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The school council has been established to give an opportunity for students, teachers, parents and caregivers to give their input into school policies, school management and planning. The current school council has been operating since 2000 and its membership consists of parents, teachers, administrative staff and the Principal. The SRC nominate students to report to the council each month on their latest fundraising activities.

The Constitution download here PDF or WORD versions


The 2018 council members are listed below.


Chairperson Megan Mclean
Secretary Fay Maaliki (Massoud)
Principal John Kennedy
Teacher School Rep Anna Paleothodoros & Matina Shadwick
Student members 2 appointed from SRC on rotation
Non-Teaching School Rep Mary Talarico
SRC Rep 2 Appointed from SRC on rotation
Parent Rep Kathy Todidis
P & C President Cathy Callaghan