04 June 2014 Tim Jurd | News | Community  

Rotary DreamCricket Clinic

Homebush was invited to take part in a DreamCricket International Clinic designed to provide the opportunity for between 30 and 60 children in years 3 to 6 to take part in specially developed activities. Children with intellectual, physical, social, sight and hearing impaired disabilities that prevent them from taking part in normal sporting activities are encouraged to take part in this DreamCricket Clinic. The activities have been specifically designed and approved by a Exercise Physiologist to suit the students’ abilities.

DreamCricketwas invited to present their program at the Rotary International Convention at Homebush on Sunday June 1, 2014, between 11.30am and 2.00pm. This was a great opportunity to display to the world what these children can do given the opportunity, while “building  confidence and self-esteem through movement and participation”.

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23 May 2014 Kim Attwood | News | Whole School  

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20 May 2014 Suzi Milovanovic | News | Whole School  

Students at Homebush Boys High School wear their school uniform with pride.  The school’s Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, Ms Milovanovic, and SRC Coordinator, Mrs Kumaralingam, have this year, introduced two new pieces of clothing as part of the school uniform.  Added to the already polished school uniform is a school scarf and beanie.  This has ensured that student wellbeing needs are being further met for the upcoming winter season.  The beanie will cost $5 and the scarf will cost $10.  If you wish to purchase both the scarf and beanie as a set, it will cost $12.  The new scarf and beanie is now part of the school uniform.  No other scarf or beanie, of any design or colour, is to be worn.  The new scarf and beanie are available for purchase from the front office.   

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