02 December 2019 Emily Yong | News | Year 07  

On Friday the 15th 7ENGA participated in an event organised by Ms Yong. A member of Bell Shakespeare called Paul came in to explain to us what ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is about and also drama as a genre. Throughout the duration of the session, he instructed us to complete a variety of activities. The first activity he told us to do was to sit in a circle and one by one tell our names to Paul and one thing we enjoyed. The second activity was a game in which we had to walk around when he said stop, we stopped. When he said to go, we began walking again. To make the activity more challenging Paul added new actions one was to jump one was to clap. He proceeded to add fast and slow. Finally to make the activity more challenging he reversed all the actions so stop was go and go was stop. The second activity was an acting activity in which 7A students formed groups and tried to create objects using only our bodies. One object was a toilet and people scrambled to get the seat, than the person sitting on the seat and etc. The final activity he had us do was he made us act out two sections for ‘A Midsummers Night’s Dream’ and every group tried to make the characters as believable as possible. After performing, Paul would give advice to make it better and the group tried again. Paul taught us the main idea of drama, that actors have to be spontaneous and have to be able to act on the spot with creative ideas. I think the most enjoyable aspect of Paul teaching us was that we got to act and experience drama in a practical way. The style in which Paul taught was very intriguing and engaging which made us focus more on what he was saying.

By Christopher Xie

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29 November 2019 Georgia Anton | News | Extra-Curricular  

On the 19th of November, students from Homebush Boys High School attended the Western Sydney U Day at Parramatta South Campus.

The day started with an introduction of some of the courses offered at Western Sydney University. Followed by, Q and A from many Alumni and current students enjoying their time at the university. The interaction between students asking questions was very insightful for future references.

Workshops to gain understanding into different courses offered was followed by the Q and A. Lakshaya and I made our way to the labs, where we explored the interesting and revolutionary field of Data Science. We were given the opportunity to learn that the application of Data Science is very vast, therefore can be seen in many areas ranging from professional sporting communities to analysing data from astronomers.

Next, we visited the field of business, where we learnt many new things, such as where business concepts could be applied. We dived deeper into the topic of business by looking at the skills that could be used in an office environment. Stereotypes such as business being all about money were also broken. The engaging speech was supported by little gifts from the staff given to the students asking questions.

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27 November 2019 Judith Edwards | News | Whole School  

The rumours had been running hot that the new book in the Wimpy Kid series would soon hit the shelves. These lucky year 7 students were first in line to get a copy! No doubt book reviews will be on their way. The series, by Jeff Kinney, is such a popular series that the library has ordered multiple copies. Keep checking to see if the book you want is back on the shelf! If you wish, you can also reserve a copy so you won't miss out!