30 October 2014 Suzi Milovanovic | News | Community  

Daniel MorcombeHomebush Boys High School is committed to ensuring that schools remain safe places for children.  The school is also determined to prevent crime and violent behaviour by any member of the school community.  Countering crime and violence is consistent with the school’s endeavours to ensure that Homebush Boys High School is a safe and harmonious environment, and to enhance a school culture of co-operation, tolerance and acceptance.

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29 October 2014 | News | Year 10   Extra-Curricular  

Harri Jani of year 10 went to MUN. What is MUN?

MUN-Model United Nation is a simulation The United Nations; it encompasses the crucial aspects of diplomacy necessary to form a cohesive society on a global scale. As part MUN individuals represent countries, hence they are delegates from their given nation. Throughout the day you get to learn how to be a diplomatic delegate incorporating negotiation, impromptu speeches, advocacy and diplomacy. MUN required me to create a resolution for “The depleting Oil reserves” and convince other nations that your resolution is the “way to go”. Once all the statements, speeches, debates and discussions have finished a vote is held to select the winning resolution. I was also awarded with the “best delegate award” for my diplomacy and winning resolution. MUN is a great opportunity for anyone to improve and develop their speaking, negotiation, diplomacy and advocacy skills in an engaging manner; I personally recommend it to any student willing to broaden their knowledge of the United Nations and world diplomacy.


28 October 2014 | News | Community  

Today the Homebush Boys High School Interact Club received from Peter Smith their own banner. They proudly showed the banner off with DP Kamie Khurshed. Peter Smith is a member of Strathfield Rotary Club and Peter is a valued mentor for the boys.

The Interact Club is supporting Pink Ribbon Day on Friday 31 Oct when they will host a barbecue with all funds raised going to the Pink Ribbon Charity for women's health.