29 July 2020 Georgia Anton | News | Whole School  

Shortly SkillsOne will be taking our highly successful Parents Showcase digital, with our free video for parents due out on August 10 2020.

The Skills and Thrills Digital Parents Showcase is an engaging and informative 20-minute video created to highlight vocational education and training (VET) and the success stories that emanate from VET pathways. The Digital Parents Showcase will help parents better understand vocational pathways, including apprenticeships/traineeships and school-based apprenticeships/ trainineeships and give parents the knowledge they need to help their children make informed career choices.

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27 July 2020 Emily Yong | News | Community  

On Friday 24th July, Ms. Yong ran to school in order to complete the UNHCR 5km challenge.

"It’s the first time I’ve run in a while due to knee injuries but it felt so good to be doing something I love while contributing to a worthy cause. I’m in a fair bit of pain today but I know this is nothing compared to what other people are experiencing across the world. This challenge asks us to donate $5 to https://run-for-heroes-aus.raisely.com/ to help protect millions of refugees from Covid-19. "

  • $5 can provide soap to 3 people to last for seven weeks
  • $10 can help provide 4 people with safe water containers
  • $25 can provide 2 urban refugees with a cash grant to buy essential hygiene items
  • $50 can provide 3 people with primary healthcare services


Ms. Yong's 5 nominees to take on this challenge are:

  1. Mr Achmad
  2. Mr Howard 
  3. Ms Khan
  4. Ms Carrasco 
  5. School Captain Zain Ousmand


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20 July 2020 Tim Stinson | News | Whole School  

On Tuesday 21st July, first day back in Term 3, Homebush Boys will be having their annual school Photo Day. It is important for your son to attend this day, as his official school photo will be taken. All students must be in full school uniform. This includes a tie, correct coloured pants, black leather shoes and a clean button-up shirt.

These photos are used to enter onto our school data system. Copies of these can be ordered by parents also. Your son has received an envelope to fill out and return to the front office by Tuesday 21st July if they are wanting copies of their individual, group or family photos. Please ensure that if you are wanting copies of any photographs taken, that these forms must be returned as soon as possible, prior to Photo Day.

You are also able to order online. Please follow the instructions on the envelope and use the code provided.Envelopes can be picked up from the front office or the admin office and will also be available for students to pickup as they have their photos taken. There is a grace period of 7 days from 21/07/2020 for parents to still make orders online. Completed envelopes can be handed to the photographers tomorrow morning if parents did not want to order online. 

Absent students will have a catch up photo day on Wednesday 29rd July.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the front office.

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