28 August 2014 Fiona Murray | P & C News | Community  

The final ceremony for 2014 was held on Thursday 21st August at the Strathfield Town Hall and attended by over 120 new Citizens and their families. The event was officiated by Strathfield Mayor Cr Daniel Bott and attended by State and Federal Members of Parliament. 

Homebush Boy's was represented by Year 10 SRC members Adam Yoon, Ananth Kumaralingam and Dominic Yates at this ceremony as our prefects have been sitting their HSC trials over the past few weeks. The SRC lads did a brilliant job and were very courteous and respectful. Well done boys.

Once again Homebush Boys parents donated mouthwatering food and donated money to supply refreshments for the evening. Thank you to all the parents who have donated food or money towards these events. I must make particular mention of those parents who have done this year in and out and your signature culinary expertise is always noted, together with your wonderful monetary donations. You are a special bunch of people and I am most grateful for your continued support of this event as is our school.

Fiona Murray
Citizenship Co-ordinator

18 August 2014 Andrew Lai | News | Year 12  

So what is really happening on the 22nd of August?
Is it a party? Is it a screening of the next Avengers film? or Frozen II for some of you?
Not quite... but it will get there one day.
The 22nd of August will be filled with short films, animation, game design and much more!
All of which are created by your fellow peers. Please come and join us if you are free this coming Friday night.
Date: Friday 22nd of August
Venue: School Hall, Homebush Boys High School
Time: 6:30pm
Entry Fee: Free and open to public
15 August 2014 | News | Whole School  

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