28 August 2019 Kevin Elgood | News | Whole School  

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26 August 2019 Christy Cheung | News | Year 07  

Last Friday, on the 16th August, Years 7s participated in the annual World of Maths Roadshow and they were introduced to a new exciting world of mathematics. They were split into groups to explore some “mind-boggling” and “brain-breaking" problems, which required some strong lateral thinking to solve. Students were encouraged to cooperate with one another and share ideas with each other. ​They worked well together in their groups and solved the puzzles one by one. Students enjoyed the experience and some of them commented:

“It was a mind-blowing experience and we had a lot of fun. It was good brain stimulation.”

“We had a math-tacular day!”

As always, a big thank you to the World of Maths and our presenter, Pak.

22 August 2019 Kyung-ae Yu | News | Year 08  

The 2019 Ride the Korean Wave Incursion was really cool and fun. I learnt a lot from the cooking and patchwork sessions and enjoyed K-pop dancing and Taekwondo practices. I do thank all the performers and teachers who came to spread Korean culture.

Firstly, even though I already knew how to sew, I was taught much more techniques from the craft class. I was able to make a pretty bookmark at the end of the lesson and I use it for the book I’m currently reading.

As for the cooking, I made a huge mistake - I put one of the oils to marinate the meat! I thought I was doing it right until I discovered that the oil would be burnt straight away if it were cooked. Fortunately, we were wisely guided and the bibimbap we made was delicious. 

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