02 September 2019 Cheiban Elaro | News | Whole School  

In Semester 1, over 150 students from years 7 to 11 received Blue Awards as a result of consistent effort in all their subjects. To recognise the effort of these boys, the executive teachers in conjunction with Mr Elaro, decided to treat the award recipients to a day at the movies. After period one on Tuesday, 20th of August,132 students caught the train from Homebush to Rhodes.

Years 7, 8 and 9 watched the reinvented Disney classic “The Lion King”, while the older boys watched the action packed “Hobbs and Shaw”. The day was a very good experience and was great to be recognised for our academic efforts. In addition to being lots of fun and enjoyment, it provides an incentive for students to strive for a blue awards next semester so they too can have a day out at the movies.

On behalf of all blue award recipients, I would like to thank the executive team; Mr Elgood, Ms Paleothedoras, Mrs Shadwick and Mr Achmad with a special thanks to Mr Elaro for organising the day. 

By Tom Nieser

29 August 2019 Kevin Elgood | News | Whole School  

As of Wendesday 28/08/19 we had internet login changes from DoE. These changes now take affect and apply to ALL STAFF & STUDENTS. The following procedure only needs to be done "once" after login to the computer and as such you will not need to login to the internet multiple times regardless of which browser you use.

After you login to the computer please do the following:‚Äč

  1. ‚ÄčOpen a web browser to visit http://detnsw.net
  2. login with firstname.lastname@DETNSW
  3. click LOGIN

When you have finished your session - please log off the computer. If it is not your own device please follow the steps below to log off.

  1. Open a web browser to visit http://detnsw.net/logoff.php
  2. Logout
  3. Close web browser

For more information on these changes please visit the link below.

29 August 2019 Tim Stinson | News | Whole School  

Students in the Visual Arts and Music faculty will be exhibiting and performing their HSC work on Thursday 5th September. As always, this evening is a celebration of the hard work, dedication, persistence and, above all, creativity of our students here at Homebush Boys.

A collection of student art works will be on display from 5.00pm, and then the Music students will perform their musical items from around 6.00pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Where: Homebush Boys High School, C-Block & School Hall

When: Thursday 5th September, 2019, 5:00pm - 7:30pm (Musical Performance commence at 6pm)

Refreshments will be served in Room 42