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  • School Zones (School zones operate between 8-9.30am and 2.30-4.00pm during school term. A speed limit of 40km/h as well as increased fines and demerit points apply during these hours)

    • No Stopping
      • Stopping is not permitted at any time.
      • Dropping off or picking up passengers is not permitted.
      • Minimum penalty $337 and 2 demerit points.
    • No Parking
      • Drivers may stop to drop off or pick up passengers for a maximum of 2 minutes.
      • Diver must remain in or within 3 metres of vehicle.
      • Vehicle must not be left unattended.
      • Minimum penalty $187 and 2 demerit points.
    • Bus Zone
      • Stopping is not permitted in a bus zone during times of operation.
      • Minimum penalty $337 and 2 demerit points.
    • Double Parking
      • Stopping next to legally parked vehicles is not permitted.
      • Minimum penalty $337 and 2 demerit points.
    • Driveways
      • Do not park across, or on a driveway or any other vehicle access.
      • Minimum penalty $337 and 2 demerit points.
    • Mobile Phones
      • It is illegal to use mobile phones while driving.
      • $448 penalty and 4 demerit points.
  • Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

    School Resumes:Monday 15th October, 2018


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  • The Australian Training Company is offering students an opportunity to explore their career options and find their path to success. Australian Training Company is holding 3 Recruitment Days/Information Sessions for anyone interested in completing an apprenticeship or traineeship.

    When: 27th September 2018, 14th November 2018 & 23rd January 2019 (All sessions start at 9:30am)

    Where: 30-32 Pomeroy Street Homebush

    To attend a session please register at https://goo.gl/forms/oJzUG2FyPwbQXTJo1


  • Master Builders Association is holding a Pre-Apprenticeship Program Information Evening. The information evening will provide students with information about the Master Builders pre-apprenticeship programs, course dates and careers in the building and construction industry. Students, careers advisers, parents and guardians are encouraged to attend to learn about pre-apprenticeship programs. Find out if the trade is right for you before commencing an apprenticeship or traineeship.

    When: Tuesday 25th September 2018

    Where: Master Builders Education Centre at Baulkham Hills (5 Burbank Place, Baulkham Hills)

    To book a seat, please register on Master Builders website at 
    http://www.mbansw.asn.au/Services/Apprenticeships/Pre-Apprenticeship-Program/ or call (02) 8586 3533 if you have any questions.

    To view their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mbanswapprenticeship/



  • Homebush Boys High School library is now open for an hour after school on Mondays and Tuesdays as part of the Homework Help initiative. Students are invited to make use of this resource and are able to receive assistance with their assessment tasks and homework from 3:10 to 4:10 pm.

    There will be a teacher on duty to supervise and assist students with their work and all students will have access to a computer and printer.

    The after-hours literacy/speed reading program run by Ms Edwards has also been relocated to the library and students are encouraged to attend during the above times in order to improve their reading speed, vocabulary and comprehension skills. This program also runs before school on Thursdays. For more information about the speed reading program please see Ms Edwards.


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  • Activity: Chess Coaching at HBHS
    These classes begin with an interactive lesson using a hanging demonstration board or an electronic chessboard. Children are then given the opportunity to play games against each other, putting newly learned strategies into practice, and receive feedback from the teacher. As the term progresses and the children become proficient in all the basics, the lessions will move on to more complex ideas such as opening traps, tactics, planning and calculating many moves ahead.

    Time: Thursdays (3:20pm to 4:20pm)

    Venue: Room 52 in school

    Coaches: Sydney academy of chess

    Cost: $90.00 per term

    For more information and return slip please click on the image. 

  • Homebush Boys High school participated in the ICAS Science test in Term 2 this year. This is an initiative of UNSW Global Assessments and this test is conducted in over 20 countries globally. About ninety students from various Year groups participated in this reputed test and HBHS boys achieve very promising results.

    This includes 2 High Distinctions, 1 Distinction, 18 Credits and 19 Merits. We congratulate the HBHS community on this great success this year. I would like to thank Ms L Mathur for her efforts in orgainsing this test.

    Following is the list of our achievers:

    • Kevin Duong Year 10 (High distinction)
    • Billy Leask Year 10 (High Distinction)
    • Elias Soovoroff - Year 10 (Distinction)
  • Yr 12

    • Gaurav Bagale
    • Eric Duong
    • Yazen Hasssan
    • Ren Hong
    • Delarn Rajaratnam
    • Wendong Zheng

    Yr 11

    • Calvin Iturra
    • Hari Kumaralingam
    • Michael Lopes
    • Charles McLean
    • Shahi Uddin

    Yr 10

    • Ahmad Alameddine
    • Bassam Maaliki
    • Tom Nieser
    • Zain Ousmand
    • Jason Qian

    Yr 9

    • Daniel Aaron
    • Haren Kumaralingam
    • Ishu Rawat
    • Sudharshan Sundaramurthy

    Yr 8

    • Rafic Fayad
    • Anargyros Kallos
    • Vasanth Kumaralingam
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  • We recognise that a student’s ability to:

    • read, and understand what he reads;

    • write clearly and effectively; and

    • use numbers accurately and confidently

    will determine his school results, career choices and life opportunities. In all subjects, teaching programs will incorporate these skills.

    As well, the school is currently considering a number of programs to specifically and explicitly support literacy and numeracy. As these are commenced, parents will be advised of details.

    Homework Help after-school tutoring

    For several afternoons per week, after-school literacy and numeracy tutoring will be available in the school Library, with access to computers and online facilities.
    The sessions will run for at least an hour after school, with a qualified teacher.

    On-line literacy/numeracy tutoring program

    Mainly for Year 8 and 9, this is a program of additional literacy and numeracy skills exercises, which can be accessed by students via computer in their homes or in the school Library.
    A school administrator will post new work each week, which must be completed and returned by students.
    All work will be graded, returned to students, and answers posted to the previous week’s exercises.
    These skill exercises will provide great preparation for the Year 9 NAPLAN tests, and for HSC minimum-standards tests.

    Literacy/numeracy tracking program

    A central tracking system will keep track of all data coming in from literacy and numeracy programs, and seek to ensure that no student “falls through the cracks”.
    As it comes in, the data will be monitored and responded to, to ensure timely intervention in the case of problems or difficulties experienced by students.
    School tracking will also include students who have already attempted the NAPLAN or minimum-standards tests, but have not yet achieved proficiency.

    Performance at the top end

    To perform at the highest levels, students need to combine writing skills with skills of analysis, interpretation and evaluation.
    So, at senior levels especially, all students and staff will be trained in ALARM – a package which improves access to the highest bands of HSC achievement.
    Our students are thus equipped to achieve their absolute personal best at the most important stage of all.

    School communication, publications and internal assessment

    The school will produce a literacy/numeracy Handbook for distribution to Year 8 students.
    This handbook will contain summaries, hints, advice and examples to assist students to fine-tune their literacy/numeracy skills, and to prepare for assessment.
    Internal assessment will also be conducted in the period prior to the NAPLAN tests, to prepare students for authentic test conditions, and to gauge their readiness.
    Parents will be kept informed about programs at the school, and their son’s progress, via public meetings, letters and text messages.

    All our programs are based on:

    • training of staff and students;

    • high-quality teaching resources, which deliver on essential literacy, numeracy and thinking skills;

    • gathering and analysing critical information about progress, giving support where it is needed, and keeping parents informed;

    • high expectations of parent support and involvement, and students taking responsibility for their own learning.

    At HBHS

    There is no greater priority than this.


    For further information about our programs
    Call the school Ph: 9764-3611, and ask to speak to Mr Bawden (Literacy/Numeracy Support Person, Mon/Tues).

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  • The prefect body has been extremely busy this term, kicking off with our first meeting on Tuesday the 1st of May. Throughout the term, we have planned and undertaken many initiatives both within the school and abroad.

    During the April school holidays, many prefects were involved in attending ANZAC services to remember and commemorate all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in wars, conflict and peacekeeping operations.

    Alfred and I attended the Homebush ANZAC Service on Sunday the 22nd of April commemorative wreath, and the majority of the prefect body attended the Burwood RSL ANZAC Dawn Service on the 25th of April and laid a commemorative wreath at the Burwood War Memorial Arch.

    Moreover, our school Captain Fawad Faheem, Vice-Captain Christopher Kadamani and Senior Prefect Ethan Tiah marched in the city with the Drum Corps. Thanks to all those prefects who sacrificed their time to represent Homebush Boys High School.

  • In the the weeks leading up to our Multicultural Day festivities many boys got busy with their pens and entered a competition to produce the best poem to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our school community. The winners were presented with their prizes on the last day of term. They have proven that a skill with words not only lifts our spirits, but it can also bring tangible rewards! One hundred and thirty five dollars worth of prizes were distributed; there will be more opportunities for boys to exercise their pens for profit later in the year. Given the standard of entries for this competition the English department are in a frenzy of expectation about the next competition!

    Congratulations to Eli Mansfield and William Knight who shared first prize. You can read their work, and see photos from the beautiful readings of the poems given on Multicultural Day. Congratulations to Darshan Neshabalan, Mohammed Hamza, Anargyros Kallos and Jay Silva who also won prizes. Many thanks to Avi Carleton and Billal Hassanzai for their beautiful readings on Multicultural Day.

  • Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

    School Resumes on:

    • Monday 23rd July - Staff Development Day (No Students)
    • Tuesday 24th July - First Day Back Term 3


    At Homebush Boys High School we set high standards for our students and their achievement at school. An important part of this is attending school regularly and on time. In an effort to correct the behaviour of a small number of students attending school late we have put in place a new procedure.

    If a student attends school late with no acceptable explanation, they will receive a lunch time detention on the same day. In line with our school’s behaviour policy, failure to attend that detention will result in a further consequence which in this case will be an after school detention.

    Hopefully this will instil positive habits that our students can take into the workforce.


  • Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability

    Fact sheet for Parents and Carers

    All Government and non-Government schools across Australia are required to participate annually in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). All Australian schools will collect data on their students who are receiving adjustments to meet additional learning and support needs in accordance with their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and Disability Standards for Education 2005. This data will be provided to the Australian Government to assist in the development of a consistent, national picture of the education needs of students with disability.

    Please click on the image for the full newsletter. 

  • The aim of the night is to present information to parents and students on the alternative pathways available. By understanding the options available to your son/s, he will hopefully be able to make the correct decision in relation to his post schooling and have a successful career. The benefits of exploring these alternative pathways will increase your son/s employability skills and get them ready for the workforce.

    Date:Tuesday 3rd of July 

    Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

    Location: Room 26 - 27

    Please RSVP as soon as you get this letter by signing and having your son return the RSVP slip to either Ms Anton or Mr D Carrozza.

  • This week Homebush Boys High School has celebrated Refugee week in many ways. We believe everyone has the right to live safely and be treated with respect, regardless of their background.

    The Social Justice Club have initiated several activities this week. Duy Quang Mai and Ben Jorgensen have designed lessons which were delivered during roll call by teachers. These lessons focused on creating awareness about refugees and how we can best create positive change. Within these lessons year 7 students and Mr Desovki made a Refugee Week video which aims to show how Homebush Boys High School supports refugees.

    On Tuesday 26th June Mrs Lipi Mathur from the Science Faculty held a food stall selling food to raise awareness about the challenges refugees face, especially when it comes to their diet. Her tremendous efforts along with members of the Social Justice Club raised hundreds of dollars which will be donated to the charity Act for Peace.

  • On Wednesday 20th June, eleven students as members of the SRC or Social Justice Club, along with Mr Lee, went to Burwood Girls High School to take part in the Refugee Week Forum; “You Can't Ask That.” Burwood Girls had invited three refugees from various countries who now live in Australia along with a Refugee Case Worker who works to seek justice for refugees. The four guests who spoke shared their stories, explaining the hardships and adversity they have experienced and witnessed.

    Similar to the ABC show “Q and A” preselected questions written by Burwood Girls students were read out and any of the four guests could respond and answer. The questions asked included the benefits of moving to Australia, the hardships of moving to Australia (such as racism, or the dangerous journey), the reason for them fleeing their country and there were many more.

  • Years 7-12 have participated in a variety of targeted sessions in Semester One that addressed their study skills issues and concerns and enabled students to learn new ways to improve their results at school. In 2018 we have continued to deliver the quality study skills handbook by Enhanced Learning which we subscribed to for the first time in 2017.  This program provides a comprehensive guide as to the study skills needed for success in high school, with modules such as Time Management, Managing Workload, Avoiding Procrastination, Working better at Home and Preparing for Exam Blocks. Student Wellbeing is a strong focus in the ELES Study Skills Handbook, with units providing advice on lifestyle and balance, managing stress and how to stay motivated, which was of particular interest to Year 12 in their study skills session earlier this term.