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Homebush Boys High School Parents and Citizens’ Association
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What is a P&C?Certificate

A Parents and Citizens’ (P&C) association is a school membership based organization consisting of parents, teachers and citizens with an interest in a public school. P&C members and school staff work in partnership to advance the best interests of a school.

Membership of the Homebush Boys High School P&C enables you to become more involved with our school. We encourage your contributions in strengthening the “Bushy Boys” community.

The Homebush Boys High School Parents and Citizens’ (P&C) meetings provide an opportunity to:

  • Engage more with the school
  • Be informed about school policies
  • Develop a partnership with the school
  • Meet other parents and carers
  • Learn from the School Principal and Deputies
  • Come together and contribute in an open and inclusive forum
  • Foster supportive relationships with the school community
  • Promote the interests of the school by bringing parents citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation
  • Create opportunities to further engage with parents and carers of NESB
  • Work with the Principal and members of the parent and citizens community
  • Assist the school in providing facilities and equipment for the school
  • Contribute to the welfare of the students at the school.

To view our constitution click here
To view our rules and by-laws click here

When do P&C meet?

  • 6:30pm - 8:00pm in the school’s staff common room
  • 3rd Tuesday of each month during school term

Meeting dates are:

  • 23 February (special date)
  • 16 March AGM and Ordinary Meeting (delayed from 2020 to Covid-19 restrictions)
  • 27 April (special date to school holidays)
  • 18 May
  • 15 June
  • 20 July
  • 17 August
  • 19 October
  • 16 November AGM and Ordinary Meeting

What do we discuss?

The meetings are informative and relevant and usually include:

  • Discussion on a topic of interest
  • Opportunity to talk to other parents
  • Presentations from School representatives on key activities, events, issues and general business.

Potential topics include:

  • P&C Funding of special school projects
  • Canteen - progress on new provider
  • Student Well-being
  • Career support for students
  • Volunteering options for Students & Parents
  • Literacy Program


P&C members coordinate and drive a number of significant school events including:  

  • Students with Special Needs (parents and caregivers)
  • Secondhand uniform pop up store
  • Orientation and Information Days
  • Multicultural Day

2020 Executive Committee:

President : Cathy Callaghan
Vice Presidents : Rhonda Glance & Kylie Elakhras
Treasurer :
Sam Taufa
Secretaries :
Teranun Charoensri
Assistant Secretary : vacant
Fund Raising/Grants Officer : vacant


For further information or an opportunity to discuss any matters please contact the HBHS P&C Executive Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kind regards,

Cathy Callaghan
Homebush Boys High School Parents and Citizens’ Association (HBHS P&C)