29 April 2019 Phirum Duch   | News | Community  
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In the early hours of the morning on Thursday 25th April 25, 2019, the Prefect team attended the Burwood ANZAC Commemorative March and Dawn Service. The theme of the service was ‘Coming Home” where we paid a special tribute to all men and women who served in all wars, as well as those who continued to battle the effects of the war long after they returned home.

At 6:00 am, the Prefect team led by the School Captain, Charles McLean, Vice-Captain, Michael Lopes, Senior Prefect, Shahi Uddin and the Prefect Coordinator, Mrs P Duch marched with the ex-servicemen and women and the community commencing at the corner of Church Street and Burwood Road. After, we proceeded to the Memorial Arch in Burwood Park where the solemn Dawn Service began at 6:30 am. Taking part in the Dawn Service, Charles MacLean and his Prefect team participated in the Wreath Laying Ceremony on behalf of Homebush Boys High School.

The 2019 Service was carried out by the Prefect team with honour, pride and solemnity. The boys were immaculately dressed in their school blazers representing Homebush Boys High School with dignity and decorum as we commemorated the contributions made by the current and ex-servicemen and women to Australia’s history and freedom.

A special thanks goes to the Prefect team who woke up so early to attend the march and the Dawn Service: Tobias Buckley, Daniel Galassi, Andy Georgiou, Peter Gock, Sumedha Habakkala Hewage, Maaz Iqbal, Calvin Iturra, Felix Knight, Kajan Kari Kumaralingham, Chris Kwon, Neeraj Mirashi, Oliver Nicholls, Jay Park, Panayioti Vlahos, Reilly Winch, Michael Lopes, Shahi Uddin and Charles MacLean.