30 January 2019 Phirum Duch   | News | Whole School  
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Welcome back to Homebush Boys High School for 2019.

Term 4 has kept the Prefect Team very busy. Throughout the term, the Prefect Team have completed a series of events including;

  • Creating new initiatives and improving Prefect goals and activities to create stronger leadership within the school.
  • Attending the Halogen Leadership Conference.
  • Raising funds and awareness for Movember and Anti-Violence against Women.
  • Attending the joint-school program with Strathfield Girls: Inner West Youth Health and Wellbeing Plan 2018-2023 Launch Day.
  • Organising and playing the Inter-school football competition between Prefects of Homebush Boys and Strathfield Girls High School.

Almost immediately as the Term had begun, we were inducted into our prefect roles. Straightaway after, we begun working on and improving pre-existing prefect strategies. Our first new improvement was the introduction of having an educational speech about Safety, Learning and Respect, in accordance with the school’s SLR matrix. Implementing this in assemblies on Fridays gave the student body an understanding on a student to student level why we must act in accordance to the HBHS rules, with the prefects putting their own personal spin to their speeches. Prefects have also introduced a new penalty, a self-inflicted one, whereby we pay $2 for every canteen duty missed. The money raised will go towards the school fund in the end of the Prefect year. We’ve also been charged with the duty of lowering the flag every day, a duty which is yet to be implemented; however, will give the prefects greater duty. Prefects also came up with new initiatives including a trivia night, a football competition, Movember and Slime-A-Teacher and planning a Prefect Afternoon Tea. These new initiatives and improvements to the leadership of the Prefect body without a doubt will be beneficial to the school.

The boys also attended the National Young Leader’s Conference organised by Halogen early in November. A written report can be found here. The conference has further improved leadership capability within the Prefect body greatly, inspiring change and helping us to reflect on ourselves as change makers. We also attended a joint-school program with Strathfield Girls, the Inner West Youth Health and Wellbeing Plan 2018-2023 Launch Day, aiding the general public and guests with the launch of such a great program. The boys were also able to go to other Prefect Afternoon Teas held by other schools. Special thanks to Rosebank College and PLC for giving us the opportunity to attend such wonderful afternoons filled with bonding, leadership and advice. Homebush Boys Prefects alongside Strathfield Girls Prefects hosted the anti-violence against women assembly in late November. This assembly was aimed at raising awareness for the student body on the importance of Anti-domestic violence against women. One of the greater aims of the school and Prefect body is to positively impact the boys to help reduce problems occurring in society. With the recitation of the pledge, and the understanding of the damages of domestic violence, the Prefects wish that was it will develop the students at HBHS into great, respectable and influential men of the 21st Century.

We have also been fortunate enough to launch an inter-school football competition with our sister school Strathfield Girls. The competition was greater than just a game of football. It gave way to help us build our leadership through improving our communication and organisation, whilst also further developing our connection with our sister school. Funds were also raised through the selling of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, drinks and merchandise. The revenue was split between the schools and our money will go towards the school fund.

Term 4 was the first term the prefects 2019 had gone through. Though it was incredibly busy and often stressful, it was very much worthwhile as we were finally able to see the team come into fruition, working off the invaluable wisdom of Prefect camp while working under an amazing coordinator, Mrs Duch. We’d like to thank Mrs Duch, Mr Elgood and the deputies, PLC and Rosebank College, Halogen and Strathfield Girls High School executives. A special thank you to the incredible people within our Prefect body, who despite dealing with the HSC, put their invaluable time and thoughts to create such an effective team that works passionately to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves in Term 4.

The next prefect update will be hopefully even more eventful, with the prefects eager to work with what’s to come including our own Prefect Afternoon Tea, Slime-a-teacher day and the Homebush Trivia night, all activities that will improve the good name of our school, whilst simultaneously developing and improving the community and the school.

Written by Senior Prefect Shahi Uddin.