06 February 2019 Kevin Elgood   | News | Year 11   Year 12  
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The senior curriculum involves a degree of flexibility due to the introduction of before and after school classes and study lessons. It is vital that the school ensures the safety and wellbeing of all students so these procedures must be followed to enable the school to track the attendance of all Year 11 and 12 students.

Our Safety, Learning and Respect matrix states clearly "Be at the right place at the right time".

  1. All students must carry their timetable and student identification card, and produce them for any staff member on request.
  2. Students must arrive promptly in the room indicated on their timetables, every lesson.
  3. Students must remain on school premises between timetabled lessons, including at recess or lunch. Students must NOT leave the school to go to Flemington or Homebush or visit their parked car.
  4. Study lessons are those periods when no class is timetabled. The purpose of these periods is to complete school work and prepare for assessment tasks.
  5. There are two areas only where students are permitted during their study lessons - the Library or the Senior Lawn. Students are not to play sport or leave the school grounds. Teachers may request to see your timetable when you are on the Senior Lawn.
  6. If study lessons occur during period 1, students must arrive before 9:30 am and sign on at the front office. Students arriving after 9:30 am are LATE and must complete a late note and ensure their attendance is entered by the office. Students arriving late to school must report to the Head Techer on duty and attend a lunchtime detention on that day.
  7. If study lessons occur at the end of the day, students may leave the school grounds and proceed home ONLY when they have signed out at the front office after showing their timetable to staff.
  8. If study periods occur on Wednesdays, there is no early leave before sport.
  9. Students who are present at 8.50 AM must attend Roll Call/ Tuesday assembly regardless of whether they have a study lesson in periods 1. Students are not to remain in the playground/Senior Lawn during roll call.
  10. Senior Students must wear full school uniform at all times and attend sport as normal.
  11. Senior students must be in full school uniform even on PDHPE/SLR days. Sports Uniform can be worn by all Senior Students on Wednesday.
  12. Full school uniform must be worn to and from school every day.
  13. During exam blocks students must attend sport and be dressed in full school uniform (not sports uniform).