22 August 2018 Iqbal Singh | News | Year 12  

On Friday, the 15th June, 19 Year 12 Chemistry students had the opportunity to compete in the RACI titration competition at Sydney University. The competition involves titrating or mixing an acid with a base to determine the concentration of the unknown base, then using that value to titrate against an unknown concentration of acetic acid which is found in vinegar to accurately determine its concentration.

Students work in groups of three and have only one and a half hours to complete the task. This year 108 school and 1341 students competed at different venues around the state.

One team consisting of Rabie Asim, Faraj Suhaib and Vinh Phan state ranked 38 out of 420, equal with Knox Grammar. Two other teams ranked 85 and 86 out of 420.

Congratulations to all the students who participated, remaining behind several afternoons building up their titration skills. We look forward to challenging more schools next year.

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20 August 2018 Iqbal Singh | News | Whole School  

Homebush Boys High school participated in the ICAS Science test in Term 2 this year. This is an initiative of UNSW Global Assessments and this test is conducted in over 20 countries globally. About ninety students from various Year groups participated in this reputed test and HBHS boys achieve very promising results.

This includes 2 High Distinctions, 1 Distinction, 18 Credits and 19 Merits. We congratulate the HBHS community on this great success this year. I would like to thank Ms L Mathur for her efforts in orgainsing this test.

Following is the list of our achievers:

  • Kevin Duong Year 10 (High distinction)
  • Billy Leask Year 10 (High Distinction)
  • Elias Soovoroff - Year 10 (Distinction)

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17 August 2018 Matina Shadwick | P & C News | Community  

All parents and cares are invited to the our School's P & C Meeting. The P & C is an organisation dedicated to enriching the educational experience of our children and fostering a sense of community, assisting the school in providing:

  • Feedback on school policies
  • Additional Resources to be used to enhance student learning
  • Parents and Carers with opportunities to be involved in their child's education

Where: Homebush Boys High School, Staff Common Room

When: Tuesday 21 August 2018 at 7pm

Topic: HBHS LIteracy Plan

Guest Speker: Martyn Bawden

All welcome.

For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.