29 August 2018 Edan Caramancion | News | Year 07  

In groups of 4, students from classes 7HA, 7HC and 7HH, presented and performed the mummification process in front of their peers. Each group had 1 narrator who explained the steps of mummification, 2 embalmers who performed the process and a body of a ‘deceased’ person. Each group needed to organise and bring: ‘internal organs’, Canopic jars, a hook, and scrolls from the Book of the Dead. All students illustrated a good understanding of the mummification process and were able to present an historically accurate representation of ancient Egyptian burial practices. Below, is an article written by 3 students about this activity. The mummification process is based on Greek historian, Herodotus’ account. 

The Mummification Process -Written By Aarav, Shaasi & Jaden, 7HA

Three year 7 classes did a unique and exciting mummification task, where they mummified their peer’s body. All classes had fun doing the mummification process and put in lot of effort.

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27 August 2018 Padmaja Sarkar | News | Sports  

Our Grade TT under 15's have played consistently well throughout the first semester of winter sport. In the final round with North Sydney Boys , the boys worked hard against a very 'hard to defeat' team and won the game.

Congratulations!! Joseph Wang, Evan Xiong, Seokhee Lee, Lakshaya Kaushik, Michael Wang and Yoshua Tsang​.

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24 August 2018 Louise Symonds | News | Year 09   Year 10   Year 11   Year 12  

Students in years 9-12 at HBHS have the opportunity to study a wide variety of languages not offered here at school, by studying with the state’s leading language educator via distance education with the NSW School of Languages, located at Petersham.

The school offers 12 languages to students if the language is not offered at HBHS. The courses conform to NESA requirements and therefore can be studied as courses for completion of ROSA and the HSC.

Languages available include: Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Modern Greek, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Courses are at Beginners, Continuers and Extension levels.

Student learning is provided at HBHS during the regular school day and is supported through a diverse program of written materials, telephone lessons, online activities, email, face to face study days at the Petersham campus, excursions and even overseas tours.

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