16 February 2015 Jon Sculthorpe | News | Community  

Outside of the school environment, many of our students participate in cultural activities. Often this entails performances at a high standard and goes unknown to the school community.

One such student is William Wong of yr 11. William has been involved in Chinese Lion Dancing for several years. He undergoes regular strict training to perform at a high intensity for upwards of 3 hours. The dedication to his fitness and to ensuring he maintains strong cultural ties are priorities to William.

Maintaining strong links to a person’s culture allows for building of a positive identity. This brings with it a sense of belonging which gives a person support in many areas of their lives. This can then translate to success, particularly when the culture that the person lives is accepted in other areas of their lives, such as schooling.

William’s Lion Dancing is one example of many in the Homebush Boys community. These pursuits are to be recognised and celebrated. It takes commitment to achieve at a high standard in any domain and demonstrates the amazing gifts and talents our students possess.

10 February 2015 Linda Adams | News | Year 09  

For Parents and Students of Year 9

2015 is shaping up to be a very exciting year full of challenges for students and their parents.

At the beginning of the year you should be trying to establish good habits which will assist in your success in the rest of the year.

  • School uniform with correct footwear is vital for all students. Please make sure you only wear sport uniform on days that this is required.
  • School Diary is compulsory and is given when fees are paid. The diary is essential for recording homework and assessment tasks. Parents should be checking the diary weekly and signing where required. Please check for teachers comments in the comment column, which may indicate if you need to contact a teacher or if an issue has arisen in a certain area. It is required for the Study Skills program.

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09 February 2015 Kim Houhlias | P & C News | Community  

Homebush Boys High School P&C presents...

Our General Meeting. 

Where: Staff Common Room, Homebush Boys High School

When: 7pm on 17th February, 2015


  1. Meet our new Principal, Mr. John Kennedy
  2. Review of year 7 camp, Mr. Scott Belgre
  3. Your ideas for forums, social activities and fundraising

All Welcome! 

For further information please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.