09 October 2014 Joanna Chan | News | Year 12  
230 Year 12 students graduated on the 18th of September. Many guests, parents and friends join us for this memorial occasion. The Year 12 students walked into their final outdoor assembly under the fig tree by our school's fantastic drum corp. The year group had their formal graduation ceremony after the assembly followed by a scrumptious lunch catered by the very professional Homebush Boys High School Hospitality staff and students. It was a beautiful way to farewell our Year 12 students. We wish them all the very best in their upcoming examinations and their future endeavors.


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06 October 2014 | News | Extra-Curricular  

Group Photo of  Symphonia Jubilate trip to China

Report of the trip to China by the Symphonia Jubilate which included 12 fantastic musicians from Homebush Boys and other friends from Strathfield Girls HS .

The Symphonia Jubilate trip to China was a huge success! The young men from Homebush Boys displayed exceptional behaviour, cultural etiquette and friendship to all on the trip. They made new and lasting friendships. We did 4 performances which were all successful. Everyone played at a top level. Some of the performances were supposed to be low key but nothing in China is "low-key". The one informal concert we had at the High School we stayed at in Nanjing ended with a huge firework display. At this concert they also had a giant panda and a giant kangaroo throw lollies into the audience.

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03 October 2014 | News | Community  

Mr Whie Jin Lee, Consul-General of the Republic of Korea celebrated the Independence of Korea and the strong educational, cultural and commercial ties with Australia. On 2 October, Mr and Mrs Lee hosted an impressive reception at the Sydney Korean Cultural Centre with performances of traditional dance, classical singing and music by former public school students. 

It was an excellent event and a great way to consolidate the strong ties between Public Education NSW and South Korea. Seen in the picture R to L is myself, Executive Director Public Schools NSW Mr Murat Dizdar, Consul-General Mr Lee and former Head of the Secondary Principals' Council Mr Jim McAlpine.