02 May 2019 Lara Hasham   | News | Community  
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In the morning of Thursday the 28th of April, Peter Vlahos, Sumedha Habakkala Hewage and I (Andy Georgiou) had the honour of attending the Anzac Memorial Service titled ‘Coming Home’, located within Davey Square  Reserve, Strathfield. The basis of such was directed towards the thousands of men and women who heroically risked their life for the greater good of Australia. Fundamentally, the Memorial Service provided historical context, statistics, and stories of our ANZACs which illustrated the horrid, yet heroic human experiences that either physically, and/or mentally dehumanized far too many innocent lives.

Although the Memorial Service further highlighted the harrowing realities of war, it also demonstrated the Australian identity of mateship, courage, and perseverance that the ANZACs valiantly carried with them. Throughout the ceremony, everyone ultimately reiterated a constant motif, that we all should be privileged and honoured to be part of this auspicious country. For us three proud and privileged prefects of Homebush Boys, it was an honour to have met, learned and listened to the many past and present men and women who have served our country, as without the everlasting ANZAC spirit, Australia would cease to exist as it does today. Lest We Forget

Written by Andy Georgiou Yr 12