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Vice Captain Captain Senior Prefect

Perrin Tasker

Scott Worthington

Nayan Bhathela

Reflections of the Student Executive 2013

The position of School Captain comes without any manual, but instead with a handshake and a badge. Where you go from there is completely ‘user defined’ and the activities of the Prefects over each year are a reflection of the effort of the Prefects, Senior Prefect, Vice and Captain.

With that in mind this years Prefect’s actions clearly represented a diverse range of energetic young men whose service to the school has been of unparalleled consistency and effort. As a group of 28 individuals the formation of a Prefect body brought together lots of different interests with values that suitably emulated those of our school that is well known for diversity.

Diverse is the best way to describe the prefect’s activities over the past year. We’ve instigated a new disco with our good friends at Strathfield Girls and furthered inter-schoolrelations through many other joint efforts, reinforced our own schools values through assisting in many school initiatives and starting a few of our own. Most prominent is our assisting of the SRC in their annual Multicultural Day and working on Tough Guise, assisting with the new in-class Peer Tutoring Program and working on all school Open Days. The Prefects have also done a superb job representing the school in sport and upholding the school’s strong academic standards and assisting in all the numerous events that don’t fit in this word limit!

The position of School Captain has been an honour. To be considered in the same league as the captains that have gone before me and the great men yet to come is a truly humbling experience. The responsibility is not always without its difficulties but the assurance of a school’s support is impossible to overstate and it has been great fun to represent every student of this school. The teamwork that has led to this success is largely reliant upon the consistent efforts of our Vice Captain Perrin, Senior Prefect Nayan and of course our advisor Mrs. Horiatopolous. The successes of the year are not down to any one person, but the collective efforts of these fine individuals and the Prefects.

However my time as School Captain is rapidly coming to an end, and the position will soon be filled by an energetic young man whose values represent our schools in the highest order. I wish nothing but the sincerest of congratulations and the best of luck to the future School Captains yet to be. I thank all Homebush Boys for their faith in me and thank the wider school community and teachers for supporting the students of this school. It has been my privilege.

Scott Worthington
Homebush Boys High School Captain 2013

As the Vice Captain of Homebush Boys’ High School for 2013, there were many senior duties and roles which I was either required to participate in or to assist organise. Throughout 2013, some of the key roles that I participated in include, but are not limited to, ANZAC Ceremonies, Prefect Afternoon Teas, leadership workshops and School Fundraisers. One of the most significant contributions I made along with the 2013 executive was the foundation of a strong inter-schoolrelationship with Strathfield Girls High School. The development of this relationship over the year has led to many combined projects and fundraisers like the Year 7/8 Disco. This inter-schoolrelationship flourished and helped build our schools connections with the local community.

Additionally, as Vice-Captain I represent the school as a senior student member along with the Captain and Senior Prefect. Along with the Senior Prefect my role is to assist the Captain in his duties. Put simply, the Vice Captain’s role at HBHS is to provide both support for the Captain whilst maintaining a strong link with the Prefect Body and the SRC. I hope this has clarified the role of the Vice Captain at HBHS and I am appreciative of this fantastic opportunity that has been given to me.

Perrin Tasker
Homebush Boys High School Vice-Captain, 2013

Being elected as the Senior Prefect of 2013 was a wonderful opportunity and a rewarding experience. It not only allowed me to become intimately involved with the school and its activities, but it also granted priceless opportunities to become involved with the community and with other schools.

However, by far my greatest experience as Senior Prefect was to work with such a great bunch of boys as our prefects. I feel privileged to have made such remarkable friends, both at the highly enjoyable Prefect Camp and throughout the year. I reflect upon my time as Senior Prefect with great joy, not just for the wonderful experiences I had with the boys, but also for the profound impact it has had on my development throughout the year.

Working on projects around the school did, at times, become stressful, but I found that with such a brilliant team of boys, we emerged from our hardships as better people and with enormous gratification in our triumphs. Needless to say, working with Scott, Perrin and Ms Horiatopoulos has been an absolute delight.

Nayan Bhathela
Homebush Boys High Senior Prefect, 2013


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