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  • McCain Lecture

    On the 30th of May, United States Senator John McCain gave a lecture at the State Library. Two boys from Year 10, Leon Burfield and William Ma, went along with Mr Wilson to listen to Senator McCain’s lecture. The security at the state library was tight with many prominent politician figures such as former Prime Ministers John Howard and Bob Hawke attending the lecture.

    Senator McCain was introduced by the NSW Premier, the Honourable Gladys Berejiklian where she praised the trade and investment relationship between the United States and Australia. Senator McCain gave a half-hour lecture with topics spanning from the increase in Chinese influence in the region and Australia’s alliance with the United States. The main points on his speech are to guarantee the Australian people that America will not embrace isolationism and that it will continue the security relationship between the two states. In his speech he touched upon the growing threat of the North Korean Missile program. China’s growing influence in the Asia Pacific region is keynote in his lecture where he criticized China for using its influence in trade and investment “as a tool to coerce its neighbours.”

  • Year 10 Subject Selection Evening

    Parents of year 10 are invited to the 2018 Stage 6 Subject Selection Evening on Thursday 8th June. The evening will provide an outline of the Stage 6 subject selection process and requirements. Each faculty will provide a short presentation regarding their courses and parents will be given the opportunity to ask questions to the faculty representatives. A booklet containing course information will be distributed to each family.

    What: Stage 6 Subject Selection Evening
    Who: Parents of Year 10 2017
    When: Thursday 8th June 2017
    Time: 5.30pm- 8.30pm
    Where: Homebush Boys HS Hall 

  • Kirribilli Café

    During Term 1, a group of Homebush Boy High School Year 10 students consisted of Patrick Anderson, Nathan Au, Bryan Dao, Justin Thai, Victor Lam, Eric Su, Jay Klaithin and Joshua Ung travelled to Kirribilli Neighbourhood centre at Milsons Point to work at a café as a part of Youth Taster Program, connected with TAFE.

    When we arrived we would be split into 2 teams. One which worked in the kitchen and the other that did drinks or serving the public. During the end of the day we would help pack up and get everything ready for the next set of students to arrive on Tuesday.

    During the course we were challenged to do various tasks that are applicable to working in a normal café. Such tasks included working as a waiter, cooking in the kitchen to prepare food and putting our barista skills into practice by making many hot beverages.  

  • Engineering Day

    On Friday, the 17th of March, a group of Year10 students from Homebush Boys High School went to Chatswood High School for the Discovering Engineering course, organised by Engineers Australia. We met up at Strathfield Train station at 7am and caught the 7:20 train to Chatswood, we arrived at approximately 8:00 and we departed the train station for Chatswood High School at around 8:30 and we were guided by a student from Chatswood High School.

  • Sydney Jewish Museum Excursion

    On Monday 12th December, year 10 Elective History visited the Sydney Jewish Museum for an excursion as a part of their study of the Holocaust. The students met a holocaust survivor, Olga, aged 92, who shared her experiences at the concentration camp at Auschwitz. It was an emotional experience as she told us how Jewish people were persecuted in Europe and how she lost her family. She wanted to teach us that hate is a very strong word and we need to be more accepting of each other. We also looked at a temporary exhibition of letters that were sent to loved ones during the war and an exhibition on Anne Frank. It was a very moving experience and the students found it very emotional and educational. 

  • Human Diseases Museum visit

    As part of the transition into Stage 6 PDHPE, a select group of year 10 students made the trip to UNSW to visit the Museum of Human Diseases.

    Once there, the students were treated to an introduction like no other. After an explanation of the role of the museum, a few case studies were examined regarding human diseases. The finger of a man who died from Melanoma was passed around (in a case), followed by a plaque-clogged artery of a 47 year old smoker. The boys held up well to these confronting specimens.

    The next two hours were spent by the group moving around the museum answering questions to a quiz on their phones. The interactivity allowed the boys to view and learn about a variety of diseases and conditions ranging from Diabetes, Heart Disease and Tuberculosis through to genetic disorders and victims of foul play. The specimens all came from people who kindly donated their bodies to science.

  • UNSW Engineering - High School Info Day

    On Thursday the 27th of October, a group of HBHS students, Justin Yuen, Siddharth Satyavolu, Keegan Wong, Victor Tang, Shamik Patel, Alfred Zhang, Leon Salsiccia, Sreekanth Didugu, Pranavan Thiruchenthilrajan, Khushal Dogra, Nicholas Li and Dylan Tran went to UNSW University to attend the High School Information Day for Engineering.

    The coordinator of the event and university students gave us a warm welcome. The coordinator briefly discussed the major role of Engineering in our society whilst outlining the schedule for the day. After this introduction we were sent off to our first Engineering workshop which gave us an insight to a specific field of Engineering.

  • Year 10 U Day

    On 26th October of 2016 a group of students including myself have taken the opportunity to visit Western Sydney University and have an experience of what university life was like.

    Everyone had acted very responsibly and represented the bushy body spirit throughout the day despite the fact we were unsupervised. It wasn’t only us but there were several hundreds of students from other schools who also attended the event.

    Thanks to Mrs. Anton who had presented us with this fantastic opportunity we have had a great day and learnt a great deal of knowledge. We started of the day a bit late however. The driver wanted all the students to be safe on the motor way through the heavy traffic. Despite that thanks to him we reached the venue safely without a scratch.

  • Australian Business Week - Term 4 - Week 8

    We’re celebrating Australian Business Week during Week 8, Term 4. The program involves a group of Year 10 students in a business simulation program over a one week period. This year, we’re running the ABW program in conjunction with Strathfield Girls High School. Various parts of the program will be held at: Strathfield Girls High School. The program will be held in Week 8, Term 4: Monday 28th Nov to Friday 2nd Dec 2016. Please note that due to limited space available at Strathfield Girls High School’s hall, only 50 boys from Homebush Boys High School can participate in the program.

    The ABW program is designed to encourage independent and cooperative learning skills, and to develop an enterprise mindset prior to proceeding to further study or entering the workforce. It exposes students to coping with deadlines and developing effective time management, both major issues that impact on students in the Preliminary and HSC years of high school as well as in the workplace.

  • Father and Son Evening

    Homebush Boys is looking to support the strengthening of relationships not only between our boys and their fathers, but also between their fathers and the school.

    We are holding an introductory event that will be a pre-cursor to a more extensive program for the future.

    What: An evening of welcoming our fathers into the school community
    When: Thursday 11th August 2016 – 6pm
    Where: Homebush Boys High School hall
    Who: Fathers and father-figures (uncles, grandfathers, older brothers) of our year 9 and 10 students
    Cost: Free

    The evening will comprise of guest speakers from a variety of cultural backgrounds and will be followed with refreshments. The evening will provide you with an opportunity to make a connection with the school away from the regular meetings.

  • Year 10 Subject Selection Evening

    There will be a Year 10 information evening regarding the subject selection process for students entering Year 11 in 2017.

    The evening will cover the process for transition of students into Year 11 and the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) requirements. The explicit information provided will be about the subject selection process at Homebush Boys High School, Timeline, BOSTES requirements, ROSA grading, ATAR and Non-ATAR courses and the implications on HSC and career pathways, as well as presentations from each faculty with information specific to particular courses being offered in 2016. At the end of the presentations there will be an opportunity for questioning to further clarify any issues that may arise.

    Where: Homebush Boys High School Hall
    When: Tuesday 26th July 2016
    Time: 6.00pm to 8:00pm (Registration starts at 5:40pm)

  • Youth Week Initiative – Road Safety Launch

    Burwood Council hosted the 2016 Youth Road Safety Launch: a community development initiative that aims to educate young people on the dangers and consequences of texting and driving.

    Homebush boys was represented by Year 10 students Sreekanth Nidugo, Suleyman Ersan, Khushal Dogra, Ruthvik Bethi, Shamik Patel, Niranjan Reghunath and Mr. Spotswood on Friday 8 April staged at Burwood library and Community Hub.

    Local schools were also represented speakers including Mayor John Faker, Jodi McKay (Member for Strathfield), Elizabeth Mansour (road trama survivor) and Hamish McMurray (Presenter and road trama survivor).

  • Year 10 Adviser - Message to Parents

    Dear parents/guardians,

    This year’s Philosophy is ‘Better Self, Better School, Better Community”

    We wish you and your son a warm welcome to Year 10, 2016.

    This is to introduce myself, Ms June Su in the LOTE Department (languages other than English) the year 10 Adviser and Mrs Rita Zammit, also in LOTE as the Assistant Adviser. Should you need to discuss any matters relating to your son’s wellbeing please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9764 3611, leave a message with your return phone number if we are in class and we will return your call as soon as possible.

    This year will be another extremely busy year for your sons in their academic endeavours, their sporting and extra-curricular commitments. Together we will ensure that it will be a fulfilling year and a happy one.

  • Meadowbank Tafe Tour

    Meadowbank tafe tour 1On Thursday the 20th August Mr. Carrozza and I escorted a group of Year 10 students to Meadowbank TAFE.

    Upon arrival the students had a little bit of time to get something for morning tea and kick a ball. This was followed by a warm welcoming presentation by Helen Mcnamee who informed the students about various options that they could pursue post school such as Apprenticeships, Traineeships, SBATs, Diplomas and many others. The students were enthusiastic and asked all sorts of interesting questions. From there, the Head Teacher of Carpentry presented on courses available, career paths and expectations of this industry. It was great to see some of the work that their students do as well as catch up with a former one of ours.

  • Yr 10 Parents Info Night - Subject Selection

    Our Year 10 parents and carers are invited to an information session on Year 11 subject selections next Tuesday, 9 June. This is an important opportunity to learn about the next stage of the school cycle – the HSC. The decisions each student makes about the courses he will do next year must be based on accurate information. This evening will provide you with BOSTES requirements for completing the HSC and advice on how to make the best choices with your son. You will be given an overview of the courses we offer and the subject selection process itself.

    We’ll meet in the school hall for the general information session. Start time: 6pm. Please arrive before 6pm, to collect an information booklet, which will be available from 5:40pm.

  • Homebush Boys speak about Rypen Camp at Rotary dinner

    Our young men were the 'guests of honour' at the recent Rotary dinner where they related their experiences about the Rypen Youth camp in May. Read more about Puneeth, Harri and Kevin (all of year 10) by clicking the image to go to the Rotary e-newsletter.

    The school has a very warm and productive relationship with Strathfield Rotary especially through the youth mentor Mr Peter Smith.

  • Report from MUN - Model United Nations

    Harri Jani of year 10 went to MUN. What is MUN?

    MUN-Model United Nation is a simulation The United Nations; it encompasses the crucial aspects of diplomacy necessary to form a cohesive society on a global scale. As part MUN individuals represent countries, hence they are delegates from their given nation. Throughout the day you get to learn how to be a diplomatic delegate incorporating negotiation, impromptu speeches, advocacy and diplomacy. MUN required me to create a resolution for “The depleting Oil reserves” and convince other nations that your resolution is the “way to go”. Once all the statements, speeches, debates and discussions have finished a vote is held to select the winning resolution. I was also awarded with the “best delegate award” for my diplomacy and winning resolution. MUN is a great opportunity for anyone to improve and develop their speaking, negotiation, diplomacy and advocacy skills in an engaging manner; I personally recommend it to any student willing to broaden their knowledge of the United Nations and world diplomacy.


  • Drive 2 Survive Forum

    Last Wednesday evening (22ND October), many of our year 10 and 11 students attended a road safety forum at Phil Gilbert Hyundai in Lidcombe. The evening was presented by Ian and Suzy Luff, along with their business partner Stewart Nicholls.

    Ian and Stewart are both renowned road safety expert commentators and their expertise have been used to form many road safety campaigns.

  • Year 10 Career Program

    The Year Ten program is practical in its approach to assisting students in getting Job Getting Skills.

    Students begin their session by revising work undertaken in Year 9. They revise "Job Research" by looking at:

    • Where can I research?
    • What resources are available?
    • What basic information do I need to find out about a specific career?

    The main emphasis in Year 10 is on what Job Getting Skill students need to develop and the importance of relating this to employers.

    Students learn that an important aspect of “Job Getting Skills” is to find out what employers want from young people seeking work. The Business Council of Australia (BCA) and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) identified nine key skills that employers consider makes a good employee. They were:

    1. Communication
    2. Team Work
    3. Problem Solving
    4. Initiative & Enterprise
    5. Self-management
    6. Learning
    7. Planning and Organising
    8. Technology
    9. Cross-Cultural Understanding

    Students assess the level of their personal attributes and record them in their booklets. A friend then assesses what they think their personal attributes are and then compare the responses with their own. From the “Employability Skills Framework”students identify skills they possess and again record them in their booklets.

    Students are placed in groups to undertake practical exercises in developing:

    1. Personal Resumes - using the School To Work Template
    2. Letter Writing - applying for part time work
    3. Telephone Techniques - role play
    4. Application Forms - students fill in forms as supplied by employers
    5. Interview Techniques - role play

    After these exercises students come together as a class group and each activity is looked at and tips given on how to best to develop and present these skills

  • Homebush Boys Takes on World Challenge

    Mr Jonothon Sculthorpe, Head Teacher PE, leads a fabulous group of year 10 pioneers on the World Challenge. This intrepid group of students is comprised of Lukas Sorensen, Deren Mehmet, Laclan Mackintosh, Bilal El-Sayed, Alexander Flinn, Po-Shen Wang and Songlin Wu and they are flying off to Malaysia to trek in the mountains for one month. These students will live and work in the remote villages seeing and experiencing life as few of their mates could ever dream of doing. The group will be travelling with World Challengers from Bateman’s Bay High and North Lakes Senior Campus.