16 December 2019 Phirum Duch | News | Whole School  

The Homebush Boys Prefects of 2019/20 have taken the initiative to create an Instagram page to advertise and promote prefect run events or competitions. This Instagram page will be public allowing students, parents and the members of the community to view activities taking place within the school grounds.

This Instagram page will be monitored constantly to ensure the safety and wellbeing off all students, parents and all who visit the page.

To follow our page, simply search up '@hbhsprefects' into the search bar and press the blue follow button. Or you can scan the Instagram nametag through your Instagram account to follow the account (name tag can be found in the attached picture).

If you have any enquires or questions feel free to talk to any of the prefects and we will be more than happy to help.

13 December 2019 Rashmi Singh | News | Year 08  

What an amazing day at the charming Strathdale Nursing Home!

To spread the Christmas cheer and put a smile on some wonderful elderly faces, a group of year 8 boys visited Strathdale Nursing Home at Strathfield. We boys walked with our Year Adviser, Mrs Singh and gave the residents a heartfelt beautifully written Christmas cards and some confectionery (Candy Canes, Korean Lollies and Chocolates).

We were pleased to see the positive reactions of the residents. They were extremely happy to receive the cards and were really excited to eat the confectionery. As we walked around the premises, we greeted the residents and conveyed our kind wishes on the festive occasion of Christmas. We all made small chat with them and got to know them. All of the residents were extremely grateful to be visited and be wished a Merry Christmas. As we were leaving, one lady gave us a box of chocolates and a little thank you message to thank us all for our visit. It was a very touching moment. We realised that some of the residents were quite surprised to have visitors over as no one ever visits them.

When we left, we realised how just a little card and a lolly could change a frown to a smile and bring so much joy in some lonely hearts. We felt that every deed no matter how small could make a difference. Everybody needs a gift for Christmas, no matter how little.

Year 8s

12 December 2019 Bridget Crozier | News | Whole School  

A person who attends Homebush Boys has been diagnosed with whooping cough (pertussis). I am writing to provide you with information about this illness and ask that you watch for the symptoms, especially over the next three weeks.

Please Click Here for the informational letter.

If you or your child develops symptoms, please go to your local doctor as soon as possible and take this letter with you.

What is Pertussis?
Pertussis is an infection of the throat that often begins like a cold and cough. This can progress to bouts of coughing, and sometimes breathing difficulties and vomiting after coughing. It can be a very serious infection in small children, however older children and adults can also get pertussis and pass it on to others. People with pertussis are infectious for the first 3 weeks of their illness or until they have completed a 5 day course of the recommended antibiotics. The coughing can last between one and three months.

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