17 June 2020 Joel Howard | News | Whole School  

Please see the below information about lateness to school which is taken from the Homebush Boys High School Attendance Policy. Please ensure that your children are attending school on time each day. This instils positive habits that they can take into tertiary study and their working lives.

Lateness to School:

  • A student who arrives after 8:50 should report to the front office where they will be signed in to school. Late students who do not have a justified reason will be issued with a detention in room 9 during Lunch 1. Failure to attend this detention will result in an afternoon detention.
  • Repeated late arrivals to school may result in further disciplinary action by the Deputy Principals.
  • Any late student who does not sign in at the front office will be marked absent for the whole day.
  • Students who arrive late and do not have a late slip will not be admitted into class.
11 June 2020 Joel Howard | News | Year 12  

Year 12 reports are now available through the Parent Portal. The Portal can be accessed through the school website. To log in, you will be asked to enter your ID code. This is the code that was emailed to your nominated email account last year. Once you have logged in, click on the link that says Year 12 Half Yearly Reports. If you have any problems accessing your child's report please contact the school on (02) 9764 3611.

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05 June 2020 Bridget Crozier | News | Year 10  

Each year NSW Health works in partnership with schools to offer the vaccines recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for adolescents as part of the school vaccination program.
On Friday 19 June the following vaccines will be offered to Year 10 students:

Meningococcal ACWY

Parent Information Kits that include an information sheet, consent form and privacy statement were sent home to parents/guardians on Monday 1 June, 2020.
To consent to the vaccination of their child, parents/guardians are advised to:

  • Read all the information provided
  • Complete the consent form
  • Return the completed consent form to their child’s school
  • Ensure that their child eats breakfast on the day of the school vaccination clinic

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