13 August 2020 Emily Yong | News | Whole School  

As part of the Homebush Boys community we aim to support the displaced people in Beirut, Lebanon following the explosion which killed over 200 people and injured more than 5,000. It has left as many as 300,000 without a home in a matter of minutes during a severe economic crisis and an already overwhelmed health system caused by the pandemic. ​

  • Your $149 can help three refugee families sheltering in a city cover their rent and electricity costs
  • Your $485 can help buy a sturdy, all-season tent for a family, protecting them from the elements
  • Your $2,850 can provide refugee families with emergency survival kits with sleeping mats, blankets, kitchen sets and sanitary items

You can make donations online: https://holdyourownevent.everydayhero.com/au/homebush-boys-high-school OR you can help collect donations at school for our fundraising event in Week 7, 1st September.

See Ms Yong in the English staff room for more details and a Permission Note


06 August 2020 Emily Yong | News | Extra-Curricular  

On the weekend, school captain Zain Ousmand completed his 5km Run for Refugees UNHCR challenge.

 Zain Ousmand's next 5 nominees are the following year 12 students:

  1. Tom Nieser (Vice Captain)
  2. Loklan Duong (Senior Prefect)
  3. Minh Mai (Prefect)
  4. Dylan Chau (Prefect)
  5. Yahya Faid (Prefect)

The year 12 student body are taking up the 5km Run for Refugee Challenge. Vice Captain Tom Nieser was nominated by School Captain Zain Ousmand on the weekend and he was quick to complete the challenge.

Tom described the experience as "Running is an escape from reality for a few moments, allowing you to take a break from the fast paced nature of everyday life and just focus on the bare necessities of life. It refreshes you and manages your stress and emotions, and being able to do something both fun and self-beneficial whilst supporting a great cause is great and feels great as well. Almost anyone can walk, ride or run, so everyone should give it a go and chip in for the good cause."

Tom's next nominees are: 

  1. Mr Elgood (School Principal)
  2. Mr Lee (English teacher)
  3. Mr T (Science teacher) 
  4. Hizryan Kodarusman
  5. David Kadamani 
Minh Mai
Running, walking or cycling are simple tasks you undertake almost every day. Now, you can do it not only to better yourself and your own physical health but make an impact in the world and potentially change someone’s life. Doing the challenge was a fantastic (and very tiring) experience, and one everyone should participate to help enact change. ​
Minh's next nominees are:
  1. Carl Arthur  
  2. Srikar Danthurty  
  3. Alvin Sumadiredja 
  4. Ryan Phan
  5. Ms Napoli (History Teacher)



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03 August 2020 Catherine Player | News | Whole School  
Education Week is an annual celebration of NSW public education and the achievements of local schools and students. This year, Education Week runs from Monday 3 August to Friday 7 August and the theme is 'Learning together'. Our Education Week 2020 theme, 'Learning together', reflects an incredible year for NSW public school students, staff and parents, and the partnerships that have been strengthened in response. This Education Week, we embrace the achievements of our school and the role of all public schools as the cornerstone of our communities.
At Homebush Boys High School, teachers and students are lifelong learners, collaborating in a positive learning environment to achieve their best. Learning together makes us stronger and when we collaborate, teachers and students can share ideas, learn to think critically and creatively, communicate ideas better and create something bigger and better, knowing they are part of a team. Technology enables learning together anywhere, any time. And this year this has been more important than ever. Our school staff are dedicated professionals who know, value and care for all students. During Education week we continue to celebrate the great learning that occurs everyday in our classrooms as we connect better and learn together to create a world of opportunities for our students.