.
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    Shortly SkillsOne will be taking our highly successful Parents Showcase digital, with our free video for parents due out on August 10 2020.

    The Skills and Thrills Digital Parents Showcase is an engaging and informative 20-minute video created to highlight vocational education and training (VET) and the success stories that emanate from VET pathways. The Digital Parents Showcase will help parents better understand vocational pathways, including apprenticeships/traineeships and school-based apprenticeships/ trainineeships and give parents the knowledge they need to help their children make informed career choices.

  • On Tuesday 21st July, first day back in Term 3, Homebush Boys will be having their annual school Photo Day. It is important for your son to attend this day, as his official school photo will be taken. All students must be in full school uniform. This includes a tie, correct coloured pants, black leather shoes and a clean button-up shirt.

    These photos are used to enter onto our school data system. Copies of these can be ordered by parents also. Your son has received an envelope to fill out and return to the front office by Tuesday 21st July if they are wanting copies of their individual, group or family photos. Please ensure that if you are wanting copies of any photographs taken, that these forms must be returned as soon as possible, prior to Photo Day.

    You are also able to order online. Please follow the instructions on the envelope and use the code provided.Envelopes can be picked up from the front office or the admin office and will also be available for students to pickup as they have their photos taken. There is a grace period of 7 days from 21/07/2020 for parents to still make orders online. Completed envelopes can be handed to the photographers tomorrow morning if parents did not want to order online. 

    Absent students will have a catch up photo day on Wednesday 29rd July.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the front office.

  • Have a safe and enjoyable holidays!

    School Resumes on: 

    Monday 20th July- Staff Development Day (NO Students)

    Tuesday 21st July - First day back for Term 3


    Please click on the image to enjoy the latest edition of our Bush Bulletin.

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    Note: If any parents are not receiving any emails please contact the school on (02) 9764 3611, to update contact details. 

  • As part of our celebration of Refugee Week at Homebush Boys High School, we hope to raise money for our most vulnerable in the world during this uncertain time. This is for students and teachers alike!

    Join a global community of over a million changemakers and make your next 5 km count!

    • Run, walk or ride 5 km.
    • Donate $5 to support the world’s most vulnerable.
    • Nominate 5 people to take on the challenge!
  • Please see the below information about lateness to school which is taken from the Homebush Boys HighSchool Attendance Policy. Please ensure that your children are attending school on time each day. This instils positive habits that they can take into tertiary study and their working lives.

    Lateness to School:

    • A student who arrives after 8:50 should report to the front office where they will be signed in to school. Late students who do not have a justified reason will be issued with a detention in room 9 during Lunch 1. Failure to attend this detention will result in an afternoon detention.
    • Repeated late arrivals to school may result in further disciplinary action by the Deputy Principals.
    • Any late student who does not sign in at the front office will be marked absent for the whole day.
    • Students who arrive late and do not have a late slip will not be admitted into class.
  • Please click on the image to enjoy the latest edition of our Bush Bulletin.

    For all the previous editions of the Bush Bulletin, click on the Bush Bulletin link in the Publications Box on the right-hand side of this page. 

    Note: If any parents are not receiving any emails please contact the school on (02) 9764 3611, to update contact details.

  • In line with the advice and practical guidelines provided by NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education, competitive contact sport or physical activity is restricted:

    • Inter-school sport competitions such as zone sport, state wide competitions and knockouts, gala days or inter-school carnivals are not permitted.
    • School carnivals such as athletics, cross country and swimming carnivals are not permitted.
    • Full contact and semi-contact sports are not permitted.

    With continued restrictions preventing external sporting providers from operating and due to limitations to onsite space and local sporting grounds, it is not possible for HBHS to run Wednesday sport.

    Students in Years 11 and 12 are encouraged to have a personalised physical activity program until we are able to resume our normal Wednesday sport program. They will be dismissed from school at 12:10pm to immediately make their way home and continue with their individual study program. Students will need to exit through the front gate between 12:10-12:30pm. If any Year 11 or 12 student would like to remain on school grounds to study in the Library, they will need to sign-in at the front office.

  • The Premier and Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning announced this week that all students will return to full time on-site teaching and learning from Monday 25th May (Week 5 Term 2). All school activities and operations will be in line with NSW Health advice.

    We look forward to welcoming all students back to school full time next week.

    I thank all staff, parents and students for the amazing effort and support during the last few weeks in a time of significant stress and uncertainty.

    From Monday, the primary mode of learning delivery will be face-to-face teaching, not on-line learning platforms. These platforms may still be used by teachers, but as an available tool, rather than as the primary mode.

    Schools are safe and open for full time face-to-face learning. School students do not need to follow physical distancing guidelines, but should follow good hygiene practices like:

    • Regularly washing hands
    • Avoiding sharing drinks or food
    • Coughing or sneezing into your elbow, or a tissue which should be discarded immediately
  • Students across NSW will be back in the classroom full-time from next Monday, 25 May.

    The success of the phased return to face to face teaching has demonstrated the education system and community are ready for school to come back full-time.

    Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell thanked school communities and parents for their patience during this difficult time.

    Ms Berejiklian said a return to full-time face to face teaching and learning is crucial for the education progress of every child in NSW from Kindergarten to Year 12.

    “Since starting a managed return to the classroom, we have seen a strong degree of confidence from our school communities in managing COVID-19 and a clear desire for all students to be back at school,” Ms Berejiklian said.

    “We expect schools to stick with the health advice – increased cleaning, access to hygiene supplies and compliance with hygience practices – and look forward to seeing all students back on campus five days a week.

  • HOLD THE DATE - Virtual BiG Day In

    Wed 20 May 2020
    @ 11.00am (AEST)

    Guest speakers:
    Dr Tim Kitchen, Adobe's Senior Education Specialist
    Genevieve Ash, Business Analyst TechnologyOne

  • Students begin partial return to school from 11 May 2020 in accordance with the plan announced by the NSW Premier of a phased resumption of normal schooling.

    This Information Booklet has been designed to give you important information and answer some questions you may have about the arrangements in Phase One. Click here or on the image for the information booklet. Information in the booklet includes:


    • Timetables for phase one
    • Department of Education information on the phases
    • Important information about school procedures during phase one
    • Frequently asked questions and answers.
    • Wellbeing Information.

    Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any further questions or queries about arrangements.

    As you know, students began a partial return to school today.

    All students need to bring their own device to continue their on-line learning whilst at school.

    Please ensure that your laptop is fully charged for the start of the day and bring your charger in case you need it.
    Students are reminded that mobile phones are not to be used whilst on school grounds.
    Students will continue their online lessons that have been created by their teachers and will be supervised in a classroom of no more than 15 students.

  • Safety

    Safety is a priority during the COVID 19 pandemic. Students will be expected to behave in a responsible way, which recognises the importance of protecting the health of themselves, their peers, and staff, who are at higher risk of COVID 19. A few teachers will be working from home due to higher levels of vulnerability to COVID 19.

    Students will be expected to:

    • Stay  home  when  unwell.  Parents  must  not  send  students  to  school  if  they  are feeling unwell. If a student is unwell during the school day, they will not be able to remain in the clinic. Parents will be expected to collect unwell students from school.
    • Assist in keeping classroom desks and school equipment clean as directed by the teacher
    • Engage in regular handwashing and sanitizing their hands, especially before eating during breaks
    • Not share drinks or food – bring a water bottle as bubblers will be out of action
    • Follow teacher’s direction about where to sit and staying safe distances apart at all times inside the classroom and in the playground.
    • Maintain  social  distancing  in  corridors  and  when  queuing  –  floor  markings  have  been created to assist.
    • Bring all their own equipment including pens, calculators, BYOD with charger, glue and anything else needed as there will be NO sharing amongst students or provided by staff
    • Cough  or  sneeze  into  their  elbows  if  necessary  to  avoid  spreading  infection.  Avoid touching face.
    • Use  soap,  sanitisers  and  other  health  items  in  a  responsible  manner  –  we encourage students to bring their own sanitiser.
    • Not participate in ball games during break times due to infection risk.
    • Come directly to school each morning, and after school go directly home – do not go home via the local shops or park

    If we all adhere to these guidelines we can be confident in this phased return to school. In addition, we have hand sanitisers in each classroom. Furthermore, additional cleaning is being undertaken with special attention to cleaning of desks, doorknobs, bathrooms and other surfaces.

    Students who do not adhere to these health and safety requirements will be reminded of our expectations and the school discipline procedures will be implemented.

  • Students in Years 7 to 11 will be required to attend one day per week during Phase 1, as outlined below:

    • Year 7students attend Monday
    • Year 8students attend Tuesday
    • Year 11students attend Wednesday
    • Year 9students attend Thursday
    • Year 10students attend Friday
    Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Year 7 8 11 9 10
    Group 12 12 12 12 12

    Timetables for Years 7-10, Year 11 and Year 12 during Phase 1

    Year 7 - 10
    8:50am - 9:00am Roll Call / Wellbeing
    9:00am - 9:55am Period 1
    Break (15 minutes)
    10:10am - 11:05am Period 2
    11:05am - 11:25am  Recess
    11:25am - 12:20pm Period 3
    Break (15 Minutes)
    12:35pm - 1:30pm Period 4
    1:30pm - 1:50pm Lunch 1
    1:50pm - 2:10pm Lunch 2
    2:10pm - 3:10pm Period 5
    Year 11
    8:45am - 8:55am Roll Call / Wellbeing
    8:55am - 9:45am Period 1
    9:45am - 10:35am Period 2
    10:35am - 10:55am  Recess
    10:55am - 11:45pm Period 3
    Break (5 minutes)
    11:50pm - 12:40pm Period 4
    12:40pm - 1:00pm Lunch 1
    1:00pm - 1:20pm Lunch 2
    1:20pm - 2:10pm Period 5
    Break (5 minutes)
    2:15pm - 3:10pm Period 6
    Year 12
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Period 0


    Period 0

    TBA Period 0 TBA Period 0 TBA Period 0 TBA
    RollCall 8:30-8:40
    Period 1 8:30-9:30 Period 1 8:30-9:30 Period 1 8:40-9:40 Period 1 8:30-9:30 Period 1 8:30-9:30
    Period 2 9:30-10:30 Period 2 9:30-10:30 Recess 9:40-10:00 Period 2 9:30-10:30 Period 2 9:30-10:30
    Recess 10:30-10:50 Recess 10:30-10:50 Period 2 10:00-11:00 Recess 10:30-10:50 Recess 10:30-10:50
    Period 3 10:50-11:50 Period 3 10:50-11:50 Period 3 11:00-12:00 Period 3 10:50-11:50 Period 3 10:50-11:50
    Period 4 11:50-12:50 Study Period 11:50-12:50 Lunch 1 12:00-12:15 Period 4 11:50-12:50 Period 4 11:50-12:50
    Lunch 1 12:50-1:05 Lunch 1 12:50-1:05 Lunch 2 12:15-12:30 Lunch 1 12:50-1:05 Lunch 1 12:50-1:05
    Lunch 2 1:05-1:20 Lunch 2 1:05-1:20 Period 4 12:30-1:30 Lunch 2 1:05-1:20 Lunch 2 1:05-1:20
    Period 5 1:20-2:20 Period 5 1:20-2:20 Period 5 1:30-2:30 Period 5 1:20-2:20 Period 5 1:20-2:20
    After School 2:20-3:20         After School 2:20-3:20 After School 2:20-3:20


  • Students begin partial return to school from 11 May 2020 in accordance with the plan announced by the NSW Premier of a phased resumption of normal schooling.
    The following arrangements will apply from the start of Week 3 of Term 2, Monday 11th May:
    • Year 12 will be required to attend school daily, and resume normal timetabled face-to-face classes. To cater for COVID-19 recommendations;
      • The school will introduce alternate start, break and finish times for Year 12 to minimise interaction between students in different Years. The Year 12 day will start at 8:30 amand finish at 2:20pm. A timetable with the altered Phase 1 times is attached.
      • Students studying Extension Classes, Hospitality, IT Timber or Construction will be notified of external class times by their teachers this week.
    • Students in Years 7 to 11 will be required to attend one day per week during Phase 1, as outlined below:
      • Year 7students attend Monday
      • Year 8students attend Tuesday
      • Year 11students attend Wednesday
      • Year 9students attend Thursday
      • Year 10students attend Friday
    Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Year 7 8 11 9 10
    Group 12 12 12 12 12


    • On the day that students in Years 7 to 10 attend school, they will be supervised in small class groups by a teacher as they complete their online study program for that day. Students will not be pleased in their normal classes. They will not have face to face teaching lessons in any subject. They will be in rooms with a maximum of 15 students as per guidelines provided on social distancing for schools. They will remain in the same group in the same room for the day, with breaks between each period. They will have a teacher each period to check in on their wellbeing and their ability to access and participate in their online learning programs. They will have an opportunity to reconnect with peers and friends.
    • Year 11 students attend school on Wednesday, they will be following a 6-period timetable, covering each of their subjects. The class teacher will be present with their class unlessthe teacher is unable to attend school on the day. A timetable with revised times for the day is provided on the next page.
    • Parents who keep their son/s at home should contact the school to explain the absence. Students learning from home will be marked as Flexible Learning on the roll, this is not counted as an absence.
  • School operations - Updated advice to parents and carers - 23 March 2020

    Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 April 2020 have been designated as staff development days to assist staff in catering for students learning from home. 

    Term 2 will begin as it finished in Term 1. The majority of NSW students will be learning from home. Schools will be open and operational for students that need to attend but where practical, parents are encouraged to keep their children at home.

    Teachers will plan the same learning for students at school and at home.

    From week three of Term 2, we will begin a managed return to school. The Premier and Minister for Education have announced a phased operating model for NSW schools during COVID-19. The new model will see students being reintroduced to some face-to-face learning on campus starting from week 3.

    More information on the new model and operational changes will be provided to teachers, parents and students before Week 3 of Term 2 begins to let you know the plan for the remainder of the term.

    Supporting continuity of learning for all students

    Our staff have been working hard to develop a suite of learning resources and options for students to undertake from home. The Department has developed and will continue to develop resources and offer professional learning to help teachers with this task. Whether your child is at school or at home, the aim is for all students to access the consistent learning content provided by our school. This may mean sending work home, either with physical materials or by email, or by making use of one of our online platforms at our school.

    Support for students at home

    I encourage you to access the Learning from Home resource which provides practical advice to parents and carers on how to best create and support a productive learning environment in the home.


  • NSW school students will gradually transition back to the classroom during Term 2 as the Government continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell outlined the plan for students attending NSW public schools to progressively return to face-to-face learning in week three of Term 2.
    Ms Berejiklian said health advice continues to be that schools remain open, and parents, teachers and students can be confident that school is a safe place.
    “We are grateful to all families who kept their children home from school at the end of Term 1 and to teachers who worked tirelessly to deliver education online,” Ms Berejiklian said.
  • The School counselling service is available to all students during school hours in Term 2. School counsellors can be contacted to schedule appointments during these times by telephoning the school. In an emergency please call 000.

    Excellent telephone and online services available for students and parents outside of school hours include:-