12 February 2019 Kellie Whelan   | News | Year 07  
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Homebush Boys High School "Challenge & Growth" Adventure Camp. Introduction to Outdoor Education Orientation Camp Year 7 - 2019. The following camp has been organized as part of your child curriculum and your permission is required. Ever care will be taken of the group by the supervising teachers and camp staff. However, your child has some responsibilities and obligations associated with the came, and we assume that your permission also involves an undertaking by your child to act responsibly. 

Please click on the image to view the checklist. 

Venue: Fitzroy Falls Conference & Adventure Center

Date: 13th - 15th February 2019
Departure: 6:30am - School Hall 13th February 2019. 
Return: 5:00pm - School Hall 15th February 2019.

Transport: Bus

Aim: Through the processes of Experiential Learning and using the Outdoors as a catalyst we aim to promote personal growth and group development through the use of carefully controlled, challenging experiences. The program is designed to develop a growing sense of competence in dealing with the natural environment with a strong emphasis on safety. The program is challenging, combining physical and developmental activities with the overall aim of enhancing the student's self-reliance, increasing their confidence in their own abilities and assisting them in learning to cooperate and work with others through controlled experiences

Using the outdoors creates a great learning environment with this in perspective we deliver our programs based on the following priorities;-

  • SAFETY being aware of one’s own safety and the safety of other members in the group.
  • To offer an ENJOYABLE experience, to feel really good about "oneself" and being with "others" in the group.
  • NEW EXPERIENCES, which in turn lead in to Learning Experiences
  • TRANSFERRING the experience, APPLYING to everyday life

Based on the above criteria the learning processes we use are "vehicles" that promote group development and the learning of new personal skills that can be applied and used in real life situations.

The learning goals we aim to achieve are to -

  • increase the participants sense of personal confidence
  • increase mutual support within a group
  • develop abilities that contribute to group decision making and leadership.
  • To develop an increased joy in one's physical self, being with others and their environment.
  • Safety in the Outdoors
  • Skills acquisition and development in Outdoor Pursuits

 Activities; The program is designed from the following;-

  • Teambuilding and Challenge Initiatives (Problem solving - individual and group tasks)
  • Bush Discovery – Bushcraft - Campfire
  • Trust and awareness activities
  • Roping Activities/challenges (including, Low wires, giant swing, Tree climbs, Transporter etc……)
  • Archery
  • Mountain Biking

With the following themes;-

  • Teamwork and Team Cohesion
  • Problem solving - (individual and group tasks)
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Interpersonal Skills - Communication
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Innovation
  • Negotiation

Personal Equipment / Clothing Checklist

  • Morning Tea for Day 1
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • Sleeping Mat (students sleep in Tents 1 night and cabin the other night)
  • 1 pair of sturdy shoes for activities
  • Rain coat that is water resistant is essential
  • Sun hat, broad brim or peak cap
  • Sun screen
  • Warm Jumper and/or polar fleece (IT IS COLD ON THE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS)
  • 2 pairs of Shorts and 2 pair of long pants/tracksuit pants
  • 3 T-shirt's that provide sun protection
  • 1 set of clothes for dinner / after activities
  • Socks and underwear for three days
  • Pyjamas or light track suit
  • Swim wear/ Board shorts /Rash Vest
  • Towel, Toilet bag & any medications

***** ESSENTIAL *****

  • Two garbage bags for wet/dirty clothes and separating gear
  • 1 litre drink Bottle
  • Small Day pack

# You can bring Musical instruments