17 October 2019 Louise Symonds | News | Whole School  

Saturday School of Community Languages (SSCL) is the largest provider of face-to-face languages education in NSW.

Classes are held every Saturday morning during the school term at each of our 15 high school centres.

Students from public and non-government secondary schools are eligible to enrol if the language requested is their background language and is not available for study at their weekday school. There are no fees charged for enrolment.

Students at SSCL follow the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabuses. All languages are Board Endorsed Courses that can contribute towards a Higher School Certificate. 

Please visit the website below to download a 2020 enrolment form:
Complete an enrolment form and submit it by Friday 29th February 2020


16 October 2019 Phirum Duch | News | Year 12  

Twenty amazing incumbent prefects 2019-2020 attended the HBHS Prefect Camp from Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th September 2019. The aim of the camp was to build the leadership capabilities of the student leaders through enhancements of their communication, interpersonal and organisational skills.

Immediately stepping out of the bus, the boys began their team training whereby they eagerly participated in various mentally and physically challenging team training activities from 4 Corner Traverse, Great Escape, Pipeline, Leap of Faith and Traffic Jam to High Wire Challenge. The objectives of the activities were to build and empower students to be effective leaders by using problem solving and strategic planning skills. By participating in the activities, students learnt about team cooperation and communication with each other to create a cohesive Prefect Team. For example, the 4 Corner Traverse taught students to complete personal and team evaluation. Whereas the Leap of Faith activity encouraged students to make decisions in tough times. In all activities, the boys needed to work together to achieve the desired outcomes within the limited time and resources that were provided to each team. 

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14 October 2019 Matina Shadwick | P & C News | Community  

Tuesday 15th October, 2019 P&C Meeting has been cancelled

Next Meeting: Tuesday 19th November, 2019, 6:30pm

Where: Staff Common Room, Homebush Boys High School

All Welcome!

For more details please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.