11 December 2019 Georgia Anton | News | Extra-Curricular  

What a Day! Exciting, exhilarating and very engaging. The day took off with a conference in the creatively designed Hall at the University of Technology Sydney where our students caught the inspiring sparks of a groundbreaking speaker, Dr Joshua Chou, who’s innovative research in STEM has fast-forwarded our present into the future. Next, our students split into groups with students from various schools around Sydney, where we experienced hints of the different fields in STEM.

Shifting gears
The peer leaders and teachers organised a wonderful and engaging activity of building and racing self made cars with all the others. We were split into groups of six to design a car and use critical thinking attributes to solve problems such as air resistance, weight balance and the size of the cars considering many factors. Mechanical engineering is a main part of our lifestyle, cars, factories, machines all built by mechanical engineers. Almost all moving parts in a machine.

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09 December 2019 Phirum Duch | News | Whole School  

The month of December is dedicated to Men’s Mental Health. This prefect initiative is celebrated in collaboration with RUOK Day. According to the Productivity Commission, every 2 out of 3 Australians suffer from mental health issues. As the school students’ leaders, the prefects held a formal assembly under the leadership of Ahmad Alameddine and Bassam Maaliki, where they worked tirelessly with our school counsellor, Ms Katherine Gudgeon and the Prefect Coordinator, Mrs Phirum Duch to raise awareness about mental health and provide strategies that can be used to assist students who suffer from either anxiety or depression to seek help. The main point of the Men’s Mental Health Initiative is that “when you have the flu or you are generally feeling unwell, you don’t question going to the doctors to seek medical advice. Let’s not place a stigma on seeking help from a counsellor or someone who you trust for mental health issues.”

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06 December 2019 Phirum Duch | News | Whole School  

On Friday 15th November, the Prefect Body of 2019-2020 was officially inaugurated into their leadership positions, marking the beginning of a new era. On this auspicious day, prefect executives, family, friends and teachers gathered to congratulate and officially welcomed the future leaders. The nervous energy grew to a climax upon singing of the national anthem, marking the beginning of the pinning ceremony. As each of the men towered over their parents, they braved the impending chance of being stabbed by their parents. Upon signing the names into the "BOOK OF LEADERS" they pondered on the countless leaders which came before them and the effect they had left on the school. The names hidden behind the pages held the legacy of this fine institution, Homebush Boys High School bearing the responsibility of not only upholding but improving the name of the school on each of our set of 21 shoulders. To conclude the ceremony, our School Captain Zain Ousmand made a speech, rousing our spirits and emphasising the importance of brotherhood and believing in oneself.

Written by Anshul Trevedi