05 July 2019 Angelene Karas | News | Whole School  

Homebush Boys High School values the diversity of all its cultures! We celebrate this each year on Multicultural Day, recognising the various ethnicities within the school. We invite the school community to join the festivities as the staff and students sing, dance, tell stories or play cultural music at our Multicultural Day concert. This event will take place at Homebush Boys High School on the 26th of July, 2019.

We value the support of our parent community in assisting with the food stalls each year, If you are able to contribute to the cultural food stalls, please contact the school and leave your name and contact details. We look forward to your presence. 

05 July 2019 Georgia Anton | News | Year 12  

On Friday the 28th June, a number of staff had the pleasure of escorting our Year 12 students to the Western Sydney Career Expo at Olympic Park. The students were really keen to explore, research and investigate the careers that they will pursue in 2020. They did exactly that as they went into seminars, asked a lot of questions to Tertiary Institutions and took away a lot of useful information.

The overall outcome was that the boys felt a sense of relief, accomplishment and at times overwhelmed as they're about to venture into their next major milestone. With that said the boys represented the school beautifully and we'd like to wish them well with their future pursuits.

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04 July 2019 Georgia Anton | News | Year 12  

On Thursday the 20th June, I had the pleasure of attending the State Training Awards at Liverpool Catholic Club to support James Smith of Year 12 who is currently doing his Certificate II in Warehouse Operations through Murray Mallee. James demonstrated his exemplary customer service skills, quick thinking and enthusiasm to learn. The commitment that James has shown in his Traineeship is second to none and his colleagues, managers and trainer have spoken very highly of James. As a result he will be pursuing a full time career in the field and is looking at a managerial role in 2020.

Congratulations to James on this well deserved award!