20 February 2019 Stephan Madyski   | News | Sports  
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The conditions for the selection of Winter Sports are outlined below.

Please click on the image to view the sports selection sheet for winter 2019.

  1. Students are to access Moodle from the schools homepage and log in. Once in Moodle they are to enter Public (paper clip symbol) and then select the 2019 Sport Selections link and follow the instructions.
  2. Once in the 2019 Sport Selection page students are requested to nominate for ONE Grade or House Sport Activity. Please note you can only make one selection and students cannot change their selection once you click on the save button. So take care and think about your selection.
  3. Choose carefully/wisely! We will try to give each student the sport or activity that he requests, but that may not always be possible. If a sport selection is full you will not be able to join this sport online. If a sport is full the program will not allow you to be accepted into that sport and you will have to make another selection. Remember the early bird catches the worm! Priority will be given to students who are unsuccessful in Grade sport trials.
  4. Take careful notice of any special requirement for each sport, in particular the cost involved, venue location, transport arrangements and the equipment needed for the activity. Remember sport is compulsory/mandatory for all students including Year 12.
  5. Students must make a selection via moodle by 3:30pm, friday the 1st of march. This can be done at school, home or even on your mobile phone. Non sport allcoation for failure to select a sport in the given time will result in a thursday afternoon school detention. 
  6. Students owing sport fees from the Summer Season will not be able to select a Winter Sport until fees are paid. This will reduce your selection options as sport positions are limited. Additionally you cannot participate in sport until fees are paid.
  7. For Grade Sport, the age group that you nominate must be the age that you turn in 2019. If you are turning 16 in 2019 you are in the Open Grade/Senior competitions.
  8. On a Wednesday, students have only two choices of uniform to wear to school:
    • Normal school uniform
    • Homebush Boys’ High School tracksuit jacket and tracksuit pants which are to be worn over their PE or Sports uniform.
  9. Winter Sports Trials (4 weeks) will commence on Wednesday the 6th March 2019 (Week 6, Term 1). Students will continue with their current summer sport until this date.