01 June 2018 Abderrahim Abbou | News | Community  

Last year, Homebush Boys High School hosted a Ramadan Iftar Night. We worked together with our sponsor Human Appeal, which is an organisation that aims to strengthen humanity’s fight against poverty and social injustice, through the provision of immediate relief and establishment of self-sustaining development programs.

We had great support from our teachers, students and community members. Together, we were able to gather a large sum of money which was generously donated. Using that money, Human Appeal has successfully built a water well in Bangladesh in honour of our school name. This is truly an achievement for our school and a success for everyone who donated.

On behalf of our school, I thank Human Appeal, as well as all the staff, students, parents and community members for their support.

As our next Ramadan Iftar Night is upcoming up on the 7th of June, we would like to challenge our school and ourselves to raise more money to achieve greater things this year. We hope to use donations to build more water wells in desperate, underprivileged countries in the world.

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30 May 2018 Matina Shadwick | News | Year 11   Year 12  

The Year 11 and 12 Parent and Teacher interviews are on Tuesday 5 June 2018 from 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm.

Student reports will be available from the School Office from 3:20 pm.

Teacher appointments can be made via Moodle. Please click on the image for the instructions on how to use the booking system. 

Please encourage your son to log onto Moodle and book teacher appointments.

Only booked appointments will be available to parents on the 5 June 2018.

The School’s Korean and Middle Eastern liaison officers will be available to assist parents during this time.

If you are unable to attend, student reports may be collected from the School Office only with written parental permission, from Wednesday 6 June 2018.

Meeting Rooms for the day are as follows:

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16 May 2018 Abderrahim Abbou | News | Whole School  

School Photographs will be taken on: 

Tuesday 22 May and Thursday 24 May

Order now: go to www.advancedlife.com.au and enter the code: CG2 4HJ QQC

School photographs are scheduled to be taken by advancedlife. Whilst an envelope and flyer will be distributed shortly, if possible it is our preference that ordering be completed online to reduce administration and potential security issues related to the return of cash and envelopes on photo day.

Orders for packages and sibling photographs can be placed securely online at www.advancedlife.com.au using our school’s unique 9 digit Online Order Code. Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day.

Should you wish to purchase a sibling photograph online, the order must be placed no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed.

Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct them via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.