05 August 2013 Suzi Milovanovic | News | Staff  

On-going professional learning, at Homebush Boys High School, is essential in ensuring that staff is provided with current information, developments and future educational direction.  Complementing this, is the teaching and learning process, staff commitment to life-long learning and most importantly, the continual need for further skills development and improvement.  As a school we recognise, value and support the need for opportunities for all staff to be professional committed learners in an on-going manner. 

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05 August 2013 Tim Jurd | News | Year 12  

Is it Art or Agriculture? A cow inspired by the Visual Arts teacher, Mr Letsios, has come to graze in the school garden.
Here is the student creation that was a finalist in the Archibull competition last year.
See here the cow refuses to eat the nutritious offerings of the school gardens.

01 August 2013 Caitlin Dwyer | News | Staff  

During the next few weeks our school, along with other public schools in the area, will be participating in the trial of a new tool (PLASST) being developed by the Department of Education and Communities for teachers to identify the learning and support needs of their students.

This trial is focussed on the development of a sound and reliable online tool that, when finalised, can be used by teachers in collaboration with parents and carers to identify the strengths and educational needs of students with additional learning and support needs. This information will assist schools in planning and personalising learning and support for individual students who require adjustments in their day to day learning.

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